Germ Guardian Air Purifier GG1000 Pluggable UV-C Sanitizer Review

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GermGuardian GG1000 Pluggable UV-C Sanitizer and Deodorizer,Kills Germs, Freshens Air and Reduces Odors from Pets, Smoke, Mold, Cooking, and Laundry, Germ Guardian Air Purifier

 We all want to come home to a place that we are sure that everything is clean and cozy.

We want to ensure that the air that we breathe is fresher and better for our health.

As time goes by we can’t just ignore the fact that air quality is getting lesser and lesser due to the technologies.

That was created by the factories nearby or even by airborne microbes that are roaming around in our environment.

Worse, in our home, where we think that we are safe and healthy.

GermGuardian GG1000 Pluggable UV-C Sanitizer and Deodorizer Air Purifier

Today, we are going to introduce you to the technology that is created to protect you and your family from any harm. This is an air purifier that will surely solve your air problem.

The GermGuardian GG1000 Pluggable UV-C Sanitizer and Deodorizer, Kills Germs, Freshens Air and Reduces Odors from Pets, Smoke, Mold, Cooking, and Laundry, Germ Guardian Purifier.

What is this product?

Product Description:

It is a purifier that provides fresher, cleaner and better air for your home with a use of UV-C light-powered technology.

This air purifier is pluggable and can be used everywhere in your home and even at your offices. It has the power to eliminate bad odors that can be caused by cigarette smoke or of any kind, garbage, smelly laundries and kitchen, pet poops, and even in your comfortable rooms.

It has built with UV-C light technology to reduce and kill the DNA of germs and microbes that are in your home making it unable to reproduce and grow more.

How does GermGuardian GG1000 ensure that your air is safe?

It has advanced power technology of Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light that eradicates airborne micro bacteria and germs that causes harm to you and your family’s breathing.

It also destroys the present DNA of germs that can possibly cause multiplication of microbes and air pollutants in your area. And by saying germs, GermGuardian can effectively remove germs like viruses, mold spores, and bacteria. [/su_box]

It also has a UV-C Sanitizer, this has the capability to suck the air starting from the bottom and quickly cleans the air and release it to the top ventilation holes.

It has an amazing fan that has an ability to process 456 cubic feet of air that is perfect to reduce odor and clean the air.

Why UV Air Sanitizer?

GermGuardian GG1000 aims to clean the air and at the same time protecting the nature, so if we are going to clean the air in our homes, isn’t just right to have your air fungi-free, bacteria-free and virus-free while being eco-friendly?

What can you get from buying this GermGuardian GG1000?

Your benefits:

Awesome Design

It has a sleek design that is very suitable for any kind of home. It looks like a stainless steel, but it is actually made up of plastic that makes it lightweight with 1 lbs.

It has a dimension of 3 x 3.2 x 7.5. Its physical feature made it so beautiful that it does not appear like plastic at all! It is well manufactured and easy to use because it is just pluggable, and you can use it to any wall socket.

It also has a relaxing blue light that you can use at night that works just like a lamplight.

One more thing about its design is its versatility as it so flexible and you can rotate it to the direction (sideways or upside down) that you want to clean.

With its flexibility feature, this can fit any place you wish to put it, may it be in your bedroom or even at your office. It is just one plug away!

Proven and Tested

This GermGuardian GG1000 is a product that proven and tested! These are even used in the hospitals to sanitize the area.

It is also recommended by the doctors because this is trusted by the professionals! Many also have attested that this air purifier does work like a gem and really cleans the air from their homes and offices.


This is one of the best purifier which effectively eliminates 99.7% of germs, microbes and other airborne pollutants that are floating in your home with small rooms . With the advanced technology of Ultraviolet-C and its maximum capacity fans, this GermGuardian GG1000 eradicates the microbes that can harm your family.


This GermGuardian GG1000 does not just clean your air it also amazingly makes your air smell better!

This is the reason why people love to buy this because this can lessen and even remove foul odor in your homes caused by the pet wastes, garbage, stink laundry and smelly kitchens. This air purifier magnificently removes the entire unnecessary odor in your place.

Three P’s (Plug and Play and Portable)

GermGuardian GG1000 is so easy to use that you only need and a plug to use it. After plugging it in, it will do its work without the hassle!

 It is also portable that if you choose to relocate it, you can! With its weight that is so light you can transport it to anywhere you want it to be!

Of course, for your safety, we also checked some red alert to consider before buying this product for people with kids and pets. The information needs to be checked well before you add to the cart.


  • It still needs water vapor to work properly
  • With some feedback from the buyers from this, they say that you actually need to put some water first in order to make it function. Well, that works on rare cases.
  • It is loud
  • On the first two weeks, it works quietly but on the succeeding days, it started to create a sound like a low-power hairdryer.
  • ultraviolet light spectrum needs to be changed, the warranty information is mentioned in the product details.
  • You need to change the UV light 6-8 months. This makes the buyer spend additional fees to make their air purifiers function well.

Final words

From a lot of benefits from this air purifier, the GermGuardian GG1000, this is a sure win for the buyer because despite some downsides of this product. It is still a better option as compared to others because the bulb model lb1000 needs more maintenance.

it still has a promising result of making your air clean as possible! Not just making your air clean but also making it fresher and better smell.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Does Germ Guardian kill viruses?

The Germ Guardian is best to get rid of airborne bacteria and household odors

2. What does the GermGuardian do?

GermGuardian works as an air sanitizer and the UV c light kills germs. It also removes odors caused by mold in the wall outlet. Without the use of good air sanitizer, you may experience a foul smells in the pet areas.

3. Is Germ Guardian a good brand?

Germ Guardian is the most trusted air sanitizer brand. Go for the C light bulb model lb1000. The germguardian pluggable UV is a worthy choice. The compact design adds more beauty to small spaces.

4. How do you replace UV light in GermGuardian?

Ans: They replaced every maintenance visit. It needs to be replaced when you experience lags. Usually, the guardian technologies come with 1-year limited warranty. The customer service is also the best and this is why more people trust UV c light bulb.