Best Bike Racks for Mazda 3 with Buying Guide

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If you have a thing for bicycles and are in love with cycling, you are not alone. Many people like you love to go on vacation or visit scenic trails. The goal is to catch some cycling fun with friends and family.

Do you own a Mazda 3 and are you looking for the best bike rack for your vehicle? You’re likely searching the internet looking to find the best reviews.

This is the reason that we put together a review of the top-rated Mazda 3 bike racks. After researching the market, we bring to you some of the best bicycle racks to help you make a decision.

Let’s get started.

Best Mazda 3 Bike Racks Reviews

We present to you our top reviews of premium bike racks that will slot in with your Mazda 3. Read through the reviews and check out the top features.


Saris Bones Trunk Mount Bike Rack

Top Features

  • Very strong and Eco-friendly bike rack
  • Arched cradle to position bikes well and avoid rubbing or touching
  • 100% recyclables with anti-rust properties
  • Easy loading. No need to lift, twist, hefts, or balances the rack
  • Anti-sway straps to maintain stability and security.
  • Carrying weight of up to 35 pounds per bicycle
  • Quick installation with vinyl-coated hooks as well as spring buckles
  • Arched design to ensure Compatibility
  • Comes in various colors
  • Articulated rubber feet for your vehicle’s protection

This bike rack from Saris Bones has sold over a million units. With millions of fans, Saris enthusiasts cannot all be on the wrong side. Made with injection-molded plastic, this is a recyclable bike rack that has no rust risk. You’ll be getting a very strong and Eco-friendly rock for your Mazda 3.

It can hold bicycles that weigh as much as 35 pounds each. You only have to mount it on your vehicle’s trunk, with no need to lift, twist, heft, or balance your bikes overhead. It comes with an arched cradle to position bikes on various levels and prevent touching or rubbing. Consider the ratcheting anti-sway straps that help to secure your bikes as you drive. No need to fear about the safety of your car as this bike rack is built with you in mind. The installation process is quick and secure while making use of vinyl-coated hooks as well as spring-buckles. Made in the USA, you get a Saris Bones lifetime warranty.


Thule Passage Trunk Mount Bike Rack

Top Features

  • Soft rubber cradles as well as anti-sway cages for tight grip and stability
  • Rugged terrain performance certified
  • Quick installation and security with patented FitDial tie-down mechanism
  • Best for all frame types with narrow arms
  • SoftCushion pads with no risk of scratching
  • Folding arms when idle
  • Comes in 2 and 3 carrier options
  • Made in the US and comes with a lifetime warranty

You will do no wrong if you put your money on the Thule passenger bike rack. Trust that you’ll be getting your money’s worth with a solid platform. This might be the manufacturer’s entry-level rack. But, the Passage features stellar hardware to guarantee you safe travels. The grip to the frame of your vehicle is solid without causing any harm to its finish. Your bicycles stay in place with the help of the anti-sway cages. Regardless of the terrain that you intend to ride on with your Mazda 3, this bike can accommodate different frames. Another interesting feature of the Trunk Mount Bike Rack is the easy installation. You can fine-tune the 6 tie-down straps using the FitDial in a couple of minutes. Let’s also talk about the SoftCushion pads that ensure your vehicle’s painting will not sustain any scratches as well as nicks and gouges.


Saris Sentinel 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Saris Sentinel 3-Bike Car Rack
Top Features

  • Can mount over a lot of spoilers
  • Manufactured in the US
  • Can haul 3 bikes with no hassle
  • Adjustable mounting arms
  • Comes with wrap around hold-downs as well as coated hooks

Next on our list of Mazda 3 bike racks review is the 3-bike trunk Mount Rack. This is a masterpiece created by Saris to boost your cycling experience. Its design ensures that it can carry bikes on your Mazda 3. You can mount it over a wide range of spoilers with the ability to carry as much as three bicycles. The bike rack comes with adjustable arms. The arms give you the choice of mounting them in a wide range of positions. With its ability to fold flat, storage shouldn’t be a problem. All your bicycles stay secure with the help of the hold-downs. No need to fear that your bicycles will crash into each other as you drive. Neoprene coated hooks help to secure your rack to prevent scratching. Vinyl-coated foam pad helps to create a separation between your trunk lid and the bike rack.


Yakima Fullback Trunk Mount Bike Rack

Top Features

  • SuperCush ZipStrip cradles to keep your bike safe and tight
  • Easy-to-install with four strap design
  • External padding and construction to enhance vehicle fit
  • Full SKS locking to keep rack intact and secure bikes from theft

Your Mazda 3 bike racks experience gets better with this FullBack carrier that has an innovative design. Featuring SuperCush ZipStrip cradles, rest assured that your bike will stay under protection. It comes with a four-strap design to ease the installation process. With its external frame padding, car fit is now a level higher. The FullBack Carrier is built to be compact for easy storage. Apart from its easy installation features, the rack sports an interlocking hub. The hub is crafted to ensure the alignment of vital touchpoints. Your rack stays locked to your Mazda 3 and your bikes stay locked to the rack with full SKS locking package. With its top-notch finish, this rack is worth buying.


Thule Gateway Bike Carrier

Top Features

  • Holdfast cradles that come with anti-sway cages for better security and bike cushioning
  • Strap management device for preserving your vehicle’s finish
  • Efficient storage with fold-flat feature
  • Carrying capacity of 2 to 3 bikes
  • Cinch lever to improve bike arms adjustability
  • Patented FitDial that promotes rack adjustment to fit your car
  • Strong nylon straps for bike rack security
  • Best bike arm positioning to prevent contact while in transit

With the Gateway Bike Carrier, you have an updated and affordable bike rack for Mazda 3. This easy to install device is a great choice if you are looking to save on bike racks cost. It comes with a design that ensures easy stowing of bikes on your car’s rear. The HoldFast cradles are made of rubber and are now updated. Check to see the anti-sway cages which help to provide cushioning for your bikes while securing them. And there are the patented FitDial adjustments to give the carrier good alignment with your Mazda 3. You’ll enjoy the fold-flat feature, adjustable bike arms and adequate spacing. They all help to reduce the risk of your bikes contacting each other. We also love the strap management mechanism that protects your vehicle’s finish.

Factors to consider before buying a Mazda 3 Car Rack for Bikes

If you search the market to find the best bike racks for Mazda 3, you will come across many products. The choices available can overwhelm you and leave you with analysis paralysis. You might end up buying a bike rack that was never meant for your car in the first place. To get the best bike rack, you should know what choices are available. Racks come in different forms and knowing about them can help you decide. Here are the bike rack types:

· Roof Rack

Check the top of your Mazda 3 to see if it has the right mounting points. If it does, you can use this rack. One thing about roof racks is that they are relatively less costly. They are widely known because of how versatile they are too.

· Spare tire rack

Not many cars use spare tires at the rear these days. However, you will find spare tire bike racks that you can buy to haul your bikes. These types of racks are light and require minimal effort to install. This is down to their compactness and their hauling capacity is most times 2 bikes. There is also limited flexibility.

· Hitch Rack

Hitch racks are quite affordable for hauling bikes. Check to see whether your Mazda comes with a hitch receiver pre-installed. This makes it easy to find a rack. Hitch racks are mostly built for heavyweights.

· Trunk rack

When making use of a trunk rack, all you have to do is mount it to your vehicle’s trunk. Straps are most times used as the security system. Trunk racks are quite economical and you may not have to use hitch as well as rack systems. They allow you to haul anywhere between 1 to 3 bicycles.

Deciding the Bike Rack go with

The outdoor life can be so much fun as someone who loves to go cycling. The experience is even more exciting if you have a compact vehicle like the Mazda 3. You can easily mount your bike rack on your vehicle and make your way to your favorite scenic trails. If you want to go on a little adventure with your friends to do some cycling, your Mazda can help you do the hauling. But before you buy a rack, here are the factors to think about:

· What is your price limit?

Never buy a product without having a plan. What is your price limit or budget? Determining what you want from your bike rack will help you set a good budget. Mazda 3 bike racks have varying costs. At different prices, you can still find great bike racks that suit your needs.

· Number of bikes to haul

Consider the number of bikes that you wish to haul while going on a vacation or visiting a scenic trail. You might want to consider your plans. Are you looking to include more bikes in your collection? How soon do you plan to do so? Consider, also, if you plan to go cycling with your friends and family.

· What is the size of your bicycle?

Varying shapes and sizes are obtainable when it comes to bikes. You need to know your bike size before you go on to buy a bike rack. This is even more paramount if you plan to haul 2 to 3 bikes.

FAQs for Bike Racks for Mazda 3

Do bike racks damage your car?

Premium bike carriers for Mazda 3 are built with a platform that helps to prevent contact between your car and the bicycles.

What affordable bike rack can I buy for my Mazda 3?

With the Thule Gateway Bike Carrier, you have an updated and affordable bike rack for Mazda 3. This easy to install device is a great choice if you are looking to save on bike racks cost. It comes with a design that ensures easy stowing of bikes on your car’s rear

What is the best Mazda 3 bike rack?

Thule Passage Trunk Mount Bike Rack

Yakima Fullback Trunk Mount Bike Rack

Saris Bones Trunk Mount Bike Rack

Saris Sentinel 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Thule Gateway Bike Carrier

Why should I buy a bike rack for my Mazda 3?

If you are someone who likes to go for vacations or visit scenic trails to do your cycling, it can be a challenge to haul your bike in your vehicle. All you need is to buy a quality bike rack to transport your bicycles while you are on the move.


And this is all we have for you our guide to buying the best bike racks for Mazda 3. From the five top-rated bike carriers in our highlights, rest assured you are getting the very best. This review should help you find the right choice that suits your needs.