Wall Mounted Shower Seat [Top 10 List]: Ultimate Buyer and User Guide

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Wall-mounted shower seats add the element of comfort and safety to your showering area. They are especially useful for households with elderly. The seats are installed onto the wall and can retract into a sitting position. This adds style to your bathroom and saves space.

There is an extensive range of options available for wall mounted shower seats. However, not all of these are great, and neither will every seat serve your purpose. To assess which seat is the best for you, consider the following features.

Weight holding capacity:

The first and foremost thing to consider is the weight supporting capacity of the seat. It must ensure that the capacity exceeds the user’s weight; otherwise, it might break and cause injury. A wall-mounted seat should be able to support a weight of at least 20 pounds higher than the user’s weight. Usually, the seats have an average carrying capacity of 300-350lbs.

Solid material:

Shower seats come in a variety of different materials. From plastic to aluminum alloy, there are multiple options available. While plastic seats are suitable for children, they are not the safest option for adults. Stainless steel, wood, and Aluminum alloy are some more suited examples that can be used by adults.

Ideally, the seats should be sturdy and robust but not very heavy. They should be easy to fold up and down without exerting much effort, especially if they are to be used by the elderly.


The size is dependent on the space available in the showering area and the size of the user. For children, a smaller sized seat serves the purpose correctly. But for adults, it needs to be at least 15″ x24″ in size.

For bulkier individuals, a shower bench is a good option. However, it takes a lot of space and is not suitable for small bathrooms.

In height, these seats should generally be between 17″ and 19″. However, special care must be taken in case of children and the elderly to make sure getting on and off the seat is not a problem for them.

Easy maintenance:

These shower seats are fixed on the wall and are immovable. Therefore, you might want to opt for an option that is easy to clean. It should not have a lot of crevices in design, which might be challenging to reach for cleaning.

Ideally, the material should be waterproof to prevent mold from growing. It should be easy to clean as well with just a cloth wipe.

The assembly should mount on the wall with secure and reliable screws in an area not affected by water seepage.

Review of the best wall mounted shower seats:

A vast array of wall mounted shower seats that fulfill the criteria of an excellent seat have saturated the market. They are reliable and dependable pieces of bathroom furniture, some of which have been popularly accepted by the users.

In this section, we will review some of the best available wall-mounted shower seats that serve the purpose without being too heavy on the pocket.

1. Moen DN7110 Shower seat

The Moen wall mounted shower seat is among one of the best options available. It is constructed with teak wood with an Aluminum frame. The structure that forms is robust, reliable, and here for the long run. The teak wood provides a comfortable place to sit while the aluminum frame protects against daily wear and tear. The materials are waterproof, which makes the seat easy to clean and impossible for the molds to grow.

Weighing only 5 pounds in total, the seat can support up to 400lbs. of body weight. This makes it ideal for adults and children to use, eliminating the need to invest in individual seats for everyone. The seat is easy to retract and fold back up.

It provides enough area to sit comfortably throughout the shower. With the dimensions of 22.44×5.5×18.11lbs., it gives a perfect height and a wide-enough base for comfortable seating. Still, the body is compact and does not take much space when unfolded. It does not take much space to mount on the wall either and is perfect for small showering spaces, such as a hallway shower.

Moen gives incredible value for the price with this seat. A lifetime limited warranty backs the seat for manufacturing and finishing defects. With its contemporary modern feel, this seat is an excellent option for all users.



  • Teak wood and stainless steel waterproof construction.
  • Wide enough for comfortable sitting.
  • Can support up to 400lbs. of body weight.
  • Easy clean-up with a warm damp cloth.


  • Mounted on the wall via screws, which can damage tiles.

2. Autumn Lane Stylish Folding Shower

Lightweight, secure, and compact correctly describe this Autumn Lane shower seat. The construction is fiber reinforced plastic, which makes it lightweight yet stable at the same time.

It measures 13.6″ x10.8″ in size, fitting conveniently in small and tight spaces. When not in use, it can conveniently fold up into a stylish accessory on the wall. In a folded position, it protrudes a mere 2″ from the wall. Because it’s built-in a minimalistic fashion, it fits every bathroom’s décor and fits right in AirBnB apartments and hotels.

Perhaps, the most incredible feature of this seat is its ergonomic style. The seat has curves and depressions to complement the body curves in a sitting position. This might not seem like a big deal, but it is a massive plus for those who may develop sores from sitting on hard surfaces or for elderly or injured people.

Since the body is of reinforced Duroplast, the water practically drips down without standing on it. This makes cleaning hassle-free and a matter of moments. All you have to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth, and you are good to go. The smooth surface is also soothing to those who might have bruises, injuries, or blood clots.

The whole assembly weighs approximately 7lbs., which is easy to move without much effort or strain on the arm. All in all, Autumn Lane has outdone itself with this fantastic, resilient, stylish yet comfortable shower seat.



  • It supports up to 353 pounds of body weight.
  • Made with reinforced duroplast, which accounts for a lightweight and smooth-surfaced model.
  • Ergonomic design provides maximum comfort to the body in the sitting position.
  • Easily wipe clean with a cloth to get rid of water and dirt.
  • Modern and minimalistic design that does not take up much space in the showering area.


  • It requires a professional to install and mount on the wall.

3. CSI Bathware Wall Mount Folding Shower Seat

The purpose of the CSI Bathware seat is to withhold weight for a secure and safe utility. It has a stainless steel construction that is sturdy enough for adults with a large body mass. There is a steel rack under the seat which distributes weight to enhance support. When properly installed, it can support up to 500lbs. of weight.

The design has slits on the screen that do not allow water to stand on the seat. The water drips off from these slits without drying up on it and leaving marks. The seat is easy to clean. Plus, the 304 stainless steel construction is rust-resistant and does not corrode even after years of use.

A bracket is used to mount the seat on the wall. This is not only beneficial for additional support but also appears stylish. The bracket firmly holds the assembly in place. It needs fewer screws to install. As a result, screw marks are not left all over the wall or tiles when you remove the seat. 

With the dimensions of 26″ x15″, the seat is big enough for anybody to sit comfortably without straining. The smooth bump-free surface is gentle on the skin and does not irritate. Conclusively, this seat packs durability and comfort in one model.



  • Wall bracket mounted to save space and enhance the security of installation.
  • Weight holding capacity of up to 500lbs.
  • Rust-resistant steel does not corrode even after constant use.
  • Easy installation and hassle-free cleaning for higher customer satisfaction.


  • Requires a technician for proper installation; improper installation might result in mishaps.

4. JCWANGDEFU Folding Shower Seat

Crafted from Red American Sandalwood, the seat is quite resistant to damage. The wood is coated with a water-resistant paint and mounted to the wall via a stainless steel bracket. Hence, it is resistant to damage by force, water, and corrosion.

The seat features a slit design with bars positioned next to each other after a gap of a few mm. This helps drain water off the seat, making it easy to clean.

The support legs in the layout provide extra security. With these legs, there are very slim chances of the seat breaking under pressure. Moreover, the legs prevent the exertion of excessive strain on the wall by distributing it to the ground.

With a weight capacity of up to 350 lbs., the seat is 12″ wide and 14.88″ long, providing enough space to sit comfortably. It installs at the height of 17.12″ above ground. It easily folds back on the wall and saves space when not in use.

In case you don’t like the seat after you have purchased it, the company offers a 90-days no-reason return policy. So if you are looking for an incredible wood-surfaced wall mounted shower seat, give this one a try.



  • Slit seat design with supportive legs for non-destructive weight distribution.
  • Carrying capacity of 350 pounds makes it suitable for adults.
  • Corrosion and damage-resistant waterproof construction.
  • Easy to clean as water does not stay on the surface.


  • It cannot be installed below a height of 17.12″ due to the legs, which might not be suitable for kids.

5. Teak Shower Bench Seat

A shower bench might just be the answer if a shower seat is not wide enough to suit your use. This shower bench seat is made from solid teak wood, which is resilient and dependent. When not in use, the bench folds down instead of upwards. As a result, you’ll see a beautiful slab of teak wood on the wall rather than the hardware parts. This feature allows the bench to match contemporarily designed shower spaces easily.

Measuring 30″ in width and 12.5″ in height, the bench is an excellent option for home use and spas and saunas. At home, it allows a comfortable and relaxed sitting area. And at the same time, you can put your bathing supplies right next to you, so you don’t have to get up whenever you need something.

The beautiful Burmese teak has drain holes in it that do not allow water to stand on the surface and spoil it. No matter how long you use the seat for, the water is drained off constantly.

To use the bench, all you have to do is lift it as the lock at the bottom comes in place. Once locked, it is safe to sit on. With this bench, you can comfortably rest your legs on the surface for shaving or scrubbing.

Thus, you can beautify your showering space while benefiting from the features this wall mounted shower bench has.


  • Vast seating space for more relaxed seating.
  • Beautiful teak construction that is aesthetically pleasing when not in use.
  • A secure lock mechanism to hold the bench firmly in place.
  • Enough space to put your cleaning products or rest your legs while showering.


  • Manufacturers do not recommend installing it directly on a concrete wall.
  • Professionals recommend using additional wood studs or backing.

6. DreamLine Shower Seat

Thus shower seat boasts a warm rustic brown color that looks aesthetic in all bathroom styles and decors. The seat is available in 2 sizes of 12″ and 14″ in width. The sitting surface is made from solid and sturdy Teak wood with a chrome hardware finish. The teak provides a comfortable sitting space while the chrome frame supports the weight of the body.

Although the seat requires special reinforced mounting, once correctly installed, it does not budge. With the correct installation, it can support up to 250lbs. of weight. When folded up, it hardly protrudes from the wall, giving enough space to shower while standing.

What’s great is the easy installation associated with the product. DreamLine advises hiring a professional for the job, but many buyers who have recently purchased the item claim that they quickly installed the seat themselves. All you have to do is read the clear instructions and follow them step by step.

Like most others, this seat also has a slit design, which helps in the drainage of water, preventing it from spoiling the wood. However, care still needs to be taken to ensure that the seat completely dry after every bath.



  • Very easy to install using the instructions and by taking help from the responsive customer service center.
  • Teak wood provides a comfortable and smooth surface for comfortable sitting without irritations.
  • Stainless Steel Chrome hardware finish enhances durability.
  • Available in 2 different sizes.


  • Requires strong and reinforced mounting for secure installation.
  • Assembly of parts is necessary for installation.

7. DIYHD SD Shower Bench

Also made from Burmese Teak wood, this seat too comes in two sizes of 15″ and 20″. While the 15″ seat is perfect for kids and skinny individuals, the 20″ size is more suitable for adults with a higher body mass. The wooden slabs that make the seat are thick and smooth. This not only makes it secure but also eliminates the chances of irritation from sitting on a rough surface.

The seat is attached to the wall via two strong mounts. These mounts are securely screwed onto any wall surface, concrete or tile, and the seat is then screwed in place on these mounts. The mounts are made from Stainless Steel and coated with Chrome, making them very strong, resilient, and rustproof.

Since it does not have a lot of mounting hardware, when folded, it looks aesthetically pleasing with the teak wood resting between the two steel mounts. However, if not installed properly, it might fully fold. All in all, the product is well built, can endure heavyweight with proper installation, and the finishes are excellent.



  • Two sizes are available that cover the needs of adults and children.
  • Not a lot of hardware, which makes cleaning and assembly easy.
  • Stainless Steel mounts with Chrome Alloy for enhanced strength.
  • The smooth and polished wood surface is comfortable to sit on.


  • It requires professionals for proper assembly for maximum safety and utility.

8. Elite Care ECSS05W wall mounted shower

This shower seat is made of thick plastic, yet it is very reliable. The intelligent design is a handy feature, especially for the elderly. The seat has curved edges that give the user confidence to sit without falling. Moreover, it is beneficial against slipping off a slippery, soapy seat.

But that’s not all. The seat is mounted on the wall while it also receives support from the metal legs. The metal legs have rubber ends to avoid slipping on the floor and add additional safety to the whole assembly.

The plastic chair has drainage holes that eliminate the problem of standing water that might arise due to the curved seat. The seat surface is textured to give more support against slippage yet remain comfortable to sit on. Since it is plastic, it does not get too cold during winters to sit on, unlike steel.

Additionally, the seat has handles that you can use to support body weight during sitting and standing.

The package includes all the screws required for installation; however, these screws might not be suitable for all wall types. Hence, you must consult a professional before installing and using the seat.



  • Ergonomic design for better support and enhanced safety.
  • Features legs that distribute weight and add to safety.
  • Capable of holding up to 250 lbs. of body weight.
  • Built-in handles and shower head holder allow more convenient usage.


  • Metal legs are subject to corrosion.

9. CSI Bathware SEA-SD3216-NH-PA Shower seat

Another excellent option for a wall-mounted shower seat; this item is especially useful for bathrooms used by people of all capabilities. The seat features a padded seat, a sturdy mounting assembly, and adjustable legs.

The seat is very comfortable to sit on. It is made with waterproof vinyl pads that are thick and strong enough to withhold heavyweights. The padded seating is seal coated to prevent it from absorbing moisture and mildew. This dramatically reduces the chances of moisture retention and mold growth.

The four legs provide incredible stability to the whole assembly, but more importantly, the legs have swing down extendable rubber feet. The legs have an extra length, which is retractable and can extend with the use of screws.

With dimensions of 32″ x16,” the seat is big enough to comfortably house people of all sizes. It is easy to clean as the water keeps dripping off of the slightly domed seat. The 3024 stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and adds to the longevity of the whole unit. Very easy to install, this shower seat is an incredible option for everybody.



  • Weight withholding capacity of up to 750 pounds makes it suitable for bulkier individuals.
  • Vinyl seat is comfortable to sit on and warm in winters.
  • Waterproof and rust-resistant construction makes it almost maintenance-free.
  • Four legs make it very safe, secure, and stable as well as convenient to use with adjustable height.


  • Slight dome in the seat of the shape might not be suitable for the elderly as it provides no support against slippage.

10. CSI Bathware SEA-WB2621-LH-PH Bath Seat

We know it’s a reliable shower seat when it is ADA complied. This shower seat from CSI has an L-shape protrusion on the left-hand side, making it larger than usual. The L shape is useful for raising and supporting legs while sitting for more natural scrubbing. It also gives extra space to put bathing products.

The seat is attached to the wall via a sturdy metal mount present below it. The mount is wide and distributes the weight evenly on the wall. The seat raises and lowers effortlessly and measures 26″ x21″ in the raised position.

The phenolic seat has slits for efficient water drainage. It is waterproof and minimizes the chance of mildew or mold growing. For cleaning, all it needs is a good wipe with a cloth and the use of antimicrobial products from time to time.

The seat proved to be very reliable and dependable when tested under intensive usage in hospitals and hotels. It could support up to 250lbs. of weight and remained as good as new even under constant use.


  • The large size and L shape give excellent support for raising legs and sufficient area to put supplies.
  • Waterproof and rust-resistant material will provide no problems even under intensive utilization scenarios.
  • ADA compliant as a testament of robust and sturdy build.
  • Large mounting frame made from tough and heavy-duty steel.


  • It takes a lot of space on the wall and requires help from professionals for proper installation.


Wall-mounted shower seats are an excellent investment for a bathroom that is mainly in use by the elderly or people with a disability. They provide a modern, contemporary, and space-saving alternative to showering chairs.

There are a lot of products available on the market. However, the one best suited for you should answer your needs in terms of size, material, weight capacity, and maintenance.