Best Backrest Pillow Reviews

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Best Backrest Pillow

Backrest pillows are designed to deliver the much-needed rest and support to your back. These products are not prescribed for persons dealing with health issues alone. People who work throughout the day while sitting can also benefit from the best backrest pillows.

Back pain is one of the most recognized health problems experienced by most people, and this is the sanity behind the need to own a backrest support system. Backrest pillows give you support while sitting up in bed, reading, watching TV, or doing other relaxing activities.

However, the contemporary market is inundated with multiple products starting from bad to excellent. This makes it difficult to decide on the right choice.

Luckily, we’ve arranged much of the work and stated the following review, focusing on the best backrest pillow on the market. Thereinafter, we’ve provided a comprehensive buyer’s guide with FAQs to help you make the best purchase.

Avana Kind Bed Orthopedic Support Pillow Comfort System- Best Overall

Why we like it

Avana takes a different path to advance a more comprehensive orthopedic system. It ensures users get sustainable support to their back throughout the relaxing activities. With this product, rest assured you can sit up longer in bed reading a book, watching TV, playing games, and much more without backaches. It is a four cushion backrest pillow that brings you ultimate complete comfort.


The four-piece system featured by this Orthopist Support Pillow is customizable, meaning you can modify to experience incredible support, particularly in your back.

Its relaxation system incorporates Back Scoop, Scoop Cradle, Headrest, and knee rest. Moreover, it has a topsy-turvy Back Scoop, which you can flip to achieve ample support to your lumbar.

Interestingly, the product is composed of quality, comfortable polyurethane support foam and memory foam, making it able to fix itself as per your body contours. The manufacturer also decided to mask the unique proprietary combination of foam with gentle, ultra-breathable bamboo fabric.

The pillow cover is detachable, so you can remove and machine-wash without it getting damaged. The knee rest piece is designed to keep your hips in a natural position, eradicating any stress and tension on your lower hip, while keeping your back joints and lower legs supported.


  •   Removable and easy to wash covers
  •   Adjustable positions
  •   Available in multiple colors
  •   Orthopedic for complete and sustainable support


  •   Higher price than most back pillows
  •   Foam is a bit dense and relatively stiff

Our Verdict

The Avana Kind Bed Comfort System is a full backing system that provides comprehensive support and flexibility for your back, ensuring your anatomic spine curvature is kept in an optimal position while you are resting in bed.


MittaGonG Shredded Foam Reading Pillow- Premium Choice

What we like

The MittaGonG Shredded reading Pillow is a well-sized backrest unit that measures 21 x 12 x 12 (inches) with ample space that offers remarkable comfort to anyone. The backrest pads bring you exceptional support for both your arms and lumbar and can be used in bed, couch, or even on the floor. Plus, it’s great for alleviating neck pain.


Unlike other typical pillows, this model provides firm support, allowing you to lean conveniently against it while reading, watching TV, or playing video games without experiencing backaches.

It comes with a full arm support system that takes the weight of your neck muscles and shoulders when resting your arms.

It includes a side-pocket where you can grip and access your phone or remote quickly and easily.

It also includes a large neck roll, embedded on the backrest by dual buttons on each side of the pillow. You can remove the neck roll by simply detaching these buttons. However, you can still attach the neck roll to the other two lower buttons, and use it for lumbar support rather than neck support.

The pillow comes with a top handle, so you can simply hold and transport to various sitting spots. It also has a zipper for easy cover removal- you just undo the zipper and pull out the inner pillow. The cover is entirely machine washable.


  •       Removable lumbar support/headrest
  •       Big cushy pillow
  •       Machine washable cover


  •       Requires back support to stand

Our Verdict

This is an exemplary, comfortable support cushion to use for most bed relaxing activities. It serves users across all ages, from children to aged persons who want a support system while resting in bed.


Husband Reading Backrest Pillow- Great Value

What we like

The Husband Pillow is quite an offbeat compared to other typical backrest pillows. It is more like a plush compact recliner. It’s designed to support your entire body with emphasis on lumbar and neck area comfort. Also, Husband Pillow is associated with the best quality backrest cushions with arms.


As a shredded memory foam support system, the Husband Pillow comes with arms designed to offer optimal comfort and support when resting in bed.

The large fluffy middle section is staffed with shredded memory foam that provides you a big base to lean against while reveling in the back support.

The arms and the back section are attached as a single-piece set up, so retention foam is embedded in these parts too.

The incorporated headrest is also packed with shredded foam. Both headrest and back sections have zippers, meaning you can access the foam and add or reduce it to attain a more personalized comfort level.

The pillow cover features a separate zipper, and all of them, including that of the headrest, can be removed from the cushion and machine washed.

There’s a pocket in the cover where you can have your cell phone, remote, and other items. For the books and magazines, there’s a bigger pocket on the back when you can hold them without introverting your comfort.


  •       Available in 12 different colors
  •       Bigger pocket on the back
  •       Easy to carry with handle


  •       Requires a back of sofa or wall for full support

Our verdict

The Husband pillow is a superb soft backrest pillow that you can count on when reading or watching TV. Plus, the version is available in multiple colors, so you can choose one according to your preferences.


Superior Comfort Bed Lounger

Why we like it

This is a two-piece backrest support system for your bed. Superior comfort bed lounger implies that you can read extensively in your bed, experience ultimate comfort while watching or playing your favorite sets while relaxing.


The superior bed lounger boasts an extended bottom, head support cushion, a back piece with well-sized armrests, and other essential components needed for full-body back-up while relaxing in bed.

The bed longer has a soft, adjustable plastic frame that changes according to your body movements, and maintains prime support while sitting up.

The armrest is extensive enough to provide sustainable comfort to forearms and elbows and is designed with inward and outward pivoting capabilities to help back-up body weights.

For headrests, it is adjustable and can accommodate people with different heights while providing comprehensive head support without causing any strain to your neck.

Its interior is composed of top-notch foam, a fleece fiber filler, and a feather down filer- all cradle you’re your back structure with fantastic comfort, yet offering enough firm support.

The covers are made of soft microsuede material and are easy to remove and fully machine washable.

Full-length side pockets on both armrests are included so you can have your books and reading glasses or even remote with full convenience. Additionally, it has a small-sized lumbar pillow that provides maximum support for your lumbar area.


  •       Ideal resting system
  •       Armrest pockets for storage
  •       Machine washable covers


  •       Available in one color
  •       More expensive

Our verdict

The Hammacher Schlemmer Comfort Bed Lounger is a superior solution despite the drawbacks. Easy to clean and exceptional comfort makes it the best companion for your own needs while granting you full-body support.

Carepeutic Bed Lounger with Heated Comfort massager

Why we like it

Sometimes having some bit of exclusivities behind support and comfort can be a huge bonus. Unlike other backrest models, the Carepeutic Bed Lounger is more than just support and comfort. 


 Apart from being a reliable support system, the Bed Lounger also features a heated massage mechanism for some additional benefits.

The bark part is crafted with sturdy foam and features multiple sit-up straight positions, and incorporates both the heater and massager in it.

You can count on the light that comes from the top of this backrest to light your book and other items you might be having in your hands.

The detachable armrest can be held on through the use of zippers on either side. It also comes with a cup holder attached to the left side of the armrest- this is where you place your drinks for easy access while relaxing.

Each side of the armrest has a pocket that can hold a magazine, book, phone or remote, and still access them without tarnishing your comfort.

The longer has its own carry bag and storage facility, so after removing the arms, you can pack it all in one case and put it in safe storage with ease.


  •       Reading light
  •       Cupholder
  •       Removable arms
  •       Heat and massager


  •   Lumbar support isn’t the best
  •   Can’t recline

Our verdict

Some good heat and massage can help sore muscles and loosen things up as you concentrate on other relaxation activities. If you’re looking for that extra perk in your backrest pillow, then the Carepeutic Bed Longer could be your best choice.

Bedlounge Classic Bed Floor Chair

Why we like it

This is a complete bed lounging facility that offers you great comfort for your back, arms, and head. We also like the one-piece- unit strategy utilized in this version that takes your body weight, both from back and arms, while sitting up.


The Bedlounge Classic Bed Floor Chair is made of gentle and collected aircraft urethane foam that creates the essential shape of a standard lounger.

The foam is masked in a two-inch poly-fiber that helps the pillow to match with your body alignment. It also has a down layer and additional feather that keeps you in bearable comfort.

The headrest is crafted with the same materials as used in back support. It is also adjustable in terms of height and can be shifted forward and backward to promote the best head support regardless of the user’s height.

Like other best backrest pillows, the cover is easily removable and machine washable. The model is available in several colors and materials, including microsuede, cotton twill, velour fleece, and denim.

Both sides of the arms come with pockets where you can keep staff, such as reading glasses and access them quickly and with ease. You can ideally tie the arms together and place the headrest in the middle of the caboodle for more accessible storage.


  •   Pocket for loose items
  •   Remarkable support
  •   Adjustable headrest
  •   Machine washable cover
  •   Available in many colors and material


  •   No reclining
  •   Large for storage

Our Verdict

Overall, Bedlounge classic is virtually a central longer, but it could be your one-stop choice, especially if you spend a sheer amount of time in bed. You can choose your favorite décor and material to match up with your bet or living room sets.


Brentwood Originals Brushed Twill Bedrest Pillow

Why we like it

Hailing from Brentwood originals, the Twill Bedrest Pillow distinguishes itself from other best-selling pillows. It enables you to read and watch your favorite episodes while resting in bed without corrupting your comfort or fun.


The Brentwood Twill Bedrest Pillow is faintly larger and more exclusive than most backrest pillows. Its length, width, and height measures 26”x 18”x 18” respectively.

As the name suggests, this cushion comes with a life-long brushed twill velour that’s designed with polyester fiber that helps it to deliver an optimal amount of support and comfort to your back.

Other remarkable benefits include the top carry handle that eases the hassle of lifting and moving the pillow. The included armrest will provide you with sustainable comfort while sitting up, and the entire piece is stress-free to maintain since the cover is removable and easy to remove and machine wash.

Equally important, the version comes in a considerable range of colors, from Garnet, black, and chocolate to Khaki and Navy. It is designed to render through back and neck support for virtually any resting position.


  •       Great for relaxation activities in bed
  •       A sheer amount of cushioning
  •       Available in multiple colors
  •       Sturdy armrests and backrests


  •       No pockets


Our verdict

This might not be the most luxurious backrest pillow out there, but it is very comfortable and occupies little space. In fact, users commented that it is firm, durable, and light enough to handle and carry with ease.

Buyers Guide- Best Backrest Pillow FAQs

Are Backrest and Bedrest Pillows the Same?

Of course, they are the same to some extent. Backrest pillows are the most common because they are dense, contoured, and staffed with comfy materials like memory foam and polyester. They also include armrest for extra comfort.

They are intended to keep you sustained in bed. This is more practical for patients prescribed a day or a week-long bed rest. They can use a backrest support system to avoid neck and back pains.

That said, backrest pillows are unique cushions that are naturally orthopedic — that’s why people often refer to them as bed rest pillows.

Bedrest pillows are generally more absorbed in providing support rather than comfort- which is the primary concern under backrest pillows. Special arms are not so common in bed rest pillows; therefore, they might fail to meet your needs. However, many people are not open to these terms, and they tend to use them interchangeably.

How to Choose the Best Backrest Pillow?

To dock on the best backrest support system, you will need to consider:


Your backrest pillow should be made of long-lasting material that can deliver as much support as you need. Polyester, wool, and other synthetic materials are more reliable and when it comes to full-body support and comfort, unlike feather and down cushions that probably won’t do.

Nonetheless, most people admit that memory foam is generally the best. It alters itself for the contour of your body, providing each part of your back structure the optimal amount of gentle or sturdy support it requires.  


The best backrest pillow should be thick enough to accommodate your weight without instances of back or neck pains. It should also be large enough to embrace your head, neck, shoulders, and its adjacent, providing them and support they need to eradicate any cramps that usually plague you.

A narrow and short pillow will only aggravate the weight put forth on your back, neck, and shoulders.


Fabric and backrest pillow go hand in hand. The fabric has to be cool, calm, and breathable. Else, it’ll be hard for you to rest on it for long. Plus, if the cover is fully machine washable, then maintenance will be easy.


The nature of the most suitable pillow for you is subject to your various anatomy sections that require support. Body pillows are great for full-body support, while cervical pillows are great for the neck. For wedge pillows, they’ll keep your head, abdomen, or legs elevated. You can ideally consider bolster pillows.

Do Backrest pillows help to alleviate back and neck pain?

Both back and neck pains manifest after sleeping in a manner that reins your body. Backrest pillows are pretty firm and will keep your head, neck area, and even the anatomic curvature aligned.

Additionally, they help eradicate the strains and pressure that’s usually exerted on the neck, lumbar area, and shoulders. These benefits help to get rid of such pains from your back and neck.

So, indeed, a backrest pillow can help alleviate back and neck pain.

How do you take care of your backrest pillow?

The best approach to keep your pillow in good condition will vary depending on the material. Some covers will call for spot cleaning while others can be machine washed.

Pillows crafted with memory foam can be cleaned, deep-cleaned or spot cleaned using detergents. But they are not meant for machine washing.

The same approach applies to other materials. In case the pillow gets smelly, you can always vacuum it, by first sprinkling baking soda or likewise formulas on it and then expose it to the sun for a couple of hours. This is how you unseat elements such as hair that could have stacked to your pillow.

Many pillows are delivered with instructions on how to take care of them.


When purchasing your backrest pillows, think through about the construction, materials used, and the size. Memory foam is the most chosen filling substance since it’s stable and resilient, and retains its form after extensive use. Nonetheless, if the memory foam is out of your budget, make sure whatever material you choose is firm enough to keep your spine and neck aligned.