What Is a Shower Steamer?

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Bath bombs have been in trend for quite some time now. They make taking a bath more relaxing and enjoyable. 

However, what do shower lovers use when they need a relaxing end to their day? They use the newly famous shower steamers!

Shower steamer vs bath bombWhat Is a Shower Steamer?

A shower steamer is to a shower what a bath bomb is to baths. As baths are often time-consuming, shower steamers are ideal for quick relaxation. Shower steamers generate a mild and soothing scent for relaxation and give an enhanced shower experience like that of spas and steam rooms.

Shower steamers are a modern aromatherapy technique that uses essential oils of unique scents. You can use different scents for varied purposes. For example, lavender is best for sleep, while eucalyptus is more energizing.

In addition, shower steamers typically look like pucks and come in different shapes and colors. You can buy them individually or in packs of larger sizes. What’s more, they’re suitable for the whole family.

Shower Steamers vs Bath Bombs

While both provide similar benefits, the main feature separating bath bombs and shower steamers is their usage. Bath bombs are placed inside the bathtub while shower steamers are used on the shower cabin floor.

As bath bombs are supposed to be in head-on contact with your skin, they contain essential and carrier oils. Plus, they contain some moisturizers for skin conditioning. 

On the other hand, a shower bomb only consists of essential oils for aromatherapy. They don’t provide benefits for your skin, as they don’t come in direct contact.

Another difference between bath bombs and shower steamers include their shape. A bath bomb is typically round for easy mixing during a bath, while a shower steamer is usually flat to stay in place during showers.

How to Use a Shower Steamer

Shower steamers are an easy way to get a spa-like experience in your home. The following is a step by step guide to using shower steamers:

  • Take the shower steamer and place it on the shower floor.
  • Put the steamer in such a position that it does not come into direct contact with the running water. However, a few water droplets must hit it now and then. When the water hits the steamer, it releases relaxing essential oils.

Once the shower bomb is activated, you can smell calming aromas while you shower. A medium-sized shower steamer generally lasts a month if you use it regularly.

Why Should I Use a Shower Steamer?

For people who don’t like long baths, shower steamers are a quick way to get soothing benefits in the shower. They allow you to enjoy scented bombs without taking a time-consuming bath.

  • Aromatherapy

Perhaps the most prominent advantage of shower steamers is their aromatherapy benefits. This technique uses essential oils to promote better health and well-being. Thus, using aromatherapy shower steamers can relax your body and soul.

  • Safe and Natural

People often use perfumed candles and artificial air fresheners in the bathroom for their amazing scents while in the bathroom. Little do they know, these synthetic items may negatively affect their health. The best alternative is a safe-to-use shower steamer made with all-natural oils.

Shower steamers

  • Suitable for Those Sensitive to Skin Products

Unlike bath bombs, the content in shower steamers doesn’t come into direct contact with your skin. Thus, people who can’t tolerate essential oils on their skin can still benefit from them.

  • Helps Nasal Congestion

Shower streamers can be beneficial if you suffer from seasonal allergies or illnesses such as colds or cases of flu. The perfect concentration of essential oil blends in this product relieves nasal congestion and helps you breathe easier.

  • Boost of Energy

Rosemary or lemongrass scents are perfect for a boost of energy. Taking a quick hot shower with these scents is ideal for getting a headstart on a new day.

  • Relaxation

Shower steamers provide stress relief after a long day, whether at work or school. A hot shower after a tiring day with peppermint or lavender steamers unwinds your everyday stress and helps calm your nerves. Moreover, they can help ward off exhaustion and help you sleep better that night.

  • Budget-Friendly

With shower steamers, you can get a spa-like experience in a budget-friendly way. Many brands offer shower steamers nowadays, meaning you can buy them from a budget-friendly company. Moreover, some stores have exclusive holiday discounts. 

The best part: shower steamers last far longer than bath bombs, and thus, you won’t have to buy them as frequently.

  • Compact and Easy to Use

Shower bombs come in various compact designs, so you can choose which sizes suit you and your bathroom best. Additionally, they are incredibly easy to use and do not leave a hard-to-clean residue.

Happy girl after showerHow to Make DIY Shower Steamers

By following this simple technique, you can even make shower steamers at home:

Shower Steamer Ingredients:

  • Baking soda
  • Citric acid
  • Corn starch
  • Essential oil of choice
  • Soap molds
  • Water/witch hazel


  • Mix two cups of baking soda, one cup of corn starch, and one cup of citric acid in a bowl.
  • Add 40 to 50 drops of any natural oil of your choice. Take care not to add too much. Otherwise, the scent might be too strong.
  • Gradually add your water or witch hazel to the mixture.
  • Stir well and mix with your hands until the mixture feels like wet sand.
  • Add the mixture to your soap molds and allow them to sit overnight.


Revive your senses as you enjoy a shower with these trending shower steamers. Many steamers have aromatherapy benefits, leading to relaxation and comfort. Moreover, they are 100% natural and easy to use. 

To use shower steamers, place them on the bottom of your shower basin. However, ensure you avoid placing them directly under the water, which can shorten their usage time. A few droplets of water are all you need. 

Moreover, follow the guide we’ve included in our article if you’re interested in making your own shower steamers at home.