Best Office Chair Under 300 Reviews

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Finding the best office chair under 300 is not such a simple affair. We all admit that office seats are not all built the same. However, they have common features such as foam-filled seat pan, armrests, pneumatic adjustments, high back, and ergonomic design. You will have an added advantage to your support if the chair includes a neck rest.

Focusing on various factors, we’ve developed a list of top ten best office chairs under 300 that offers great value for money and at a sparing price range as well. We’ve included various types of chairs, such as mesh back, high back, and leather chairs. Be sure to check out our review!

Best Overall- La-Z-Boy Delano Big Tall Executive Bonded Leather

  •       Premium wood frame
  •       Thick cushioning
  •       Multi-layered office chair
  •       Extremely comfortable soft leather

Premium Choice- Office Factor Leather Executive Office Chair

  •       Well-sized leather executive chair
  •       Luxurious, best support unit
  •       Extra-large cushion
  •       Solid construction

Great Value- Hon Wave Big & Tall Executive Chair

  •       Durable stable and comfortable
  •       Adjustable lumbar support
  •       Higher user weight limit
  •       Recline executive chair (99-120 degree back angle)
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La-Z-Boy Delano Big Tall Executive Bonded Leather

La-Z-Boy is probably the most premium office chair under $300 on our list. This executive office chair from a well-reputed brand incorporates an inline system for enhanced body alignment and alterable height factor.

Why we like it

This executive big and tall leather office unit is designed to offer exceptional comfort and support. It’s a multi-layered office chair with a ComfortCore Plus material along with other newest layering systems included to provide lavish cushioning and sturdiness.

This helps the users to stay protected and comfortable all day long. It also includes padded headrest as well as layered body pillows that couples to offer extreme comfort, thus helping in eradicating tension and pressure points.


  •       ComfortCore Plus material
  •       Padded headrests
  •       Waterfall seat edge
  •       Multi-layered office chair


  •       Extremely comfortable soft leather
  •       Thick cushioning
  •       Premium wood frame
  •       Classic designed wood arms
  •       Cable functionalized level for ease of use
  •       Waterfall seat edge support leg circulation


  •       Nothing wrong, everything is good

Our Verdict

This is a high-quality wood finish, ultra-durable with soft and well-appointed bonded leather and thick contoured cushion. It is a premium unit best for office, home, and even entertainment areas.


Office Factor Leather Executive Office Chair

This well-sized leather executive chair is an ideal fit for large-bodied and tall persons and is exceptional in offering you ultimate comfort and stability. It’s specially designed to chair finished with merged black leather to provide maximum comfort and support.

Why we like it

It features a sturdy nylon platform and dual caster wheels- all designed to accommodate users with up to 350 pounds of weight. It is a luxurious big-tall double-layered- padded back/seat office chair with curved armrest for added support. Another top-notch aspect of this chair is the pneumatic seat height adjustments that make it a one-stop choice if you want all benefits from stability and mobility.


  •       Breathable mesh construction
  •       Contoured lumbar cushioning
  •       Padded flip armrests
  •       Pneumatic height adjustments



  •       Fashionable look
  •       Luxurious and best support unit
  •       Solid construction
  •       360-degree swivel
  •       Extra-large cushion with high black support to provide more comfort


  •       Bulky and huge
  •       Wheels may not work correctly especially on laminated floors

Our Verdict

This is a fully adjustable unit and among the best office chairs under 300 dollars. It allows you to modify the tilt, lift, and height, and it has a max user weight capacity of 350 lbs. With its pneumatic seat height adjustment, this model is excellent for office and indoor purposes.

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Hon Wave Big & Tall Executive Chair

All Hon Wave Big and Tall office chairs are furnished perfectly for users across all ranges. It’s ideal for tall/big and average/small heightened people. The mesh back and seat double-layered padding sandwich cushion keeps your body cool and collected so you can better concentrate on your work.

Why we like it

This executive piece is best designed to take care of you back (and money) with flexible, easy stretch out and adjustable lower back support and pneumatic height adjustment mechanism. In fact, the Hon Wave Big and Tall is one of the best office chairs under $300 price range that offers an affordable solution to anyone facing hard times on a chair when working.

Although there’s no headrest option, the model includes adjustable lumbar support as well as other customizable settings like tilt.


  •       Lumbar support
  •       Adjustable lower back
  •       Double-layered sandwich cushion
  •       300 – degree swiveling


  •       Durable stable and comfortable
  •       Higher user weight limit
  •       You can pull it up to a lunch table or desk
  •       Adjustable lumbar support
  •       You can swivel around easily with 300 – degree swiveling


  •       The lower back is slightly uncomfortable
  •       The seat sink particularly with users below the average weight limit

Our Verdict

The Hon Wave Big & Tall Executive Chair features adjustable seat height and width arms and is offered along with a five-year warranty from Hon limited. With a user weight capacity, this model suitable for office can support up to 450 pounds and even more.


Office Star Mesh Back & Seat

This chair features exceptional design and incorporates premium quality padded seat to enhance spine and back health.  It has a synchro control tilt that enables the seat to adjust at 1:2 blood circulation and weight distribution.

Why we like it

One more feature that makes this chair extremely comfortable and convenient stems from the breathable mesh structure within the backrest and seat itself. This mesh fabric stimulates healthier ventilation for the user, thus increasing comfort. Additionally, the in-built lumbar cushioning support improves blood circulation while sitting on the chair.


  •       Mesh fabric
  •       Synchro control tilt
  •       Superior construction
  •       Pneumatic seat adjustment
  •       Adjustable height and width arms


  •       Angle adjustable arms
  •       Air grid back with an in-built lumbar support
  •       Padded flip arms
  •       250 pounds max weight capacity


  •       Lack of headrest
  •       The armrest should include more padding
  •       Mediocre lumbar support

Our Verdict

The Superior construction, one-touch pneumatic seat adjustment, padded bonded leather makes this a strong choice for office and home. The chair is compact enough, so users will easily have it almost anywhere they want.


Viva Office High Back Mesh Executive Chair

This is another budget chair that presents an exceptional, modern, customizable design model that promises lasting comfort and ultimate stability, even for extended office time. It boasts remarkable lumbar support, and users can modify the seat up/down to their optimal position of the lower back.

Why we like it

This Viva Office Chair is among the finest ergonomic chairs with high back meant to provide better neck and back support while also maintaining your spine in a better straight posture.

It has a breathable mesh fabric that helps to provide better ventilation while preventing your body from heating or sweating. The chair also comes with adjustable headrest support with a 40-degree head angle, pneumatic seat adjustment, and up/down adjustable armrests for lasting comfort.


  •       Breathable mesh fabric
  •       40-degree head angle
  •       99-120 degree back angle
  •       360- degree swivel
  •       Pneumatic seat adjustment


  •       Easy to assemble
  •       Breathable mesh backrest
  •       Adjustable ergonomic design
  •       Recline executive chair (99-120 degree back angle)


  •       The lumbar support might somewhat uncomfortable for some people
  •       Armrests are not forward/backward adjustable
  •       Not really for tall, but average size people

Our Verdict

With multiple adjustable functions, 360- degree swivel, 120-degree incline lock/unlock, etc. this chair is an ideal fit for office and indoor office. It’s an excellent office chair specially designed to offer better comfort and enhanced health for an extended sitting period.

Poly Bark Inverse Ergonomic Chair

The Poly Bark Inverse Ergonomic Chair employs modernized technology and incorporates an exclusive adjustments knob so you can adjust seat height, depth, and tilt. Still, you will be able to swivel around 360-degree, modify the backrest tension, height position of the chair.

Why we like it

This chair is exceptionally versatile, fashionable, and purposely designed for comfort and support. It’s made to be as ergonomic as possible. As such, it allows you to adjust the chair height, the headrest, armrest height, positions, etc. The only thing missing is armrest padding, but that’s just trivial considering its highest quality, top-notch construction, and ultimate comfort.


  •       Adjustable headrests
  •       Top-notch construction
  •       Adjustable armrests
  •       Exclusive adjustments knob
  •       Breathable mesh backrest & seat


  •       Completely adjustable
  •       Premium grade construction
  •       Breathable mesh on seat and backrest
  •       Versatile, ergonomic and comfortable design


  •       Little heavy
  •       Armrests with no padding
  •       May be uncomfortable for taller users

Our Verdict

This is a multi-functional office chair with the best breathable fabric, robust adjustment mechanism, and much more. With all the versatility, the unit truly ideal for the workplace office or home office.

Alera Neratoli Series High-Back Swivel Chair

This is an incredibly attractive office chair with sleek red smooth leather cushioned seating. With the sleek, compact design, this chair presents an eye-catching leather that looks attractive, just like a showpiece. The waterfall layout is particularly meant to offer health benefits, including pressure reduction on the user’s back and knees, thereby promoting blood circulation when sitting.

Why we like it

The best office chair hits with stylish seating and a slim cushion, while the padded arm caps grants you more comfort and support. All aspects featured by this unit makes it a desirable choice for less than 300 bulks. Its faux leather construction on the seat and back is extremely durable and stain-free.

Furthermore, users can easily decrease/increase the seat height by merely pulling the level up/down as needed. There’s also a dial embedded underneath that allows you to modify tilt tension short of extra effort. This office chair also incorporates recline for different strength and bodyweight of individuals.


  •       Padded arm caps
  •       Adjusting knob available
  •       Recline feature available
  •       Extremely durable & stain-free


  •       Sleek and compact design
  •       Attractive waterfall design alleviates knees pressure
  •       Extremely easy to assemble
  •       Superb platform long with transportation wheels to ease mobility


  •       No adjustability settings

Our Verdict

With a waterfall seat, soft red leather, contemporary cushion, padded arm caps, and others, the AleraNeratoliSeries High-Back Swivel Chair will serve sustainably for better health for home and workplace offices.


Office Star Ergonomic Chair

Among the best under this price category, this office chair features premium-grade construction with high-quality materials employed, so pure durability is guaranteed. All the product traits depict the long-lasting service of the chair since it comes with a solid metal platform and extremely robust plastic parts manufactured to last.

Why we like it

The Office Star Ergonomic Chair provides remarkable back support great comfort. It’s a high-back chair designed to fit users who are not somewhat satisfied with lower back support models. Additionally, the best office chair under 300 spots ergonomic chair aspects, back-tile, and tension adjustment so you can adjust the chair recline as you wish.

It also incorporates in-built lumbar to provide sustainable back support all day long. The model isn’t only meant for lightweight persons but is also perfect for more massive people who want to fulfill their official duties without worries.


  •       Breathable mesh
  •       Durable metal frame
  •       Customizable armrest
  •       Pneumatic height adjustment


  •       Robust, long-lasting metal frame
  •       Breathable mesh back and lumbar support
  •       Adjustable tilt tension
  •       Gunmetal finish
  •       One-touch pneumatic height adjustment


  •       Tilt tension isn’t of more range
  •       Not suitable for extra-sized people

Our Verdict

Breathable ProGrid back, prompt height adjustments, customizable armrest, and so much more- they all make this an excellent choice for those craving to have a super comfortable office chair without violating their budget.


Best Office Ergonomic PU Leather High Back

This ergonomically-designed office chair comes sturdy enough and stays to offer you comfort and support after years. Hailing from Best Office, the chair is widely held for its exceptional quality, added comfort with leather cushioning, stability, durability, and easy to keep clean.

Why we like it

The chair features an oil/water-resistant PU leather and comes with lumbar support incorporated to help alleviate back pain along with posture-related issues. It is particularly designed to render accurate posture for all office enthusiasts, and it’s incredibly straightforward to assemble. Yet its great highlight is the adjustable seat height.


  •       250 pounds user weight capacity
  •       360-degree swivel
  •       Oil/water-resistant PU leather
  •       Inclined armrest


  •       Adjustable height
  •       Durable and stable
  •       High curved backrest
  •       Soft quality padding
  •       5-wheels rolling base


  •       PU leather not breathable
  •       Lacks lumbar support

Our Verdict

Similar to other best office chairs under $300, this model features soft PU leather, padded backrest, adjustable positioning, and other luxuries to provide you with comfortable office experience throughout the day.

CCTRO High Back Mesh Ergonomic

This office chair from CCTRO comes with adjustable tilt in the backrest that helps to reduce leg fatigue while making sitting really comfortable for an extended time. Its adjustable back height and headrest are commendable, and the reclining options make the whole thing most stand out.

Why we like it

The high-quality breathable mesh is perfectly incorporated to provide better ventilation and ultimate comfort. It also features an ergonomic, customizable lumbar support that aligns with the anatomic spine curvature for more comprehensive support. Besides, the headrest support will prevent you from neck pain.


  •       Breathable high-quality mesh
  •       Headrest support
  •       Adjustable tilt
  •       Padded backrest
  •       Lots of flexible options,


  •       In/out armrest adjustments
  •       Adjustable seat height
  •       Recline headrest
  •       Breathable easy to clean mesh fabric
  •       Adjustable tilt tension
  •       Provides the best lower back and neck support


  •       No lumbar support
  •       Non-breathable PU leather

Our Verdict

The CCTRO High Back Mesh Ergonomic is another considerable alternative. It has lots of adjustable options, ergonomic lumbar support breathable back mesh material, etc. It is indeed a perfect fit for the workplace and home office.

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Buyer Guide

Getting a chair for your office should not be any complications. Although we’ve not exhausted the market, these tips will assure you an exceptional office chair.


When it comes to ergonomics, it is a critical aspect worth consideration, and it’s the best way to make sure you have a sustainable comfort and relaxation. This consists of seat height, customizable back and seat tilt. What is more, headrest and adjustable armrest are essential features for office chairs. So if the seat includes all these features, the comfortability is rather assured.

Seat accessories

Most people tend to neglect accessories, but they are vital as they help to keep your body well anchored. Some of these essentials include a detachable footrest and lumbar support. A footrest is important when you want your body to relax. On the other hand, lumbar support help to provide an optimal body posture.

Adjustable height

An office will offer working benches with different sizes. Since people are different, height adjustments are vital. The best office chairs incorporate height adjusting feature- with most of them featuring pneumatic lifting mechanism.

The height adjustments vary from one model to another. Some will adjust a few inches, while others will move up to ten inches. It depends on what you choose, your height, and up to what extent the working desk is elevated.

Weight Capacity

This is another vital factor to consider. Each chair comes with a specified weight capacity. Most of them have a weight limit of about 300 pounds. The maximum weight it can support determines whether it’s suitable for you or not. Overloading will often cause issues with the frame and other functions such as recline lock, pneumatic cylinders, and the rotation mechanism. For heavy persons, they need to make sure the chair can support them.

Cover Materials and padding

Office chairs differ depending on their respective brands, and so is the construction. Since each brand boasts different materials, getting the highest quality for the price is a great option.

Mainly, focus on the seating platform materials and backrest. Ideally, go for a breathable, soft, and skin-friendly material. Aside from the cover, padding materials should emit any strong smell. Also, they properly embrace your body and alleviate pressure.

Best Office Chair Under 300- FAQs

What are the best office chairs?

Comfortability is the most critical aspect of any office chair and determines up to what extent the chair is the best. Among the most comfortable are La-Z-Boy Delano Big Tall Executive Bonded Leather, Office Factor Leather Executive Office Chair, HonWave Big and Tall Executive Chair. Sure, you will find other comfortable models out there, but the above mentioned are the best office chairs for both price and quality.

What are the best office chair brands?

There are numerous office chair brands on the market. It’s important to choose the best brand known for superb support, budget, high-quality, and long-lasting products. A brand is bound to design a chair that best matches your needs.

What are the best office chairs for long sitting hours?

If you want to buy an office chair for extensive use, then you can ideally consider the La-Z-Boy Delano Big Tall Executive Bonded Leather. It’s fully adjustable and designed to align with your anatomic curvature.

How long should the best office chair last?

A quick logical answer is that it depends. Possibly, a well-maintained/well-utilized office chair can last for roughly 7 or 8 years, along with a competitive warranty of at least five years. Higher-end office chairs with a ten-year warranty can serve for 12 to 15 years.

What is the best office chair for a bad back?

If you spend much time seated in an office and are looking for the best chair to alleviate back pains, then you should try Office Factor Leather Executive Office Chair and Office Star Ergonomic Chair. Both are adjustable and incorporate a recliner mechanism.

How often should you purchase a new office chair?

An office chair with 40 hours average time application should last for roughly ten years. This is subject to the model type and how long it’s designed to last.


The art of buying the best office chair is subject to how well you can make the selection. Where every person has matching to pick the most suitable, our list ensures everyone takes the best office chair under 300 available on the market today.

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