Best Roof Racks for Prius

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More people are taking an interest in small-size vehicles as gas prices continue to rise. This is a good idea, but one that comes with some setbacks. These small size vehicles lack the necessary space that people love. And if you like hatchbacks over sedans, the problem is even worse. Whatever your choice is, solving the problem isn’t that difficult. If you are the proud owner of a Toyota Prius, roof racks are the way to go. You can find the best roof rack for Prius on the market to give your vehicle a lot of space.

With roof racks, your vehicle gets different add-ons that offer you more space. This depends on your choice of luggage, too. Vehicle roofs are different for various cars. But this does not mean that you have to get a custom roof rack for your model. So many adaptable roof racks are available for the different kinds of car models. Do you drive a Toyota Prius? Read along as we put together the best roof rack for Prius. You will find top-rated Toyota Prius roof racks in this guide.

Toyota Prius Best Roof Racks Reviews

Check out our top picks for the best roof racks for Prius. We will highlight their top features and add a rich description to guide you.

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Rhino-Rack Vortex RS 2500

Top Features

  • Special design to match Prius vehicle roof
  • No overhang with sleek engineering
  • Comes with lockable legs to give more security
  • Easy-to-install and easy-to-remove leg clamp attachment
  • Integrates with different accessories
  • Effective for off-road use
  • Rhino-Rack Vortex bars featuring VGS strips to reduce wind noise
  • Glass-reinforced nylon to give the legs more strength
  • Long term performance guaranteed
  • Santoprene rubber pads to keep your vehicle secure

Welcome to the world of super quiet Toyota Prius roof racks without a bar overhang. This is an aesthetic masterpiece with a slim look that will complement your car. With a DIY fitment that is simplistic, you can begin your journey in no time by following a few easy steps. This roof rack’s build allows it to carry small furniture, luggage, as well as surfboards. With a great design, the vortex RS 2500 comes with molded pads to ensure seamless integration. Let’s also talk about the clamps that blend in fast with your car’s door jam curvature. This roof rack also has a bar length that aligns with your vehicle’s width. Detaching or fixing the roof rack on your Toyota Prius is as easy as it can be. Better still, you do not need to adjust the bar overhang.



Top Features

  • 4 IN-SUT stays in black comprising 4 lock packs
  • 4 SU Fit Hooks
  • 2 crossbars that come with bar end-clamps
  • Torque control system to guard against over-tightening
  • No need for factory rails to fit the rack
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The Inno IN-SUT system makes it on our list of the best Toyota Prius roof racks. This roof rack is custom-made and aligns with the roofline in a seamless fashion. This is one of the top roof rack solutions, featuring telescopic adjustment knobs. The knobs guarantee easy installation at any time. The best part is that it comes with a limited lifetime factory warranty. Regardless of the year, make, or model, rest assured that you’ve got the right roof rack in the Inno IN-SUT roof rack.


Yakima MegaWarrior Cargo Basket

Top Features

  • Optional MegaWarrior Extension to increase cargo capacity
  • Universal attachment system to fit car rack system
  • Optional locking bracket to keep your basket securely linked to the rack system.
  • Bombardier basket to take care of other activities
  • Easy to install and very little assembly needed
  • Customized wind fairing to reduce noise
  • Heavy-duty steel construction equipped with weather resistance
  • Front crossbars, as well as rear crossbars, to integrate with Yakima accessories
  • Comes with movable accessory bar
  • Limited lifetime warranty

This roof rack passes for a cargo basket and Yakima did a great job on the MegaWarrior. When it comes to high-quality rugs for Toyota Prius come out you can count on Yakima. The MegaWarrior cargo basket gets very high ratings and there is more to it than meets the eye. Let’s kick off with its design that ensures minimal assembly on your part. In no time, your cargo basket can be fit and ready-to-use. It also comes with heavy-duty steel construction as well as weather-resistant features. These help to protect it from harsh conditions. Trust that you are getting high quality, durable cargo basket.

One feature that we love about this roof rack is its ability to integrate with a lot of accessories from Yakima. Then again, you can get an optional extension that increases the space on the basket by 40% and adds 22 inches. You don’t have to worry about noise as this cargo basket comes with custom wind fairing. The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty, as well. We rate the performance of the MegaWarrior because it is great for carriage tasks. When it comes to storage, it performs high, as well. Its build is superb and we are yet to identify any performance issues.


INNO XS201 Aero Bar

Top Features

  • 4 XS stays that come with 4 lock packs + keys
  • Comes in black color
  • 4 K Fit Hooks built for your Prius
  • 2 crossbars that come with bar end caps
  • Bare roofline vehicle fitting
  • Limited lifetime warranty

This Aero Bar rack for your Toyota Prius features a sleek aerodynamic system – one that has a quiet profile. No need for factory rules to install this on your vehicle’s roof. You will find coated protective clips as well as customized rubber base pads in the complete rack system. These features ensure that theXS201 is properly fitted to your car. This makes it a top Toyota Prius roof rack. With an innovative build, the INNO XS201 has a custom fit to ensure that it aligns with the door jambs of your car. Top security is not a problem as it comes with no charge locks.


SportRack SR1002 Roof Rack

Top Features

  • All in one easy-to-install bar system
  • Pre-assembled bars, locks, feet, and hooks
  • Carrying capacity of 130 pounds
  • No drilling or tools needed

Next on our list of high-quality roof racks for Toyota Prius is the SportRack SR1002. The manufacturer is a household name in the business of producing top-rated roof racks. For your Toyota Prius karma trust that this roof rack is compatible with your vehicle. Check out its steel construction and other durable features that make it perfect for your very good. No hassles with installation as you do not need any sort of tools or drilling. It comes with a build that displays the kind of quality that only a sturdy can offer.

With a weight capacity of 130 pounds, the SR1002 can carry enough weight with no hassle. You can also customize it if you wish to carry more objects. You will find bars and locks as well as hooks and feet that are pre-assembled for the rack. Let’s talk about performance because we value this quality when choosing roof racks. The SportRack SR1002 is capable of giving you the much needed extra space that you need for your Prius. It has a good build quality and there have been no records of issues in its performance. The only point to note is that some users report a little wind noise while using it on their Prius. This shouldn’t be a big issue, anyway.


INNO XS250 Aero Through Bar

Top Features

  • 4 XS stays that come with 4 lock packs + keys
  • Comes in black color
  • 4 K Fit Hooks built for your Prius
  • 2 crossbars that come with bar end caps
  • Bare roofline vehicle fitting
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The Aero Through Bar offers you a complete roof rack that easily aligns with your Toyota Prius. It comes with a rubber base that is designed in a way that fits your vehicle roof seamlessly. You do not need to fear about this roof rack producing scratches. Rest assured that the paint of your Toyota Prius will remain intact with this roof rack. It comes with stays and hooks, as well as no charge locks to ensure top security. This roof rack boasts a custom fit to ensure that it integrates with the door jambs of your car.


Prius Roof Racks Buying Guide and Factors to Consider When Buying

Finding the right roof rack for your car is not an easy feat. You need the extra space but what you need more is a roof rack that suits your needs. The market offers a plethora of options that could get you confused. If this is your first time searching for a roof rack, maybe for your Toyota Prius, we’ve done a little digging to help you make a good choice. Here are some factors that you need to consider before you buy a roof rack:

  • Your needs

Every car owner has their unique needs. This is why you need to determine what your requirements are. This case requires that your roof rack is highly compatible with your Toyota Prius. This should help you narrow your search better to the best roof rack options for your vehicle. You need to outline your requirements because it is an important step to finding the right fit. Knowing your requirements can help you isolate only roof racks that meet your expectations so that you make the right choice.

  • Noise

There are a lot of roof racks on the market with poor design. We only wish they could be better. What you get is so much wind noise while driving more than 30mph. If you are embarking on a vacation, this noise can get you upset. Ensure that the roof rack you buy comes with an aerodynamic design.

  • Weather Resistance

You might not know it but harsh weather conditions or elements like water can affect your roof rack. This makes it obvious that you need to go for a Toyota Prius roof rack that comes with water resistance. Such a roof rack gives you the assurance that it will last a long time and withstand bad weather conditions. You may not always be able to detach or recouple your roof racks every time.


Questions and answer section for Toyota Prius roof rack

Can you put roof racks on a Prius?

Yes, you can. Roof racks give you the opportunity to create more space in your vehicle while keeping your gear secured. From bicycles, canoes, and kayaks to skis and snowboards, going with a roof rack is very ideal.

What is the best roof rack for Prius?

Rhino Rack Vortex RS 2500


Yakima MegaWarrior Cargo Basket

INNO XS201 Aero Bar

SportRack SR1002 roof rack

INNO XS250 Aero Through Bar

Do I need crossbars for my roof rack?

Check to see whether your vehicle has crossbars on its roof rack. If it does, there may be no need to buy a roof rack system. A lot of carriers, as well as accessories, are compatible with factory load bars. You can also get quality adapters if you do not find your choice of carrier or if it is not compatible with your factory bars.

Can I put a roof rack on my car?

It is up to you to decide how best to Mount your roof rack. There are vehicles that do not come with crossbars. However, these cars have factory-fitted tracks, as well as raised rails, which start in front and run to the back of your vehicle’s roof.



This is where we conclude our best roof rack for Prius reviews. We made a review of only top-rated products that you can easily access at the moment. You will find useful information to help you reach a buying decision that is well-informed. Check out all the products that we carefully handpicked because most persons do not have the time to do the research. If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to contact us.


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