Best Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500

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The contemporary market is flooded with so-called shoddy commodities, and hunting for the best cheap living room sets under $500 can be a credibly irksome task. You’ve probably attended a local furniture store but didn’t find something that suits your likings- and if you did, it was far out of your budget.

Living rooms are the most consumed and the most utilized parts of our home. Therefore there is a need to make it look treasured and should be well-furnished with best-quality interior materials. Your living room is virtually the first impression of your entire home; thus, it’s necessary to make it look exceptional by getting high-quality room living room furniture.

One thing with the classical approach is that apparently, you view exact criteria in mind- a cheap living room set under 500 bucks.

Luckily, we’re living in the first-rate days where shopping better done online. This allows your focus your intellect to the furthest. We prefer the world’s largest online retailer: Amazon. You can explore by features and see what is best for you.

Harper & Bright Designs Living Room Set- Best Overall

Why we like it

Harper&Bright has introduced a good looking 3-piece set for cheap. Similar to other cheap living room set in this line-up, this set is elementary to assemble and is delivered together with passable instructions.


This Harper&Bright product features an exceptional solid hardwood frame, so you can expect the piece to stand the test of time with zero glitches.

The microfiber tripe sued structure is not only a preference for your skin but also is stain resistant. However, we still recommend not to stain your couch on purpose.

It is a reversible chaise lounge. You can ideally place it on either end of the sofa to make it more malleable for many rooms. Total measurements for the set are 104″x 71.5″ x 34.5″ (L, W, H)

You’ll also love the integrated cup holders- something that’s not incorporated by most cheap daybed sets. It is available in two classically stylish colors: brown and blue-grey.


  • 3-Piece sofa set
  • Reversible chaise lounge
  • Storage ottoman
  • Solid hardwood frame
  • Sits up to four people, but can fit five


  • The sitting stance is quite upright
  • The blue-grey might color slightly different from what you actually receive

Our verdict

Short of prior knowledge about your spatial, we would still recommend the 3-piece settee from Harper&Bright Products largely because of the cup holders. You’ll find other excellent varieties on our list, but this distinct feature differentiates this version from the rest of the living room furniture.


Poundex Bobkona Upholstered Sofa/Sectional/Armchairs, Sand- Premium Choice

Why we like it

We so much like how reviewers recommend this easy to assemble, all-in-one sectional daytime lounge. Quality and comfort are at a different level- but virtually in line with the rest of the budget living room set in our selection.


Starting with value, the Poundex Bobkona is an exceptional living that incorporates a sectional divan with a large chaise as well as an ottoman section.

The price point of this furniture piece is a rarity- the best value for money. The chase lounge is irreversible, meaning you can switch to either side of the sofa for more precise comfort.

Aside from being immutable, the chaise is wide too. It is movable and extensive, perfect for down resting and relaxation. Both the length and the width of this chase is more significant compared to a small section living room set.

It is available in three colors. However, only the sad colored version falls under 500 dollars; the other two colors exceed this price range.

The reversible lounge measures 81”x 60”x 34” while the ottoman section measures 45”x 26”x19”


  • 3-piece sofa set
  • Cocktail ottoman
  • Reversible chaise lounge
  • Linen-like cushions
  • Sits up to three people
  • Light luxury flannel structure (material)


  • The fabric is a bit rough- though it makes it more durable
  • The cushions are too solid and take a while to settle

Our verdict

This is a real luxury bonded leather sofa seat you can acquire at an economical price. The seat cushions are stuffed with foam and innerspring to offer you comfort in the long-term.


Merax Sectional Sofa with Chaise and Ottoman 3 Piece Sofa for Living- Best Quality


Why we like it

The Merax Living Room Set boasts excellent customer support that stems from its quality, exceptional comfort, and aesthetics. Merax brand has established one of the most practically reliable customer services. Several buyers stated that they received coaches with shipping damages, and Merax swiftly replaced the set at no extra cost.


The set is composed of well-manufactured hardwood plus and inward springs for both stability and durability purposes. The total dimensions for this collection are 104.7″ 88.58″x 30.9″. 

The set features suede fabric upholstery, padded with dense foam that leaves the couch with an elegant appearance while providing extra comfort.

The entire set is comprised of a three-seat sofa, one chaise lounge, one ottoman, and six pillows. Perhaps you can find one with other colors, but the most current version from his brand comes in color grey.


  • Stable and durable set
  • Functional ottoman section
  • Flexible chaise lounge
  • Great customer reviews
  • Sturdy hardwood structure with innerspring


  • The sofa and the loveseat is very lightweight

Our Verdict

This might not be the crux of the matter, but you can rest assured the ottoman section is enough to hold those extra throw blankets.


Harper&Bright Design 3 Piece Living Room Set

Why we like it

Another incredible living room set from Harper&Bright products. This one might be slightly pricey compared to other models in this coverage, but it is a great deal that doesn’t miss the mark when it comes to quality living.


Down to features, the whole set is a massive value. The frame structure is made of a sturdy wooden frame and comes with tempered plastic legs.

The cushions are lenient and comfortable, and the entire construction is over and beyond standard quality for the price tag.

The whole set and caboodle are comprised of three sits sofa, loveseat, and a chair. Deals like this are hard to get with a similar price tag.

The instruction manual is clear and easy to follow, and the assembly process will be simple and save you a lot of time. It has the following measurements:

3 seat sofa- 78.7”x 29.5”x 34.8”

Loveseat- 55.1”x 29.5”x 34.3”

Single-seat- 33.5″x 29.5″x 34.3″


  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Available in two colors
  • Cushions foam is padded with springs
  • The whole set sits up to six people (3+2+1)


  • The sofa back and the couch might be low for some people
  • Bigger in pictures than what is actually delivered

 Our Verdict

We overall felt that the Harper&Bright Living Room Set is a great value. The cushions are above reproach, and the whole seat is comfortable. Plus, you can still do with the cons- they are just trivial.


Poundex Bobkona Sofa & Loveseat Room Set


Why we like it

We not only like the sustainable comfort presented by the Poundex Bobkona Living Room Sofa, but also the straightforward process of putting the entire piece together. With its banging price tag, it’s hard to find a better all-in-one set.


The stylishness and built-quality are at another level. While style is subject to personal tastes and preferences, you’ll certainly appreciate the black faux leather that couples with the model’s trendy design to uncover the incredible look of this set.

The set contains a 2-seat sofa, loveseat, and four pillows, and it measures 71”x 32”x 36” (L, W, H).

The set is easy to pull and assemble as it comes packed in a dual-box set. That means it is easy to carry even if it means taking it up several floors with cramped stairs. 

It takes around ten minutes to assemble, and you can do it without any particular skills. The dark brown pillows go remarkably well with couch faux leather.


  • Sofa, loveseat and with four pillows
  • Tufted seat and back
  • Twist on legs
  • Easy assembly and all the tools are included
  • Available in three colors (Aria, spencer black and spencer brown)


  • Not the most durable living set

Our verdict

The Poundex Bobkona Living Room Sofa is one of the lights, but a solid piece worth investment. In fact, most buyers commented that they were surprised by the lightweight and that it’s extremely easy to relocate.


AODAILHB Modern Fabric Upholstered Wooden 2-Seat Sofa Set


What we like

The exterior of this set is elegant. Mainly the faux leather set is absolutely stunning considering the price- in fact, it’s one of the most common versions used in modern homespun offices for typical meetings.

The overall structure is firm and sturdy. This makes the seats feel like they are the most expensive units.

The sets come with a colored walnut finish attached to the armrests and are simply beautiful. The love seat measures 50.7”x 27”x 33” (L, W, H) while the chair measures 26”x 27”x 33” (L, W, H).


  • Solid rubberized wood
  • Sits up to 2+1 people
  • Available in two colors
  • Compact and comfortable living room set
  • Quality material composed of artificial leather


  • The seating position is too upright

Our verdict

Although you may find other sets to be better, perhaps at a steeper price, we still advocate for AODAILHB Modern 2-Seat Sofa Set. It’s the most considerable set for people longing elegant leather finish, but are operating on a budget constraint.

Best Choice Products 3-Seat L-Shape Sectional Set with Ottoman


What we like

This is one of the best Living Room sets under $500 for eclectic, antique, or stylish contemporary décor is among the best and reliable down-to-earth living room sets in this quick review. Probably, it will serve great for a student since the structure is well-suited for wild night times than fabrics.


Made of faux leather, the entire living room set measures 84.25”x 56”x 33” (L, W, H). It seats up to three persons and is available in 2 colors.

The faux leather used in the 3-seat sectional sofa looks like genuine leather, something we couldn’t expect from such a budget living room set. Plus, it is easy to clean and refresh. 

The set comes with an extra-wide ottoman that presents great relaxation moments for you and other roommates.


  • Real-like faux leather
  • Extended ottoman
  • Easy to clean material
  • Available in different colors


  • Cushions are quite too firm in the beginning but get better as it breaks-in correctly

Our verdict

Overall the Best Choice Products 3-Seat with Ottoman does not incorporate all the extra fabulous and fancy. Yet, it is a great value considering the price. Otherwise, additional costs and extra perks will cancel each other out.


Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 Buyers guide

When deciding the best living room sets under $500, quality should be the first thing to consider and not really price. However, if you’re are typically operating under a tight budget, like most of us, you should strive to get the best possible within the budget constraint. It is substantially better to buy fewer sets of remarkable quality than multiple lousy quality items.

This is because, in the contemporary economy, it is false to buy too cheaply. Well manufactured living room sets will typically last longer, and demand little to zero repairs- this is particularly true considering upholstery furniture comprising of a sheer number of living room sets.

This comes to sanity when you remember that you’re going to spend most of your waking life in the living room. That said, your living room set should not be just comfortable, but should also stand the test of time.

How do you choose the best living room set?

Before purchasing something only because it catches your eye, it is good to decide what theme will go the best with your living place: contemporary, antique, or classical style, for instance?

Then try to relate to what is available on the market (online). Make sure the whole set is cheaper than buying the entire set individually- this will afford the ground to negotiate a more economical price.

When it comes to material, this is particularly a matter of personal taste, and we can’t possibly decide what is right for you. However, most living room sets are made of Polyester, PU leather, suede, or something close.

You can find out if there is any feedback or reviews from people who have previously used them. After viewing the sofa and going through the necessary info about the material, you’ll already have some prior knowledge about the firmness built-quality of the seat.

What is the best design for a living room set?

This particular aspect is subject to personal taste as well as the interior of the living room to place the set. Nonetheless, it is good to put things right here: What pieces would you want the set to include?

While there’s no exact definition of what a living room set should be comprised of, there’s a need to determine what will work best for your needs. Choose the most suitable living room set that meets both your needs and budget. Get the right style, the right size, and the right price, and you’ll ultimately have a fabulous living room set that will last for a great course.

Various sets come with different pieces and styles. Some will have identical pieces (like two loveseats with matching pillows). Some will comprise of sofa and recliner, while others will come as a single sizeable sectional lounge with an ottoman.

How many people do you expect to sit?

Be sure to purchase a solid set that will remain stable and robust, even when exposed to hard use. Make sure the fabrics are sensible and easy to clean- also easy to repair, especially if you have pets or children.

So don’t buy more just because they are cheap. You better have one well-made living room set than several made with matchwood and plastic.

Perambulate the prices offered by different manufacturers before coming to a decision. Again make sure you purchase what’s suitable for the size and design of your room. A typical mischance is to buy too large and bulky pieces for your living room- pack your room only with what you need.

What is the most suitable size for a living room set?

This will mostly depend on how spacious your living room is. If you don’t have much space, it is likely better to go for a sectional set. This is because you can connect two longer pieces using a corner of the living room, thereby making use of the available space rather than cluttering up your room with massive chunks in the center of the floor.

So, unless you have a massive living room, always consider double-checking the dimensions of all the pieces and see whether they fit into your desired spots, and through your household doors.

Also, remember to ascertain the shipping conditions. Most suppliers, for example, Harper&Bright Designs and Merax usually have a curbside delivery. Meaning, the commodity will be delivered to the outside of your home, and not any further.


Generally speaking, the options mentioned above could be split into two sections. One for sectional sets with chaise and ottoman and another one for sofas and loveseats. But breaking the list, even more, would not be so practical.

With such budget constraints, you’ll not find selections with most pieces than these. You can always create your own set from various pieces, for example, starting with sectional pieces. Else, these are the best cheap living room sets under &500.