Best Bike Racks for Audi Q5

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You are about to go visit the perfect spot in your vehicle and hope to take your bike along. What better way to do it than to get a bike rack? A bike rack makes it easy for you to transport your bike to scenic trails that are far from where you stay. It also simplifies the process of carrying your bike along if you want to embark on a vacation. But it is important to choose the best bike rack, especially if you drive in an Audi Q5.

The thing with bike racks is that you need assurance about the security of your bicycle. You need a rack that can hold it in place as you take to the road. Finding the right bike rack for Audi Q5 can be challenging. But we take it upon ourselves to ease the process. If you have a problem deciding the best bike racks for your bicycle and vehicle, these bike racks reviews is for you.

Top 5 best bike racks review for Audi Q5

To make it easy to shop for an Audi Q5 bike rack, we present to you our favorite picks. Read along to find out the best bike racks that come with quality.


Allen Sports 3-Bike Hitch

Top features

  • 3 bike rack that can carry up to three bicycles
  • Long carry arms measuring 16 inches + tie-down system
  • Set up and installation time not more than 5 minutes
  • Folding carry arms to keep rack out of the way when not being used
  • Sturdy steel construction that comes with the black powder coating
  • Lifetime warranty

Here is a user-friendly and rugged bike rack that guarantees you safe transportation. The Allen 3-bike hitch can carry 3 bikes as you embark on a road trip or excursion. It comes with an easy to operate the hitch insert, so, no need to worry about bikes security. Connect your bikes and secure them with the tie-down cradle system. Different designs, as well as frame sizes, are compatible with the carry arm. This means that you can carry any kind of bike with confidence. No need to take out your bicycles to use the backside of your Audi Q5. It comes with a tilt-back functionality that gives you easy access and does not get in the way. The manufacturers fit the bike rack with a bolt to ensure that it does not move or wobble inside the hitch. Its black powder coating gives the 3 bike carrier a superb finish. It is easy to assemble and install the Allen Sports 3 bike hitch. All you need to assemble this rock is the three bolts. So, you can take it out of its box and get set up in a couple of minutes.


Surco Swing Away 3-Bike Rack


Top Features

  • Swings to get the bike rack out of your way and give you great access
  • Independent top swinging
  • Non-scratch padded channel to keep bikes secure and tight
  • Durable black powder coating

The Surco bike rack gets out of your way with its swings that give you the best rear access. You can haul as many as 3 bicycles with its top swinging independently such that it sits parallel to your vehicle’s rear. It comes with a top plate that locks and secures your bicycle. This 3 bike rack grips your bicycles through its padded channel built to be non-scratch. Heavy-duty steel is used to manufacture this rack and it boasts a black powder coating that is durable.


The Allen Sports S-102

Top features

  • Easy setup you can complete in seconds
  • Patented tie-down system to secure and protect your bikes
  • It comes fully assembled
  • Comes with narrow-set carry arm that is compatible with different bike styles
  • Designed to guarantee stability with 2 straps
  • Allen’s lifetime warranty

This 2 bike carrier is one of the best bike racks for Audi Q5. The Allen Sports S-102 comes with a patented design that eases the setup process. Its design assures you a safe movement of your bikes around your locality elsewhere. It sports 2 straps that ensure lateral stability while you drive. It, also, has a unique tie-down system to keep your bags secure and safe. The S-102 has rubber cradle straps that are durable as well as resistant to ultraviolet rays. You can use different tube sizes to put your bike in place. And with the tie-downs, you have a comfortable cradle bed, so, your bicycles will stay firm while on the move. We love its wide profile vehicle feet that help in rack and bicycle load dispersal. This dual compound feet keeps your car safe. Rack engagement is possible with the use of hard black plastic while your Audi Q5’s finish is secured with soft gray material.


Hollywood Racks Express

Top Features

  • Fully pre-assembled bike rack
  • Rubber bike cradles
  • Can fit kid and female frame bicycles with top tube adapter
  • EPDM rubber straps that keep your bikes firm
  • Flat-folding for easy storage

The Hollywood Express makes it into our list of top Audi Q5 bike racks. It is an affordable 3 bike rack that has a design built for ease and compatibility. It has adjustment stubs that are easy to use, as well as 6 attachment straps. Built with bike cradles made of soft rubber, you’ve got nothing to worry about your bike’s finish. Hollywood Racks Express is fully assembled with easy storage guaranteed as it falls flat. You can adjust it without fearing any damage to your Audi Q5. To provide extra security, it features an integrated tie-down strap. This ensures that your bike stays in place while you move. The best part is that you get a limited lifetime warranty.


Thule Passage Trunk Mount Carrier

Top Features

  • Twist down arms for when the rack isn’t in use
  • Soft rubber cradles to keep bike frame safe and secure
  • Anti-sway cages to hold bikes in place and prevent contact with each other or vehicle
  • Soft cushion leg pads
  • Load capacity of 105 pounds
  • Patented FitDial designed to fit your Audi Q5 in a smooth fashion

We present to you the Thule Passage Carrier which guarantees you easy installation. This bike rack comes with mouth-watering features that should make you go for it any day and at any time. If you love to cycle as a family or are a newbie in the game, this trunk mount carrier is for you. It comes with a design that makes it suitable for two or three bicycles. All you have to do is stow it to your vehicle’s exterior. Rest assured that your bike frames will stay secure. Thanks to its rubber cradles that also keep them in place. Look out for the FitDial hub adjustments that are patented, making it a perfect fit for your Audi Q5. There also are twist down arms for when the rack is not in use. Another interesting feature of this bike rack is its anti-sway capability. This is to ensure that one bike does not come in contact with the other. It also sports narrow carry arms that can hold any kind of bike frame.


Factors to Consider Before You Buy Bike Racks For Audi Q5

So, you put together a good amount of money and spent some time trying to get the right bike racks for your car. The most important thing is to make sure that your equipment is the perfect fit for your car and your bikes. That way, you would have little to worry about and focus on the fun. By making use of bike racks for Audi Q5, you can create more space inside your car. That means more of your friends and family can join you on excursions or scenic trips. If you have been looking for where to buy bike racks for Audi Q5, here are the key factors to consider.

  • Carrying needs

You first need to ask yourself what you intend to carry with your racks. Since you are looking to carry bicycles, you need to determine the number. There is also a need to take into consideration the activities you’ve got planned for your trip. All these details should go into your planning.

  • The kind of vehicle

Among outdoor enthusiasts, the car they drive often differ from one another. For example, AudiQ5 is usually different from other models. Based on this fact, you need to be sure of your vehicle’s specifications. This is the best way to find a top-rated bike rack that is compatible. You will find vehicle fit guides to assist you in determining the best bike racks for Audi Q5 or another car model.

  • What is the outfitting style of your car?

The next thing you need to know is how your car is outfitted. Check to see if it already has roof crossbars or if it comes with a receiver hitch. Once you have determined this, check the size. If absent, then you will have to work on getting an installation. For most of the bike racks reviewed here, you’ll find a guide on how to do the installation. Some of these manufacturers also provide installation videos on their website.


Bike Rack Buying Guide for Audi Q5

If you are someone who likes to go cycling, there is a wide range of options for you to haul not one but many bikes. You can make use of bike racks for your vehicle. Check out some types of bike racks you may want to consider:

  • Hitch bike rack

At the rear of your vehicle, there is a trailer hitch and this is where the hitch bike rack goes. It gives you access to your bicycle without having to do so much lifting as in the case of roof racks. Installing them is simple and they are user-friendly. You might want to be more careful while using them because they make your vehicle longer and can make backing up more challenging. Sometimes, they limit access to the back of your vehicle. But they are models that come with a tilt down as well as a swing-away feature. Based on the nature of Audi Q5, the hitch bike rack is the best type of bike rack you need.

  • Truck rack

Besides Audi Q5, some of these racks are suitable for people with pickup trucks too. You may use a wide range of mounts and accessories. It helps you haul your bicycles by using a protective pad, keeping your bikes upright, or making use of bike forks. Some racks also come with different bike hauling features. You will find tailgate racks that carry as much as 7 bicycles.

  • Trunk rack

When making use of a trunk rack, all you have to do is mount it to your vehicle’s trunk. Straps are most times used as the security system. Trunk racks are quite economical and you may not have to use hitch as well as rack systems. They allow you to haul anywhere between one to three bicycles.

  • Spare tire rack

Not many cars keep spare tires behind anymore. However, you will find spare tire bike racks that you can buy to all your bikes. Carrying capacity is usually two bicycles.


FAQs for Best Bike Racks for Audi Q5

What is the best Audi Q5 bike rack?

Allen Sports 3-Bike Hitch

Thule Passage Trunk Mount Carrier

The Allen Sports S-102

Surco Swing Away 3-Bike Rack

Hollywood Racks Express

Are bike racks really worth it?

If you are someone who likes to go for vacations or visit scenic trails to do your cycling, it can be a challenge to haul your bike in your vehicle. All you need is to buy a quality bike rack to transport your bike while you are on the move.

Which Thule bike rack is best for Audi Q5?

The Thule Passage Trunk Mount Carrier guarantees you easy installation. This bike rack comes with mouth-watering features that should make you go for it any day and at any time. If you love to cycle as a family or are just getting into the game, this trunk mount carrier is for you.

Do bike racks damage your car?

The best bike racks for Audi Q5 come with a platform that helps to keep your car safe from contact with the bikes.



That’s all for our best bike racks guide for Audi Q5. We hope you find this review useful and that you make the best choice that suits your cycling needs. Go through our top 5 Audi Q5 bike racks to see and make a choice today.