Shark Steam Mop Reviews-Top 3 Products

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Your home is your haven, a place where you should be comfortable, safe and sheltered from the rest of the world. Thus, when dirt, dust, animal excretions, and other unsavory things invade the sanctity of your home, you naturally want to attack them with everything you have. 

Nothing does that better than a steam cleaner. Steam is known to kill over 99.9% of bacteria if it is over 212F (93.30C), and its tiny particles can get inside the smallest crevices to force out dirt and grime. 

Shark steam mops from SharkClean are some of the best steam mops in the market. They are known for their affordability and utility, and they are such versatile pieces of equipment that you can use them on almost any surface of your home. 

Currently, there are three models of Shark Steam mops in productions. These have all gained very positive feedback from users. If you’re in the market thinking of getting the ultimate steam mop at the friendliest rates, this review will help to convince you why Shark Steam mops are the best.

The three products are as follows, in order of sophistication and price from highest to lowest.

  • Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop.
  • Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop.
  • Shark Steam Mop.

1.Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop.

The Shark Lift-Away Pro is the company’s flagship on the steam mop market. It has been very popular with users on Amazon, where users love its most innovative features such as the Touch-Free DirtPad release. It allows you to change the pad when it becomes too dirty without having to lay your hands on it.

Besides, the pad is also two-sided, which means that you clean twice as much floor before you need a change. It also gives you the ultimate cleaning power with its Steam Blast technology.

Besides being a top contender in its category, the Shark Lift-Away Pro steam mop is the most affordable and gives you the best value for money. Thus, it is your wisest choice when you’re looking for economy and functionality.


2-in-1 Functionality

The Lift-Away Pro is not just for cleaning for your floors. It also turns into a detachable steamer at the touch of a button so that you can clean countertops, upholstery, bathtubs, curtains, etc.

The handheld steam also comes with various attachments for various surfaces, such a carpet glider, squeegee tool, direct nozzle, flat scrubber, cylinder wand, detail brush, wedge tool, and a garment steamer. As you can see, it is more like an 8-in-1 and is perfect for almost every cleaning application.

Fast Steaming

The Shark Lift-Away steams in 30 seconds, which makes it great for fast cleaning. Unlike other models that require two minutes or more, you can just plug it in and go in a matter of seconds. The steam is released by pumping a knob located on the handle. This way, you have more control over the amount of steam to use.

Large Easy-Fill Tank

The mop features a large, 500 ml tank which ensures at least 10 minutes of cleaning time before requiring a refill. It is non-removable, but it comes with a cup that you can use for easy refill.

Touch-Free Technology

The Shark Lift-Away has an innovative, proprietary touch-free release mechanism for the Dirt Pad. When you want to change it, click on a lever and it comes on, insert a fresh one, click it again, and continue cleaning. This means that you never have to touch disgusting wet and dirty rags again. The mop also allows you to flip the rag over to make use of the other side, which gives you more cleaning time.

Why Buy The Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Mop

This is the most innovative and advanced product the company has. You will be getting maximum value for every dollar paid, and you are guaranteed satisfaction. It’s premium features give you more convenience than even higher-priced competitors.

Buy the Shark Lift-Away steam mop here on Amazon.


2. Shark Genius Steam Pocket System Steam Mop

The Shark Genius Steam Pocket is a mid-range model with a lot of good things to say. For one, it is one of the less pricey ones, though not the cheapest. Secondly, it is very effective at removing caked dirt and grime from all sorts of surfaces. Some users say that it removed dirt they didn’t even know they had.

Its superior cleaning is due in part to high steam velocity, with three settings for that. Secondly, It is very easy to maneuver even into tight corners and under furniture. It is easy to use, refill, and store, which also makes it amazing for household use.


Dual-Sided Dirt Grip Pads

The Genius Steam Pocket steam mop is fitted with super-absorbent microfiber DirtTM  GripTM pads. These help to lift more dirt from your floor. Given that the machine has no suction power, this is essential to the effectiveness of the clean.

Steam Blaster for Stubborn Soils

Some soils like foods, mud, or other types that cake into hard grime can be quite tough to remove. For such, there is a ‘turbo’ button where you release an extra hot, extra powerful steam blast to help get it out.

There are three ‘normal’ steam settings, which will vary depending on the type of surface on which you’re cleaning and the intensity you desire.

Wide Cleaning Zone

The machine uses a unique technology called Direct Steam Channeling. It is basically a distribution system for steam that covers the full width of the mop head, allowing the widest possible cleaning front. 

While this varies with the attachment in use and the steam setting, it is still handy for wide spaces and rooms.

Longest Cord, Medium-Sized Water Tank

One major advantage of the Genius Steam mop is its super long, 22ft power cord. It is easy to manage and doesn’t tangle easily, and lets you clean without worrying about exceeding the maximum length.

The water tank capacity is a little disappointing, with only 220ml available. It is non-detachable, but it comes with a water filling flask with a specialized spout for easy refills.

Touch-Free Dirt Pad Release

Like other premium Shark Steam mops, the Genius Steam Pocket also features the Touch Free technology. It lets you swap out the pad with the touch of a button, without having to use your hands directly.

Why Buy The Shark Genius Steam Pocket

This steam mop model from Shark is a great option for those who are looking for satisfactory performance, without reaching too deep into their pockets. It is by no means exemplary, but it is innovative and will easily fulfil all your cleaning needs.

Buy the Shark Genius steam mop here on Amazon.


3.Shark Steam Mop

The Shark Steam Mop is the best budget steam mop you can find. It is also the cheapest, and it will give you incredible value for your money. In terms of performance, it has proven that it can handle tough cleaning jobs quite easily.

One of the things that makes it so cheap is that, first of all, you have to pump steam out manually using a lever on the handle. Another reason is that the mop head does not swivel, but is fixed. 

However, users have glowing reviews for it. If you are really strapped for cash, or perhaps you want to see what the hype about steam cleaning is all about, then this is the best steam mop for the lowest price you can find.


Fast Steam Time

For such a budget machine, the Shark Steam mop is ready for use in lightning time – just 30 seconds after power-up. It helps to save you a lot of time when you want to get moving as fast as possible.

Long Cord, Average Water Tank

In keeping with its status, it features a medium-sized water tank with a 12.68 oz. or 375 mm capacity. It is designed for quick and easy refills.

Besides, the machine also comes with a long, 18 ft power cord. While it is not super long, it will fit most homes just fine.

Adjustable Steam 

By changing the rate of pumping, you can adjust the amount of steam ejected. It also means that you’re in control of how long the water in the tank lasts your per round.


The machine operates at just over 200F. In its highest steam setting, it is sufficient to kill all microorganisms. It destroys up to 99.9% of disease-causing bacteria to give you a healthy household.

Compact and Lightweight

The machine only weighs 4.6 pounds (2 kg). Besides, it is very small in size. It is perfect for use in small homes and frequent cleaning because it won’t tire you as much.

Why Buy the Shark Steam Mop

This is the cheapest capable steam mop on the market. For the price, you still have enough power and convenience to blast through the toughest soils on every type of surface


Benefits of Steam Mops

Steam mops have many advantages over traditional cleaning methods.

  • They give you deep-clean capabilities. On hard surfaces like tiles, you will notice a huge difference because steam gets into tiny pores to get dirt out.
  • Effortless. A good steam cleaner only requires the effort involved in pushing in. Sometimes, a second or third pass may be necessary, but that’s it.
  • Sanitizing. Steam at over 212F will kill more than 99% of bacteria and microorganisms. 
  • No chemicals involved. The steam does all the work, leaving your home fresh and clean. If you’re prone to allergies, this is a great option.
  • Easy to use. 


Steam cleaning technology is improving every day, as we find better ways to make it available in the typical household. Previously, it was only used by professionals. However, for the longest time, it has been known to be the best way of cleaning. 

Shark is one of the best manufacturers of affordable steam cleaners. Having read this review, you can now go and buy a Shark steam mop without doubts regarding their reliability and utility.