Best Cube Storage Shelves- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Sometimes even the most organized and well-thought-out houses can be overwhelmed by clutter. Ranging from kids’ toys and outmoded clothing to heaps of books and publications makes every home tends to have a few staff lying around in need of proper storage. Thanks to the storage cubes. They are the easiest way of tidying up our homes.

Along with hiding your clutter and organizing your possessions, the best cube storage can entirely transform the interior and sensation of your house. The point is to get options that are both spacious and stylish enough to upraise the look of your room.

While finding the best cube storage isn’t such an easy task, we’ve managed to pick the most popular and reliable closets that are available on the market. These handy organizational units are entirely versatile. You can have them individually all-over the room or incorporate them all within a cube storage organizer.  They are the best cube storage you can buy.

Closet Maid 8996 Cubeicals Cube Organizer- Best Overall

Why we like it

The Closet Maid 8996 comes with a classic composite design, which makes it one of the best-selling cube storage. The closet is offered in multiple colors, so you’ll have the whole variety to select the best unit that matches your likings.


With its composite scheme, the Closet Maid 8996 Cube Organizer helps you take full advantage of your available space by eliminating clutter. It is a brilliant choice to create storage as well as display space in any living area in your home.

The ClosetMaid 8996 is distinctly reliable storage in that its cubes are designed to alternate between open-backed and closed. It is made of manufactured wood, and cubes are very easy to assemble.

The product measures 35.9”H x 24.1” W x 11.6” D, while the inside dimensions of one cube are 11.25″H x 11.25″W x 11.75″D.

When it comes to preferences, this closet is available in seven colors, ranging from Espresso, Dark Cherry, White, and Birch, Chocolate, Black, and Natural Grey.

It has an 8-cube stackable variation that ranges from 2 to 12 cubes for quick organization. Every unit presents both horizontal and vertical display options. That means you can access the whole kit and caboodle with ease.


  •   Available in seven colors
  •   Cubes are easy to assemble
  •   Composite
  •   Attractive option
  •   Compact with enough storage


  •   Fabric drawers for cubbies sold separately

Our verdict

This is a particularly attractive option should you intend to have your cube storage for decorative purposes. Plus, it is straightforward to draw together.

SONGMICS 3-Tier DIY Storage Cube Organizer Shelf 6-Cube- Premium Choice

Why we like it

This one brings you the much-needed versatility for your cube organizer. It is designed with stunning perks to transform your oddly shaped area that you may want to put your cube shelves in.


This unit comes with premium DIY storage cubes, granting you all the capabilities to organize your life with plenty of clean and neat storage space.

It is a modern design that hits with lovely, fashionable aesthetics that will concede with your room furniture, floorings, and deco.

The cubes are composed of pp artificial sheets with solid metal wireframe plus abs plastic connectors. Each cube weighs up to 10 lbs and measures 12″x 12″x12″- meaning you’ll store more possessions.

The structure is super easy to assemble, and to undo and is delivered with necessary accessories to help ease the task. Also, you can quickly collect this storage shelve indifferent shapes using the instruction manual.

Besides the simple, lightweight structure, the model is stable and firm structure, so you don’t fret about it tripping or falling over arbitrarily. And it is available in trendy black and white colors. 

With all the versatility, this component does not only fit anywhere in your room or office as a cube storage facility for clothes, shoes or toiletries but can also serve as a partition to help create some private space for you.


  •   High-quality, long-lasting material
  •   Spacious cube storage
  •   Easy assembly
  •   Versatile storage facility
  •   Available in two colors


  •   More than two colors could be better

Our verdict

Crafted with high-quality, sturdy material, the SONGMICS 3-Tier DIY is a reliable set that offers absolute satisfaction in various presentations.


Simple Houseware Foldable Storage Cubes- Great Value

Why we like it

The crux of the matter when buying storage cubes rest on the capacity of the cubes. The Simple Houseware Foldable Cubes is an excellent selection with an aggregate of five large storage cubes. This means you can use them to store more items.


The product weighs 4.6 pounds and comes with dimensions: 10.5″x 10.5″x 11″. The composite of this item counterpart with the cube storage organizers, therefore easy to keep.

Additionally, the cubes with this storage structure are very ergonomic. They have come with carrying handles that enhance easy carriage. Besides, they also incorporate five sturdy cardboards for long-term service.

The set is comprised of collapsible bins. This implies that you can ideally save your room space when you’re not using them. The cube bins are composed of nonwoven polypropylene and solid cardboard that is easy to access and is foldable when not in use. 

The heavy cardboards includes lower side support that enhances stability. The entire unit is lightweight, and the sturdy boxes are perfect for the organization.

The fabric drawer handle allows you to access your stored items with ease.


  •   Collapsible bins
  •   Fabric drawer handle
  •   Spacious and durable
  •   Sturdy and lightweight


  •   The assembly is not so straightforward.

Our verdict

Overall, the Simple Houseware Foldable Storage Cubes is a perfect solution to organize your office supplies, kids’ toys, clothes, crafts, and media supplies from bathroom, office, living room, kids’ room, or closet.


Home Basic Natural Wood Cube Shelves with Doors, Cube Storage

Why we like it

Manufactured by Home Basics, this Natural Wood Cube Shelves brings you plentiful space and a concealed storage to secure your stuff. It is a beautiful backdrop that helps you to achieve some sweet arrangement of your daily household and office essentials.


Being from a well-known manufacturer, this model features four open and five closed cabinet style cubby, with a sturdy structure that will undoubtedly make it look elegant and commendable antique after many years of service.

Moreover, this item is entirely crafted with natural wood and smooth aesthetics. It’s easy to clean with a sponge or damp cloth.

The versatile shelf is excellent for storing toys, clothes, arts, and crafts, along with much more. Additionally, the open cubes are perfect for storing your entertainment systems, electronic equipment, small gaming, and more.

The closed cubes include a convenient magnetic closure so that you will have your doors securely shut.


  •   Entirely made of natural wood
  •   All-in-one shelving and cabinetry
  •   Convenient magnetic closure
  •   Includes four open and five enclosed cabinet-style cubby


  •   Not easy to assemble

Our Verdict

With cubbies that include an open and closed back, it is much easier to get creative while organizing the clutter in your living space. It’s a truly versatile shelf with great cubes for storing you most of your possessions. Plus, it bestows a natural color that concedes virtually any color.


SHACO Double Metal Handle Durable Storage Cubes

Why we like it

The SHACO Double is one of the most versatile and user-friendly sets of cubes that you can find under this category. It is a multipurpose storage facility, sturdy enough to accommodate various items, creating some extra space in your living room. Some users have commented that they quickly stacked one unit on top of the other and had no problems.


With this cubic storage facility, you’ll have adequate space to store all of your possessions. The set is comprised of six storage cubes that help you to organize and maximize your home or office space, without introverting access to various items.

The entire structure is composed of cardboard and Nonwoven Polypropylene, and each cube is embossed with Rose print. This helps to add some elegant look to your living space.

The fabric storage cubes arrive with two metal handles so you can easily side in and take out without a struggle. It also features a stabilized base, so you don’t have to worry about the unit falling apart easily.

When it comes to durability, the model is designed to beat the test of time with no instances of glitches or breakages. Plus, it is eye-catching and easy to handle.

The dimensions of storage cubes measure 10.5″x 11″x 10.5″ (W, H, L), and the item weighs 6.79 pounds. Based on your favorite color selection, the set is offered in all possible colors- thus, you can have one that matches your décor.


  •   Set of six storage cubes
  •   Foldable fabric drawers
  •   Versatile storage cubes
  •   Durable fabric
  •   Collapsible design
  •   Double metal handles


  •   The metal handles might not be so friendly to some users

Our verdict

This product is excellent in significant respects. It incorporates all the necessities that you needed to keep your room spacious and arranged. For the metal handles, that’s not entirely a product flaw, and you can get it right within a short time.

SONGMICS 3-Tier DIY Storage Cube Organizer Closet 9-Cube

Why we like it

Again from SONGMICS production, another cube present remarkable traits you can practically expect from a top-notch quality cube storage. It is unusual in that it has cube doors- something which is very rare in other products.


The SONGMICS Cube Organizer Closet 9-Cube works great, especially for rooms overwhelmed with kid’s toys, extra clothes, and crafts that need to be packed out of sight. Indeed, it’s probably the most suitable cube organizer for keeping toys.

Each cube in this set is rated to sustain up to 10 lbs because the plastic material employed is considerably durable.

Even though it might stand out as the most stylish facility, this SONGMICS Cube storage is versatile and superb for storing various perturbing assets.


  •   High-quality cube storage
  •   Great for storing toys
  •   Versatile and spacious unit
  •   Includes cube doors


  •   Might not match with most décor schemes.

Our Verdict

The only downside to this organizer stems from its selective trait when it comes to décor. Looking on the bright side, the peculiarity makes this unit more suitable for the closet, craft rooms, and other areas not exposed to the guest.

Modern Better Homes & Gardens Line 8 Cube Organizer

Why we like it

This is one of the most compact storage facilities that you can find on the market today. If you are pondering about the most precise product that can fit your narrow space, the Better Homes & Gardens Line 4 Cube Organizers could be your one-stop solution. It offers four vertical cubes picture-perfect for display and storage.


This solid wood storage unit is laudable and worth counting on to staff any awkward empty room corner and other places you heed. It will embrace those framed pictures and candles professionally and get you set for spacious living.

It is easy to assemble and is accompanied by clear instructions on how to set it right. It also very cute and modern, meaning you can have it for decoration while creating some extra storage for your room.

Coming down to quality, rest assured you won’t go wrong with the unit’s cubes as most reviewers have found them as a recommendable high-quality storage item.


  •   Made of solid wood
  •   Very easy to assemble
  •   Trendy modern design
  •   Customer support
  •   Available in three finishes.


  •   Some users stated some unclear assembly instructions- but managed it afterward.

Our verdict

Available in 3 finishes, the better Home &Gardens Wood Cube Organizer allows you to create space based on your fondness: Solid Black, Gray, and Rustic Gray. Free shipping from the manufacturer makes this an exceptional choice.


TomCare Cube Storage 9Cube Closet Organizer

Why we like it

Despite being the last on our best cube storage line-up, the TomCare 9 Cube organizer is one of the incredibly popular cube storage facilities. As the name suggests, the unit comes with nine cubes that can be arranged according to the user’s partiality.


With plentiful space as provided by the nine cubes storage, you can arrange all sorts of items in whichever layout you wish, including books, toys, clothes, artworks, decorations, and many more.

Each cube in this set measures 11.8”x 11.8”x 11.8″- providing you sufficient space to hold your things. However, the unit is not designed to fit storage bins larger than 11.5 inches.

With the multiple cubes provided, you can create the closet organizer in different shapes to satisfy your needs. Besides, you can always adjust them because of the partial space to fit in.

The cube storage can be used in different places to serve various functions: as a display shelf nearby entry, a collection shelf in the study room, clothes organizer in your room, and as a toy storage kit in kids’ rooms.

The whole item is easy to install and handle. The simple modular composite makes it straightforward to assemble and disassemble. The package comes with a hammer and installation manual to help you join the whole unit with ease.


  •   Versatile cube storage
  •   Provide plenty of space
  •   Easy to assemble
  •   45 days money back warranty terms


  •   Cannot fit storage bin larger than 11.5 inch

Our verdict

The TomCare Cube Storage 9Cube is one of the highly recommended closet organizers on the market. Its black cubes are crafted with thick PP plastic while the frame is made of steel. This helps the unit to withstand the 15 pounds in each cube- adding this to the breeze process of assembly and disassembly.


Buyers Guide-Best Cube Storage FAQs

What Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Cube Storage?


One of the essential things to ascertain when buying the best storage unit is construction. Many cubes are structured with metals, fabric, and fibreboard materials. However, metallic construction will probably last-longer, even though it might not be perfect for storing some items.

Fabric materials will also last fairly long and serve for a considerable range of items. Notwithstanding the differences, go for reliable and the most suitable cube storage for all your possessions.


It is always important to choose cube storage that can serve as many functions as you need. While most of these storage facilities are virtually versatile as you can expect, there’s a need to get a storage cube that holds different staff like toys, clothes, games, and files.

This will allow you to keep such things safely without introverting access to them. So consider buying a portable, lightweight unit that you can move around with ease for storage.

What is the Optimal Number of Cubes in the Best Cube Storage?

The exact solution to this quiz is subject to the user, and how the closet will be used. However, it’s good to mention that every set features a sheer number of cubes. Some include four, six, eight, and more to choose from.

Therefore, you have to select a set with the most precise number of cubes based on your needs. Sets with more cubes are more preferred since they provide much-needed storage space. More to that, you also have to ascertain the capability of each cube.

Other things that you need to think through before making the order include; cost, the color, and aesthetics of the cubes, without overlooking the ease of assembly.


The above-mentioned cube storage sets are convenient, made of high-quality components, and suitable to use almost anywhere. They also provide plentiful storage space. Assembling and disassembling these units is very easy and straightforward. Lastly, all cubes listed above are reasonably affordable and will help eliminate clutter in your man cave. That said, you can ideally pick one from our list based on your needs and likings.