Yoshi Copper Grill Mat Review

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Yoshi Copper Grill Mat Review

Everything you need to know about the Yoshi copper grill mat.

If you are a grilling addict and find any excuse (whether it is a family reunion, a holiday or a family birthday party) to fire up your grill, you probably spend endless hours looking at new equipment that you can use to make your grilling experience easier. With a countless number of tools, equipment, and accessories available nowadays, there’s always space for a highly practical new tool.

With the Yoshi copper grill mat, you get a product that you probably never even knew you even needed, but grateful you found out about it.

For a complete and comprehensive Yoshi copper grill mat review, it is important to understand what the product is, what its main features are, how much it costs, its quality compared to other products and its pros and cons…

What Is the Yoshi Copper Grill Mat?

Have you ever found yourself grilling something and it sticks to your grill in the worst possible way? The feeling of having something stuck to your grill is the absolute worst. It usually means the item’s presentation has been compromised, that particular area of your grill is no longer reusable (unless you use a load of non-stick spray on it and don’t mind burned bits on your food) and your cleanup time has been extended.

Particular foods that tend to stick on the grill include wings, saucy items, vegetables, edibles that have too much water content, meats with skin on them and even burgers!

What would you do if you could easily solve this problem? Well, the Yoshi copper grill mat does just that. The mat is a non-stick, copper-infused masterpiece that allows you to grill anything and everything in a completely carefree manner. The Yoshi copper mats are compatible with anything up to 500 degrees, but it is recommended to keep these mats away from open flames (which can cause the temperature to become too hot and the non-stick coating to melt away).

The mat is both a cooking surface and even makes those highly desired grill marks on your food. The best part is that everything can slide off easily, so you do not have to worry about anything sticking and making a mess on your grill.


One pack of the Yoshi copper grill mat includes a set of two mats, both available in the standard size of 15.75 by 13 inches (which is quite suitable for most grills in the country) and a 15-millimeter thickness, making it highly durable. Having two mats makes this perfect to be used for both meats and vegetables, especially if you have to cater to a large gathering of people. You can even use the mats to serve food to your guests as this will ensure that the food will not get cold and is fresh off the grill.

Another highly appreciated feature of the Yoshi copper grill mats is that they are very easy to wash and are even dishwasher safe. The food can easily slip off the mats, so you can serve the food and then instantly throw the mats in the dishwasher. They will come out spotless and looking brand new.

These mats are also PFOA free, so they are safe to use with food. PFOA or perfluorooctanoic acid is a chemical agent used in non-stick cookware that helps maintain the non-stick qualities. Exposure to the chemical can have adverse effects on your health, so it is important to ensure that the non-stick cookware you buy is PFOA free (like the Yoshi copper grill mats).

These mats are ideal for baking as they can easily handle the temperature and environment of an oven. They are easily reusable and can even be used reversibly as both sides of the mats have the same appearance.

However, these mats do not work well with open flames because the temperature gets too hot and as a result, their non-stick coating may melt. It is recommended to use them on temperature that is no hotter than 500 degrees Fahrenheit. They are not ideal for use on charcoal grills unless your coals have burned down considerably. However, they are great for gas grills (with covered burners or on low temperatures) and electric grills.

How Well Does It Work?

Basically, you should prepare your food for grilling as you usually do, which includes any necessary cutting, coating, sauce making, marinating or patty forming. Then, you can place the food on one of the mats. It is preferable to use one mat for meats and one mat for vegetables, bread, etc. This will prevent cross-contamination. Next, you should carefully take the mat to your preheated grill (and by carefully, you should ensure that the food remains on the mat as the mat is quite slippery).

Then, you can place your mat on your grill and close the top (if you like). Check your grill frequently (as much as you would when grilling without the Yoshi copper grill mats). Once you think you have decent grill marks on one side of the food, you can flip it over and repeat the process. Depending on the size of your grill, you can put both mats in at the same time or separately. However, if your grill is too small, you can cut the mat to fit the size of your grill (but make sure you cut it smaller than your grill).

Baking using these mats is quite simple because you can use them to line your pans. They are ideal for baking cookies, scones, cakes, and bread on.

Comparison With Other Similar Items

There are two things that set the Yoshi copper grill mats apart from other similar grill mats. For one, they are quite affordable and you are getting complete value for your money as the features of the mats are endless. Plus, they are given in a set of two and ideal size, so you are getting high quality for the price tag. Another highly positive part of these mats is that they are PFOA free and this is quite difficult to find in non-stick cookware, especially grill mats (which require resistance to extreme heat).

Aside from the differences mentioned above, the Yoshi copper grill mats are also unique in the fact that they are so easy to wash and are presentable enough to use for serving food. Not many grill mats are easy to wash because they are usually not safe to throw in the dishwasher. Also, grill mats generally come in dull colors or do not provide the same level of non-sticking as the Yoshi mats. So, it is likely that the food will stick to some other mats, but with the Yoshi mats, food will easily slide off.

Final Thoughts on Our Yoshi Copper Grill Mat Review

The Yoshi copper grill mats are the perfect addition to your grilling arsenal and they will definitely not become the items that gather dust at the back of your storage. They are quite affordable, the ideal size and provide a great amount of convenience for people who love grilling.

Your quick, easy and tasteful grilling technique will become the talk of the town once you start using the Yoshi copper grill mats.