Best Bike Racks For Honda Accord

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Honda Accord is reputable for its performance, sleek design, and comfort. Owners, I included, feel at home in the car, and get tempted to move around with anything that makes it cozier, including bicycles.

But who has the time to disassemble bike parts, or keep folding and unfolding them, when you can have a carrier?

It is fun jumping right into a ride after a drive, not inconvenienced by hectic assembling and unpacking of your tandem. To save you time and cargo space in the trunk, you will need the best bike for Honda Accord sedans.

That is why we are here.

Comparison Table of the Best 5 Bike Racks for Honda Accord

Get to know the best 5 Honda accord bike racks, and what makes them stand out. Which one is best for you?

Name Type Maximum Number Of Bikes Outstanding Features Recommended For Who?
Saris Bones 2-Bike Rack Versatile rack 2 Versatile bike rack made from 100% recyclable material. Owners of special bicycles seeking a versatile rack for Honda Accord with spoiler.
Thule T2 Pro XT 2-Bike Rack Hitch 2 Trunk access bike rack with generous hub spacing. Long-distance travelers seeking a rack accommodating diverse bikes with no frame contact.
Hollywood Racks Express 3-Bike Rack Trunk 3 Sturdy, all-weather bike rack with a firm grip. Al-season travelers seeking a 3-bike trunk-mounted carrier with a firm grip.
Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack Trunk 2 Bicycle carrier with an easy installation procedure. The frequent traveler on a budget with special bike frames.
Kuat Transfer 2-Bike Platform Rack Hitch 2 Easy- to use and store bike rack that makes no frame contact. Honda Accord drivers seeking secure rack making no contact with tandems.

Reviews of 5 Top Bike Racks for Honda Accord

Of the best 5 racks, there is a feature or two that will make you choose the most preferred. We have discussed them in further detail and given you the pros and cons of each.


Saris Bones 2-Bike Rack – Most Versatile Bike Carrier for Diverse Bikes and Paint Protection

How much do you value your bikes? Are they so dear, you wouldn’t risk even a scratch on them or on your Accord? Saris Bones 2-bike rack is what you need.

It has the sturdiest injection-molded arms and legs with articulated rubber feet and vinyl-coated hooks. These are there to grip your bike firmly while protecting the sleek finish on your coupe.

Installing the rack needs concentration, after which you can mount any bike and support it with the dual adjustable arms. The arc-based design fits over most spoilers and separates the cycles on different levels. Your bikes will not sway side to side as you drive; the anti-sway straps hold them in place.

The tandems are actually sleeping. Otherwise, how do you explain the frames being gripped by rubber straps applying just enough pressure onto them?


  • Injection-molded arms and legs with anti-sway straps.
  • Made from 100% recyclable non-rusting material.
  • Arc-based design.
  • Holds up to 2 bicycles.

Best for…

Friends of Mother Nature moving with their bikes and Honda at the same time. The construction material is 1000% recyclable and the rack has the best performance in the market. Saris Bones is the recommended bike rack for Honda Accord models with spoilers.


  • A versatile rack that lasts ages.
  • Can accommodate a diverse type of bicycles.
  • It is stable and holds your tandem firmly.
  • Fits most spoilers while allowing ample bike spacing.


  • Its arms are relatively short.
  • It can fall off in installed wrongly.


Thule T2 Pro XT 2-Bike Rack – An Amazon-Recommended Hitch Rack, Suitable For Long Distance Travel

It is one of those racks that carry two bikes securely and can go up to 4 if you use an add-on 2-inch hitch receiver. Unfortunately, this hitch size is incompatible with the Honda Accord.

As for bike spacing, Thule T2 Pro XT 2-Bike Rack has a generous 197mm hub spacing between the two tandems and can carry your mountain bike, downhill fat-tire cycle. If you have a special or carbon frame bike, mount it; the rack makes no frame contact as it uses frame-free ratcheting arms.

When not using it, you can tilt the rack up and access the trunk easily. In the case that you want to reach something in the trunk with the rack on, tilt it down.


  • Hitch Switch lever.
  • Auto-attach knob for tool-free attachment.
  • Contact-free ratcheting arm.
  • Holds up to 2 bicycles.

Best for…

Honda accord with 1.25-inch hitches will find this rack suitable for long-distance travels. It is sturdy, protects paint and is easy to use. The price should not scare you away; it is worth it.


  • Makes no contact with the frame.
  • Easy to install and remove for storage.
  • It gives you generous rear access.
  • Secure rack with no bike-banging.


  • You have to add your own locks for ultimate security.
  • Takes a while to understand the assembling instructions.


Hollywood Racks Express 3-Bike Rack – Sturdiest All-Weather Trunk Rack for Honda Accord Coupe

Your bikes are safe on this Hollywood rack. It has soft strong rubber cradles and EPDM rubber straps to grip your tandem firmly and protect its paint. Your car shall also be safe from scratches as the carrier has 4 foam pads at the base.

Interlocking adjustment hubs and hand knobs give your bicycle the proper fit it deserves. There is almost no chance of bikes falling off or swaying, especially if you fasten the 6 adjustment straps right.


  • Has soft rubber cradles and EPDM rubber straps.
  • Interlocking adjustment knobs and hand knobs.
  • Four foam pads to mount bike frame.
  • Holds up to 3 bicycles.

Best for…

You will appreciate carrying 3 bikes with this rack mounted on your Honda Accord coupe because of the firm grip and soft cradles. Who wouldn’t want a rust-resistant rack suited for all weather?


  • Economical buying price.
  • Rust-resistant paint-protecting rack.
  • Has a proper fit for bicycles.
  • Comes pre-assembled.


  • Has a detailed installation process.
  • For special bike frames, you will need a top-tube adapter.


Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack – Best Budget Rack for Drivers with Bike Compatibility Problems

Do you want a carrier for almost every bicycle you come across? Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack is just it. It has a 12-inch long and 11-inch wide carry arms that make it compatible with what you have.


The racks come at a really affordable price. We are talking less than $50 here, for something worth way more than that.

Its single configuration design guarantees you a minute or so in the installation procedure. With Allen’s patented individual tie-down system, you can literally travel the world in your able Accord without compromising the quality of your tandems.


  • 12-inch long and 11-inch wide carry arms.
  • Patented individual tie-down system.
  • Single configuration system.
  • Holds up to 2 bicycles.

Best for…

Long-distance Honda Accord owners will find it convenient. It has sizable arms for bike compatibility, comes at a throw-away price and grips bikes firmly.


  • Sizeable arms for bicycle compatibility.
  • Takes a minute or less to install.
  • It is affordable.
  • Lasts long.


  • Folds partially such that the arms stick out.
  • Straps will snap if installed carelessly.


Kuat Transfer 2-Bike Platform Rack – Best Travel Bike Rack for Honda Accord

‘Nobody touches my frame!’

Is that your rule? Alright, nobody will. Kuat Transfer 2-bike platform rack makes absolutely no contact with bike frames. Its front ratcheting arms and rear-wheel tray hold your tandem securely in place, and with the three different locking positions, everything stays safe.

It best suits a Honda Accord because of the 1.25-inch hitch receiver available and can be used for travel expeditions on different roads. You will love its easy-to-use spring-mounted foot pedal as well when folding.


  • Tray- style hitch set-up.
  • Spring-mounted foot pedal folding style.
  • Has 3 locking positions.
  • Holds up to 2 bicycles.

Best for…

Anyone seeking a rack that makes no frame contact and loves to travel. The rack is easy to use and secures tandems in place all the way.


  • Makes no frame contact.
  • Secures bicycles in place.
  • Easy to load and fold.
  • Locks up in three different positions.


  • You need your own locks to make it extra secure.


Honda Accord Bike Rack Buyer’s Guide

Let us now get down to the elimination stage. Which racks go and which one stays for your Honda Accord?

In the past, we have had customers make the wrong choice, just because it was hyped nicely on online reviews or a friend bought it and worked well for them. Well, are you them?

Your choice of the best bike rack for you should be guided by the following factors.

The price

All racks come at a price, but how much are you willing to part with? The price may not really reflect its functionality, since some are worth more, while others are a scam.

Get you a budget rack like Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack or Hollywood Racks Express 3-Bike Rack if you do not want to spend a fortune. They work perfectly.

If you do not mind the price, then focus on other key guidelines for the best Honda Accord bike rack available.

Type of hitch

Ever fancied shoes from a distance, and even built castles in the air on what outfit to match them with; only to realize they are not your size? How would you feel if you had already spent money on those?

You may feel worse getting a 2-inch trailer hitch for Honda Accord; it does not fit. In as much as it gives you room to add more bikes on other vehicles, it is not for you. Be well versed in types of hitches before you can go shopping.

Go for a class 1 bike rack like Thule T2 Pro XT 2-Bike Rack or Kuat Transfer 2-Bike Platform Rack.

Frequency of use

You may never know how often you will use your rack. Or will you?

If you are in the population of people driving from upcountry to the city daily or weekly, then using your bicycle for city commuting, you need a durable, sturdy rack. This should be your number one consideration, just as it is for someone on bad roads.

A Saris Bones 2-Bike Rack and Hollywood Racks Express 3-Bike Rack sound good here.

If it is a once in a while ordeal, get a rack that is easy to store, grips bikes firmly, and holds more than two tandems. Get you Thule T2 Pro XT 2-Bike Rack or Kuat Transfer 2-Bike Platform Rack.

Your feedback

Before making a purchase, test the racks. This is possible if you are getting it from a dealer in person.

It is your chance to see how to assemble a bike rack, install it on your Honda Accord and be sure whether or not it fits. You can also drive with tandems mounted on it, but be sure to come back; it is not a bike rack heist. If you are impressed, buy it.

Make inquiries until all your questions are answered. For online buyers, ask for all fitting specifications and features of the rack. We can help you with most of these.

Your feedback to self is the most honest review.


FAQs on Select Honda Accord Bike Racks

What is in your head? Tell us about it: you may marvel at how many other people share your questions and actually have them answered. Below are some of the most common ones we have come across.

I need a bike rack! Where can I buy the best bike rack for my 2009 Honda Accord?

  1. Being that you are online right now, you can click a new tab and get to trusted sites like amazon and make your order. You can also ask us to help you with that part by contacting us directly.
  2. Walk to trusted bicycle dealers, as well as Honda Accord accessories shops. They will not lack a rack; if they do, then they will have suggestions on where to get it.
  3. Contact manufacturers of top bike racks on your list. For this option, you will either have your item shipped to you or given instructions on how to pick it physically if they are in your locale.

Does the hitch size matter when it comes to fitting bike racks on a Honda Accord?

Yes, it does. You can install class 1 hitches of size 1.25 inches. Racks like Kuat Transfer 2-Bike Platform Rack have that size in stock.

It is quite unfortunate if you have a 2-inch receiver: it will not fit on this particular car. Many are the clients who bought the wrong size and ended up having to buy another rack that fits, or cursed for ages.

I have an e-bike and want to travel. Will the weight range of Thule bike rack setting for Honda Accord allow that?

Of course, it will. Thule T2 Pro XT 2-Bike Rack has a weight limit of 120lbs for just two bikes. If your e-bike is within range, hoard on! Moreover:

  • The rack has enough hub spacing of 197mm.
  • It accommodates bikes of 21-27 inch wheels as well as 5-inch fat-tire bikes.

However, avoid carrying two bikes if they combined exceed 120lbs.

Last Words

Buying the best bike rack for your Honda Accord takes more than knowing the top carriers in the market. You have to be well-versed with the outstanding features, check for compatibility with the sedan, and be at peace with what you prefer.

We highly recommend a Saris Bones 2-Bike Rack for its versatile mounting areas on the car. It is also long-lasting and protects the paint of your Honda. Thule T2 Pro XT 2-Bike Rack will do great too if you want ample bike spacing and no frame contact.

Do you need further assistance? Reach out; we care.