Best Bike Racks For Honda Civic

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Honda Civic has been through an elaborate evolution, don’t you agree? As the years go by, Honda has released better models in the market and improved the capability to support necessary accessories like bike racks. This is simply to make your life easier.

With such a cozy interior, I wouldn’t consider squeezing in my bikes in the trunk. Why do that? I’d rather spend a few dollars on the best bike racks for Honda Civic in the market. You should do the same.

We will give you details of the most preferred racks, why they suit your coupe, hatchback or touring sports Civic, and a brief buying guide of the same.

Let’s get right into it.

Comparison Table of the Best 5 Bike Racks for Honda Civic

Name Type Maximum No. of Bikes Outstanding Features Recommended for Who?
Thule Passage 3-Bike Strap Rack Strap-on Trunk 3 Ample bike clearance; no bike and car paint scratch. Coupe owners with expensive bikes.
Allen Sports Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack Trunk 1 An easy-to-carry carrier that protects the paint of your car. The budgeting solo rider seeking portability and convenience.
Rhino Rack Mountain Trail Bike Carrier Roof 1 Lockable rack with minimal wind noise. Anybody with a long bike seeking trunk convenience.
Swagman XTC-2 Hitch Bike Rack Hitch 2 Easy-to-use hitch rack with adjustable ratcheting arms. Bikers with costly bikes seeking trunk clearance.
Hollywood Racks Express–2 Trunk Mounted Bike Rack Trunk 2 A durable, affordable bike rack with a firm grip on bikes. The hatchback owner on a budget.

Comparison Table of the Best 5 Honda Odyssey Bike Racks.

Reviews of 5 Top Bike Racks for Honda Civic

Want more details? Read on.


Thule Passage 3-Bike Strap Rack – Recommended Strap Rack with Cradles for Honda Civic Coupe

With the ability to carry up to 3 bicycles, Thule Passage strap bike rack is the best you can get for your coupe. It has 6 adjustable nylon straps with vinyl-coated buckles. These features give your tandem a firm grip while on the move and prevent scratches.

Moreover, the finish on your bikes stays intact, thanks to the padded rubber cradles that cushion bike frames even when the road gets bumpy.

You can mount any bike of your choice: the narrow cradles give room for most types of bike frames to fit without “bike banging.” We particularly like this carrier for its bike clearance and flexibility.


  • FitDial adjustment system.
  • Anti-sway rubber-padded cradles.
  • 6 adjustable straps with vinyl-coated buckles.
  • Holds up to 3 bicycles.

Recommended for…

Owners of Honda Civic coupe should definitely get it. It accommodates a wide variety of bike frames, protects the finish of your car and rack and gives the cycles a firm grip while at it.


  • Protects bike and Honda Civic coupe finish.
  • Has a firm grip with anti-sway cradles.
  • Its arms are adjustable.
  • It is functional for ages.


  • It can get wobbly over time if mishandled.
  • It takes some time to fully install.



Allen Sports Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack – Affordable Bike Rack Recommended for Short Trips

One of the most hectic things when packing up for a small get-away from town is packing up the car trunk. With all the food, adventure gear, and basic utilities you intend to carry, where will the bike and rack fit?

Why stress over that at all?

This model from Allen sorts you out with its patented folding design that requires almost no effort to pack in its carry bag. It folds to practically nothing, hence saving up space. When mounted, its wide profile feet distribute bike weight evenly.

You can rest assured that the attractive finish on your Civic and bike shall remain intact. This is thanks to the padded spine pad and adjustable steps that cushion them when in contact.


  • Compact patented folding design
  • 3 padded legs and 3 adjustable straps.
  • Dual compound tie-down cradles.
  • Accommodates 1 bicycle.

Recommended for…

The lone rider on a budget. Whatever your reasons are for moving around with your bike, this carrier makes it worth the struggle. It is incredibly easy to transport, gives your tandem a firm grip, and relieves you of packing stress. It is best for a Honda Civic with no spoiler.


  • Patented folding design saves on storage space.
  • Portable, durable budget bike carrier.
  • Evenly distributes bike weight across the profile feet.
  • Adjustable straps with a firm grip on tandems.


  • It wobbles when installed wrongly.
  • It is best suited for lightweight bicycles.


Rhino-Rack Mountain Trail Bike Carrier – Recommended Lockable Fork Mount Roof Rack for Sedans

We find the argument that mounting racks at the back of your car increase the possibility of losing your tandem and rack in case someone hits you from the back to be valid. If you wouldn’t risk such an ordeal for anything, get yourself a roof rack from Rhino.

This particular one is lightweight and lasts long, having been made from aluminum. You can mount it on square or aero bars of your Honda Civic by clamping it on quickly. With its low profile design, you shall hear no wind noise.

It is easy to install as it comes pre-assembled. You can mount a bicycle of any length, considering that its rear-wheel holder can slide. Drive easy, assured that your rack is safe on the top, especially if you utilize the bike and rack lock feature.


  • Has a sliding rear wheel holder.
  • Rubber-coated stainless steel.
  • Compatible with various bike frames and disc brakes.
  • Accommodates 1 bike.

Recommended for…

Drivers who prefer roof racks to any other type of bike racks. You get to enjoy full access to your trunk, install the rack quickly and drive relaxed, not worried about the safety of your cycle.


  • Easy installation procedure.
  • Fits all bike sizes.
  • Lockable at 3 different points.
  • Quiet and durable.


  • Bikes can fall if you fit the rack wrong.
  • Requires you to remove the front wheel of the bike.


Swagman XTC-2 Hitch Bike Rack – Best Hitch Bike Rack for Expensive Road Bikes

Are you worried about your car’s ability to tow? Well, do not stop if you have a Honda Civic EX Coupe, Hybrid and GX models. However, for sedans and hatchbacks, you can tow and install trailer hitches within limited specifications. Swagman XTC-2 is the best Honda Civic hitch bike rack.

It fits 1.25 and 2-inch hitch receivers and is foldable at the center arm to give you access to the trunk. The wheel hoops are for the bike wheels, while the bike hoops are for holding the tandems by the frame.

Using it is pretty simple actually; you rest the bike wheels on the rack well, ratchet down the soft arms and move it!


  • Soft adjustable ratcheting arms and hoops.
  • Powder-coated finish for all-weather performance.
  • Foldable for storage.
  • Accommodates up to 2 bikes of all frame designs.

Recommended for…

Bike owners with appropriate hitch receivers. The rack neither compromises the trunk clearance nor the multi-angle rearview camera of your Honda Civic.


  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Holds bikes of all frame designs.
  • Lightweight and folds up for easy storage.
  • Easy to tow on the car.


  • Has a rather hectic installation procedure.
  • With time, the rack wears out.


Hollywood Racks Express–2 Trunk Mounted Bike Rack – Best Budget Bike Rack with a Firm Grip

Do you want a rack that costs way less than your bicycle did? This one’s for you. It is the best bike rack in 2019 costing less than $100 that goes well with Honda Civics.

With its EPDM rubber straps and bike cradles, you can drive without worrying about the cycles falling off. It holds your bikes by the frames using its slide-along dual arms that can be adjusted for enough bike spacing depending on the frame types.

Amazon recommended it for Honda Civic sporty hatchbacks, not only for its firm grip on bikes but also for how durable it is. It comes pre-assembled and folds flat for easy storage; you can throw it in the trunk!


  • Has dual slide-along arms with foam pads.
  • EPDM rubber straps and rubber cradles.
  • Foldable.
  • Accommodates up to 2 bicycles.

Recommended for…

Owners with Honda civic hatchback will find this one convenient. It is affordable, durable, and functional.


  • Comes pre-assembled.
  • Stable, durable bike rack.
  • Protects the bike’s finish.
  • Recommended by amazon.


  • You need a top-tube adapter to accommodate special bikes.
  • It is unstable if installed wrongly.


Honda Civic Bike Rack Buyer’s Guide

Knowing the best Honda Civic bike racks amazon recommends or the best five from our list does not make shopping a walk in the park. It all comes back to you; exactly what do you want in a bike carrier.

Below are questions to guide you to come to a wise conclusive decision you will be proud of.

What is your budget?

Knowing how much you are willing to spend on a bike goes a long way in eliminating several choices on your list. It is not worth it to break the bank and get a carrier more expensive than the carried.

Our suggestions for best performing budget bike rack, Hollywood Racks Express, and Allen Sports Ultra Compact trunk bike racks, have been tested and reviewed by satisfied clients, thus approved.

If, however, money is not a problem, blow some of the best racks you can get in the market regardless of how much it will cost you. Totally worth it!

What is your type?

For Honda Civic, three types of bike racks suit it best. Your choice will depend on what you want.

  1. Roof racks: best for anyone seeking trunk clearance, wouldn’t risk bikes being hit from the back and, more often than not, unmounts their front wheel. Rhino Rack Mountain Trail Bike Carrier is the best for your sleek sedan of this category.
  2. Trunk mount: the type with lightweight, durable carriers. You can decide to get a strap-on trunk-mount like Thule Passage 3-Bike Strap Rack, which holds your tandem using adjustable straps and may have no frame contact.

You can also choose one with cradles and holds your bike’s frames using fixed or adjustable arms. Hollywood Racks Express–2 and Allen Sports Ultra Compact trunk bike racks will serve right here. Your car has among the best brakes in the market: avoid frequent emergency brakes to avoid being hit from the back.

  1. Hitch mount: it is the best for trunk clearance and offers your bicycle a firm grip. It gets a bit tricky trying to tow on Honda Civic, especially on the Hybrid, EX Coupe and GX models.

However, if you adhere to the hitching specifications for Honda civics, you will get the most suitable trailer hitch for you. Consider Swagman XTC-2 Hitch Bike Rack for this choice.

What are your preferences?

When you think of preferences, it is more of what will suit you best if you actually think about it. You do not have to have reasons for your preferences; it is what you want. Think of the following.

Number of bikes

How many bikes will you mount? Is it just yours, two bikes, or more?

Honda Civic is a nice car for personal use, and it has ample passenger space as well. This means that it can hold quite a number of tandems. Make a decision that portrays the truth. Do not buy a bike rack that holds more than two bikes just for show. That is a waste.

Frequency of use

Are you more of a weekend biker, or you drive and cycle to work on a daily basis? Do you move your bike once every two months or this is your day-to-day thing?

Knowing how frequently you will use the bike carrier on your Honda Civic will help you know how durable you want your rack to be. The construction material may or may not elevate the price of a rack, but do look into how long it lasts.

Our choice for the most durable bike racks in the market for this particular is Rhino Rack Mountain Trail Bike Carrier and Allen Sports Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack. They do compliment the car.

The roads and distances

How are the roads in your area? We receive questions from long-distance travelers and people in areas with bumpy terrains concerning the safety of their rack and bicycles should they purchase a particular carrier.

You should totally go for one that grips your tandem firmly, and if possible is lockable.

On smooth roads and short distances, you will still need a firm grip on your cycle, else they fall off when you are on high speed. Test the racks you get before you can actually make a purchase

4) Other significant factors to consider

  • How much do you value trunk access?
  • Compatibility with your car.
  • How much do you want to protect the paint finish on your car and bike?
  • What kind of bicycle do you ride?

FAQs on Select Honda Civic Bike Racks

What bothers you about bike racks for Honda Civic? Drop your queries in our mailbox or call us and ask. Meanwhile, below are some of the most bugging questions in the minds of driving bikers.

Can a 2019 Honda Civic model tow?

Yes! However, you cannot just use every trailer you come across out there. According to the Honda civic sedans towing specifications, the car is designed to accommodate 850lbs inclusive of passengers and can tow up to 1000lbs with the trailer weight included.

Be sure to consult with your dealer on whether or not it fits on your car, otherwise, you will not appreciate the outcome of towing wrong. Some Honda Civic models cannot handle it.

Will Hollywood Racks Express–2 Trunk Mounted Bike Rack’s arms fold down when installed?

It will not. The arms slide along for ample bicycle spacing, but that’s it. The rack cannot fold down when installed, but it folds flat when uninstalled for convenient storage.

How do I carry bikes on a car with a center exhaust system? Mine is a 2017 Honda Civic Type R sedan.

You can use a hitch rack, yeah, but it will require modification and customization that will definitely void your warranty. Most people find it impossible, but we have a way out for you. Ready?

Have the hitch hanging down below the center-mounted exhaust tips, while being mindful of ground clearance. This will be safe.

The easier option, however, is to buy a roof or trunk-mounted bike rack.

Final Verdict

Finding the most suitable bike rack for your Honda Civic is not all that hectic. From this discussion, the trunk bike racks have it. Using this type gives your tandem that firm grip, protects the paint on your car and bike, and simplifies the installation process.

Consider Allen Sports Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack if you have one bike, and Thule Passage 3-Bike Strap Rack if you carry up to 3 bicycles.

We strongly advise you to be well informed before making any bike and car decisions. Stay in touch for more insights.