Where to Put Toilet Paper Holder in a Small Bathroom

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With a tiny bathroom, managing space is a vital concern. Placing things like a small cabinet, shower cubicle, or toilet paper holder can be a headache. The aim is to arrange everything neatly and accessibly. 

You might be concerned that putting things like a toilet paper holder in certain places will take up space or ruin your bathroom aesthetics. Where then do you put your toilet paper holder, so it is practical and does not take too much space?

Your options are not quite as limited as you imagine. The most crucial consideration when locating a toilet paper holder is that it must be close to the toilet. 

With this strategic positioning, you won’t have to do the dreadful action of standing up from the toilet after doing your business to get some toilet paper. This task should be easy in a small bathroom since the space is already relatively small.

With some creativity, you will find the perfect toilet paper holder spot. Below are some places to place a toilet paper holder in a small bathroom.

Small bathroom

4 Placement Ideas for Toilet Paper Holder

  1. Freestanding toilet paper holder
  2. Wall-mount your toilet paper holder
  3. Basket or glass vase storage
  4. Toilet tank rack

1. Use a Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder on the Floor

With free-standing holders, you can maximize the floor space in small bathrooms. Free-standing toilet paper holders come in various styles. 

You can easily purchase one that fits your bathroom aesthetic for an affordable price. This is a perfect choice if your small bathroom has some spare floor space. You can place it a few inches from the toilet seat.

Most free-standing toilet paper holders have enough storage space to accommodate a few rolls of toilet paper. Some contain up to three rolls of toilet paper or more. 

This feature is significant because, in a small bathroom, you seldom have enough space for storage. So instead of filling your bathroom cabinet with backup toilet paper rolls, you can have room for other toiletries like skincare products.

Your free-standing holder could also be a toilet paper stocker. Some people prefer this because it helps save space a lot. 

A stocker/dispenser can contain many rolls of toilet paper, so you don’t need to keep any in your bathroom cabinet. You can use only the stocker for storing toilet paper. 

Also, the top of your stocker can act as a little shelf when you need to place your phone somewhere to reach for toilet paper. You can even use it as a permanent storage space for other items.

There are some minor downsides to using a floor stand. The first is that if the base is not adequately secured to the floor, it can fall over and get wet/unsanitary. Also, if your toilet paper stand does not have a raised bottom, your bottom roll of toilet paper will be near the floor.

2. Wall Mount Your Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet paper holder in small toiletSome wall-mounted toilet paper holders require drilling into the wall, but others don’t. They use suction or strong adhesives to hold on to the wall. If you live in a rented apartment, you may want to avoid making any holes in the bathroom wall.

There is a National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) approved measurement for the correct position to place your wall-mounted toilet paper holder. You should mount your toilet paper holder about 26 inches above the floor, measuring from the center of toilet paper on the holder to the ground. It should also be within 8 to 12 inches from the very front of the toilet bowl to the adjacent or opposite wall, depending on the structure of your bathroom.

To determine the exact distance to adhere to, consider the family members. If there are children or disabled family members, it is better to use a length of 8 or 9 inches from the toilet bowl. This positioning will fulfill the ADA requirements (Americans with Disabilities Act) for toilet paper holder placement.

If you have a cabinet or toilet door in the ideal toilet paper position, you can also mount your holder on them. There are many types of mounted holders. 

You can purchase a manual tissue dispenser or an automatic one. You can also go for the classic toilet paper holder with a wall attaching part and an axle holder to put toilet paper on. This holder in a small bathroom is very convenient.

Some mounted holders have little tops, like a floating shelf for you to place your phone or extra toilet paper. This feature makes it an excellent choice for a small space, especially with no more room on the floor to accommodate a free-standing holder.

3. Go for Basket or Vase Toilet Paper Holders

For a cramped space, you can get a toilet paper basket and place it beside the toilet seat. This basket can contain all of your rolls and be easily accessible. You can set the basket on the floor or your toilet tank lid. 

However, it might be harder to get toilet paper from there since you will have to reach backward for it. If you have a shelf or row of shelves nearby, you can place the basket on it.

Instead of a basket, you can also use a tall glass vase. It will do the same work as a basket, as a place for storing toilet paper and a holder. Just put the toilet paper in a stack in the vase, and you have a toilet paper holder. 

You can place it similarly to where you would place a basket, be careful not to put it somewhere it can fall from and break. A glass

There are many decorative baskets available on the market. You can buy a small or narrow one that helps you save space and matches your bathroom aesthetics. The basket can also be a storage location for other items besides toilet paper like towels. 

It is excellent, especially if there is no space for a towel rack or storage shelves. This is one of the best ideas for a small bathroom.

4. Hang It on a Tank Rack

Toilet paper holder in small toiletIt is okay if you still haven’t found a good location. Deciding where to put a toilet paper holder in a small bathroom is more challenging than it appears. As a last resort, you can put a toilet paper holder on a toilet tank rack in a small bathroom.

This may not work for you if your tank is in a tight corner and there is no space on either side. It may also not work for you if your toilet tank is somewhat curved. However, if this is the only viable option, you should go for it.

Toilet tank racks work by hanging them on the side of your toilet tank. You need to make sure you check your tank and take measurements if necessary before buying so that you get a good fit. 

There are decorative options as well if you prefer those. After hanging them on the tank, you slide your toilet paper rolls onto the holder. This toilet paper holder can take only a roll or two at a time.

This is not the best idea when it comes to convenience. Reaching for your toilet paper roll will not be convenient with this toilet paper holder, but you can work around it. You can take some toilet paper before sitting on the toilet to avoid turning uncomfortably to reach for it.

Take Away

Finding the perfect place for your toilet paper holder in a small bathroom depends on your free space. A toilet paper stand or stocker might work best if it is floor space. 

Otherwise, the wall-mounted holders will be better. If the mounted holders will disrupt your bathroom aesthetic or you don’t have the required wall space, try the glass vase or basket option.

Finally, as a last resort, you can go for toilet racks. Fret not because no matter how small your bathroom cabinet and the bathroom itself are, there is an ideal toilet holder for your small bathroom.