7 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners

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Over the years, the cleaning industry has embowelled many homeowners with a tremendous permissive invention- vacuum cleaners. These tools can swiftly get rid of dirt and debris, both open and tedious, and from all different kinds of surface floors.

Portable vacuum cleaners come in great variations and are promptly obtainable from the market today. Whether you want something to combat germs and bacteria on your mattress or you’re after an industrial-strength handheld vacuum, you can undoubtedly dock on the one that matches your first choice with ease.

To put your thoughts and judgments to ease, we’ve compiled a comprehensive review, entirely focusing on the best portable carpet cleaners. After you’re over and done with these reviews, you can dock on the best unit for your household chores. They are the best the market has to offer.

Bissell 1400B Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet Cleaner

Bissell 1400B Portable Carpet Cleaner is a compact deep cleaning machine designed to present great clean-ups of any size. It is a potent tool that removes a variety of different spills and stains and does the work rather quickly. It is quiet and lightweight and consumes little water to get things right.

Whether it’s accidental spills like beverage slicks and pet poops or stickiest stains on the carpet, the unit is quick and effective and will zap out your household tasks with ease. You can ideally place the amazing vacuum device on furniture and clean motors to extract dirt from the tightest spots.


The Bissell 1400 multi-purpose portable cleaner presents an eco-friendly design. The entire build structure is comprised of at least 50% recyclable plastic. It has a huge 48-ounce capacity water tank and 19-feet cleaning coverage.

It weighs only 9.6 lbs and has a lengthy power cord of 15-feet that reaches to every corner of the carpet regardless of where it’s located, without always tampering the socket.

You can conveniently move the unit around the home with its sturdy handle. Plus, it comes with an extendable hose that provides a remarkable sanction power to get rid of the toughest stains.

For high performance, the Bissell 1400B includes a 3-amp motor, which affords sufficient power to clean and dry surfaces quickly and faultlessly. It vigorously sprays and sucks even the toughest stains in one go. There’s also a hard stain brush attachment to make the work easier.

The tank is of large capacity to hold enough water to clean large areas short of refilling. Besides being a carpet cleaner, you comfortably use it on other messy surfaces, including furniture, stairs, RV, and cars.

The entire collection is lightweight, highly portable, granting you access to tight areas for thorough cleaning. It is easy to maneuver; you just place the vacuum strategically, and the extendable hose does the rest.

Overall, the model is an excellent cleaner with pleasant performance. It’s a terrific value for most homeowners.


  • It features a lightweight, slim design
  • Made of 50% recyclable plastic
  • Highly portable
  • 19-feet cleaning per move
  • Includes a 48-ounce tank capacity
  • One step sprays and suctions
  • 15-foot power cord plus 4-foot vacuum hose
  • One year warranty


  • The tank is associated with occasional leaks, especially overfilled


Rug Doctor Upright Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Among the best portable carpet cleaners, you can’t go wrong with the Rug Doctor. It hails from one of the most dominant brands, Rug Doctor Production, which boasts incredible features that rarely matches with its direct competitions.

The upright Rug Doctor portable cleaner comes loaded with two cross brushes, high suction technology, and large tank capacity. The unit brings you a general cleaning process for both small and large areas. It hits with numerous professional attachments as a perfect vacuum cleaner.


The perfect match of an upright design and 25 pounds weight capacity makes the unit ideal for multiple chores. The model’s power cord measures 28 feet to make sure the user covers as. It has a collapsible handle that reduces teasy storage.

The dual cross brushes utilize five moveable brushes for more comprehensive cleaning. They are stiff and does a remarkable job removing stains ricked deeply in the carpet. The design allows for a dual lift tank that holds clean and dirty water in two separate compartments.

Although it seems bulky, it incorporates a convenient candy tool that lets you clean tight surfaces with ease. It also has a handy arm locking mechanism and a sprayer that execute remarkable performance on carpet stains.

Coming down to usability, the unit boasts impressive cleaning results. Few strokes of brushes will get your carpet deeply cleaned even to the innermost fibber. The power for the vacuum cleaner is 1300 watts along 12 inches cleaning path.

The 7.7 feet hose length will help you clean extensive areas effortlessly. As a powerful cleaning machine, it retains up to 75% extra suction power that reduces instances of wet surfaces after cleaning.

However, the Rug Doctor Portable Cleaner might miss some marks for maneuverability compared to other vacuum cleaners. Otherwise, if you want a smart, industrial-style clean-ups, perhaps with a bit of decent portability, the upright Rug Doctor is the way to go.


  • Less price for commercial-grade cleaning
  • Multi-purpose cleaning machine
  • 75% extra suction and quick drying
  • Good customer care services
  • Dual brush system for deep cleaning
  • Wheels to facilitate portability
  • Simple locking mechanism


  • The cord hook might loosen easily
  • It isn’t such a compact vacuum cleaner

Bissell 3624 SpotClean Portable Cleaner

Bissell 3624 SpotClean is one of the most excellent carpet cleaners on the market today. It is vast in both power and portability and is loaded with great features and a substantial knack for tightest spots in your household. It can remove stubborn stains and grimes faster and effectively. It is a professional spot cleaner, very compact, and easy to maneuver.


Bissell 3624 is among the most robust portable vacuum cleaner that offers you great value for money. It has all nitty-gritty to get rid of every day and abrupt messes by kids and pets, even to the most sophisticated areas. The model retains a wide range of transposable tools that helps to get your car’s upholstery and carpets stunningly clean.

The large storage capacity (3/4 gallon) implies that you can tackle your carpet and other household areas in one go. The model is lightweight and is piled with additional perks like brushing and stair tools. The brushing system includes a 6-inch carpet brush and 3 inches for continuous surfaces.

The 22-foot power cord offers an extended cleaning distance, meaning you can clean large areas short of re-plugging the cleaner frequently. The compact size makes the unit easier to store while enhancing flexibility during performance.

The SpotClean Pro 3624 embraces various combinations and cleansing formulas, including water, high suction power, and cleaning chemicals. Therefore you can handle any cleaning task you have.

The hose is 5-foot long enough to clean stains and spots in areas hard to access. The hose and its adjacent consists of handy fittings for carrying out specific tasks or address different materials

With a weight of 13.2 lbs, the cleaner is pretty portable, and the ¾ gallon tank holds more than enough for a complete cleaning cycle. The machine is delivered with an experimental bottle (BISSELL Professional formula) that works great in combination with the device.


  •   Highly portable
  •   Easy to store in tight areas
  •   Powerful suction with 5.7 amps
  •   Lightweight and compact design
  •   It has a variety of cleaning accessories
  •   Sufficient for the stickiest dirt and debris


  •   The cord length might limit the machine
  •   Heavy use weakens hose


Bissell SportBot Portable Cleaner 33N8

The Bissell SportBot 33N8 portable cleaner simplifies carpet stains and dirt removal process with high efficacy. It brings you a tremendous automated cleaning session with high potent and scrubbing mode.


The design and build structure featured by this Bissell product converge on hands-free spot stain eradicating technology. The package comes in-built vital components to combat the growth of germs and bacteria. The SpotBot does the arduous task for you by providing a sheer amount of solution for the surface.

The whole kit and caboodle come with an on-demand hose and accessories that brushes hard-to-reach spots and other bothersome stains. The unit is ideal for cleaning and confiscating pet stains. The odor control technology helps to make sure the pet stench does not resolve the same area.

You can clean all the mess off with ease using a standard cleaning mode. The device comes with a stunning array of attachments, including hand tools and scrub brush system. It works well on upholstery, auto interiors, and even getting rid of tiny messes like pet hairs. 

The vacuum cleaner embraces cleansing solutions and suggestive formulas, meaning you can still enjoy some expert perks for your household chores.

The SpotBot portable carpet cleaner applies the DeepReach technology, which takes the process of scrubbing and cleaning dirt from your carpet into another level. It has Oxy Boost Formulations that react with stains and odors.

It does well on stairs, vehicles, upholsteries, and other regions reached by pets. The compact size enhances performance while making the model easy to maneuverer for thorough cleaning in small areas.


  •       Automatic cleaning that performs all the hard tasks
  •       It has a distinguished Spiral Brushing Action
  •       Fights and prevents pet odors from coming back
  •       Comes with Microban Antimicrobial product protection emended into the main component of the cleaner


  •       The Suction power isn’t that powerful
  •       It isn’t that great for typical cleaning chores besides pet hair clean-ups


Hoover FH11300 Portable Carpet Cleaner

Hoover FH11300 is a compact easy to maneuver cleaning machine that works great on carpets, stairs and upholstery, and more. It counts on hygienic profound cleaning accessories with potent suction to loosen and eliminate stains.


The equipment comes with patent-pending and Self-Clean Technology to flush the hose clean directly after use. This protects the cleaning hose against bacteria and allergens’ growth while securing all-inclusive cleaning results.

The cleaning machine features a dual tank technology that holds clean and dirty water in two separate slots. That means you can empty, rinse, and refill each tank with ease. The Expert Clean Gel is another notable plus. It’s a powerful solution that penetrates stubborn stains and removes them, leaving the surfaces free of traces.

The device also comes with antibacterial protection, necessary for keeping off bacteria, mold, and mildew. The lightweight carpet cleaner sprays, bushes and suctions spills and stains for a sustainable clean result.

Overall, the FH11300 Portable cleaner can remove stains and spills from carpets, stairs, upholstery, along with other services.

The hygienic deep cleaning accessories and the powerful suction is an incredible combination, more than enough to lift and remove grimes almost anywhere. Yet, antibacterial protection is the crux of the matter. It guards against the build-up of microorganisms.


  •       Easy to set up, use and store
  •       Sturdy and durable
  •       Superb self-cleaning function
  •       The compact, lightweight and potent suction
  •       Detachable hose enhances easy cleaning


  •       Rubber brush might break down during cleaning
  •       The hose length could be extended
  •       List element


 Bissell Little Green ProHeat-14259

The Bissell ProHeat 14259 is a compact multi-purpose carpet cleaner with preferred cleaning power. It offers you a comprehensive cleaning, as you would expect from a high-end portable vacuum cleaner.


This cleaning machine features effective spray suction that enables you to refresh and dry the carpet as well as upholstery without interval. It can remove a ton of dust debris on your carpet, which includes stains, spots, spills, and pet messes.

For exceptional cleaning results, the Little Green 14259 incorporates a built-in heating system. The water heats up to 25 degrees, which makes it practical to elevate and remove tough stains.

The unit’s cleaning performances are not limited to your carpet; you can ideally have it for multiple surfaces as well.

It’s a small carpet cleaner, but it’s forceful and dynamic enough to tackle pet accidents and stains area rugs, auto interiors, upholstery stairs, and much more. The compact, lightweight design makes this model suitable even in the most sophisticated areas.


  •       Easy to use and store
  •       Built-in water heating system
  •       Several ready-to-use accessories
  •       Offers a quick, effective stain removal
  •       Compact multi-purpose carpet cleaner
  •       the water tanks are easy to fill and empty
  •       Durable and suitable for both large and small task


  •       The suction might not be powerful enough
  •       In can leak occasionally leaving some traces of water


Rug Doctor Spot Portable Cleaner

Keep your surroundings amazingly clean by investing in a compact carpet stain remover- like the Rug Doctor Portable Cleaner. This is a commercial-grade carpet cleaner, designed for perfect and influential cleaning moments.


The Rug Doctor Vacuum cleaner is amassed with high handy features such as movable brushes that rotate the brush-head while agitating the stain to protrude on the surface.

The model is rapidly gaining popularity due to its exceptional suction knacks for dry surfaces. It is a user-friendly device that makes the overall cleaning process easier and enjoyable.

The entire unit weighs only 15 pounds with empty tanks. The wheels and handle are expendable enough to make the portability a lot easier. You can quickly move the vacuum around since the handle are retractable and user-friendly to ease the process.

It has a dual-tank system that can hold 65 ounces of clean water plus 38 oz of unclean water. It comes with an excellent compact design that transforms your cleaning chores into a whole fun and easy walkthrough.


  •       Ten amps powerful suction
  •       15-foot power cord
  •       2-year warranty
  •       Weighs only 15 pounds
  •       4.5” cleaning path
  •       It comes with a motorized brushing system
  •       Extendable wheels and handle for maneuverability


  •       Vacuum cleaner not ideal for large areas
  •       There’s a side opening for a dirty water container, but can leak sometimes


 Best Portable Carpet Cleaner- Benefits

A portable carpet cleaner is a virtually smaller, modernized version of a conventional vacuum. With the compact size, these vacuum cleaners come with lots of great advantage that takes the cleaning process to another level for most household owners.

Handheld cleaners are easy to use, and can quickly clean tight surfaces with ease. Below are some of the notable advantages of portable carpet cleaner, which will induce you to their performance.

Small Size

Portable carpet is strictly half the size/bulk of other vacuum cleaning models. Compact dimensions are among the significant benefits for household cleaners. Carpet cleaners are the best solutions to small living rooms like dorms, RV’s, and sophisticated apartments with less space for storage.


Small size is generally associated with less weight. Many portable carpet cleaners come with a weight not exceeding five pounds. It’s another plus that makes that enhances swift spot-on vacuuming.

Homeowners can have them for their stairs without fretting about falling. Also, kids can comprehend the lesson of vacuuming using an artistic lightweight carpet cleaner.


These tools are incredibly user-friendly, making them a reliable cleaning unit across all ages, from kids to elderly. You can comfortably use then with little-zero complications. Plus, they won’t cause any significant damages when dropped. The lightweight and compact size couples for the overall benefit of their usability.

Fast clean-ups

Another extra perk from handheld carpet cleaners is instant action. Whether you to target a small area, or to deep clean a massive room, portable cleaning machines will always remain to be handy. A cleaning process can take as short as two minutes (assuming you’re cleaning pet hair on the carpet or couch).


Regardless of whether the handheld vacuum cleaner has a cord or not, anyone can move them anywhere. They bring you a whole range of cleaning opportunities for indoor and outdoor.


Even though carpet cleaners are virtually effective and offer pleasing performances, there are various factors to think through before getting along with any model. This may vary based on your precise case, like whether you have kids, pets, or such.

Furthermore, there are other features such as heating and automation (incorporated by Bissell ProHeat and Bissell SpotBot, respectively) that might stand out to you. But what really defines your ultimate choice is your needs. Hopefully, the guide will steer you to the best portable carpet cleaner.