How Big Should a Shower Bench Be? The Definitive Guide

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One accessory that your shower room must-have is a shower bench. It is a fantastic idea to have at least one shower bench in your home. People love it for so many reasons. First of all, it is safe for the elderly and kids to shower on their own.

Surprisingly, you can also use a shower bench as a storage place. Yes, if it possesses a great length with enough capacity, then you can store sufficient bathing materials inside. Not just that, but a shower bench is also suitable for relaxation. Above all, it enhances the overall design of your bathing area.

But how big should a shower bench be? There are so many types of shower benches that you can find. Even folding bench has so many properties. But the confusion arises when it comes to its size. This includes width, length, and depth, as well as the weight capacity.

So, if you’ve been planning on purchasing a shower bench, but can’t figure out the ideal size, here’s what you should know:

How Important Is The Height of a Shower Bench?

A shower bench should never be too high that a person needs to jump to sit there. The height should be reasonable, so that everyone, be it a shorter person or a taller one, can use it easily.

A taller person can fit comfortably even if the height is less, but the problem lies with short people for whom the bench’s height matters.

Before finalizing everything, examine the height and measure every side accurately. Once the bench is fixed or built, you cannot make any changes. For your ease, try using a stool or a chair of the required height and check if the height is appropriate.

Generally, the height of the shower bench should be between 17 and 19 inches. This is the range followed by most people. You will find that many benches in the market fit within these measures.

A shower bench 17 to 19 inches high is a safer option for the disabled or those with an injury that leaves them incapable of standing for long. The Americans and Disabilities Act (ADA) also favors and recommends the same height.

The ADA further suggests that the rear edge of the seat should be maximum 2½ inches, while the front edge should range between 15 to 16 inches from the wall. Also, keep in mind that a shower bench must be 1-inch lower than your knees.

What’s an Ideal Width of a Shower Bench?

Just like the height of a shower bench matters, the width is also important.

How wide should a shower bench be?

As far as the width is concerned, you are free to pick what you desire. Since the weight and size of every person vary from one another, the width should be decided only after considering all the people that are going to be using the shower.

In our opinion, a comfortable and relaxing shower bench should be 14 inches wide, at least. But if someone cannot fit in, for instance, someone with a broader build, you can go for a width of up to 36 inches. Unlike the length, the width is not fixed.

However, you should also keep in mind the total space your bathroom has. Usually, this area isn’t spacious. Keeping space in mind, the shower bench should have a width that leaves enough space in front of it.

Does Depth of a Shower Bench matter?

Let’s find out more regarding the ideal measurements of a shower bench. Depth is as significant as the length and width are. These three properties together define the comfort of any shower bench. If any of the three features fail to satisfy you, the shower bench is not a good one.

Your third step in choosing a shower bench is to decide whether the bench you are selecting fits your shower plans. If you want to enjoy the comfort and give your body a few minutes to relax, look for a shower bench with a depth of 15 to 16 inches.

At the same time, it should not be too deep to make it difficult for you to get up. Just a slight depth is necessary.

Minimum Weight Capacity of a Shower Bench

The weight capacity is the last thing to look for. You do not want to hurt yourself. A light-weight shower bench might easily break if you have a higher weight than what the bench can handle. This happens because it fails to hold you firmly.

For this reason, an ideal shower bench should be 10 lbs higher than your body weight. The best shower bench must hold up at least 250 pounds or more. Therefore, you should focus on getting one that can hold the maximum weight as it ensures safety and prevents injuries.

More Tips For Buying the Ideal Shower Bench

To make sure you end up with the perfect option, it will also be helpful to consider the following points:

Storage capacity

What can be much better than an ideally small and perfectly balanced shower teak bench that comes with storage capacity? You can then put all your bathing accessories there. This saves a lot of space in the bath area.

However, you do not have a storage option when it comes to built-in shower benches. All these requirements can be counted on only when buying a stand-alone shower bench.

The material

Built-in shower benches are mostly made from marble, which sometimes gets too hard and creates discomfort.

Meanwhile, a teak shower stool is always a better option. It can be moved and placed beside another wall. And it can be customized according to length, width, and height.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right shower bench is difficult, as many options may confuse you. Sometimes, you might like the design and its attractive outlook. However, don’t go for that option if it compromises on the size of the shower bench; this includes all the three factors: length, height, and width.

Also, the bench should be balanced, so that even a small space looks attractive instead of looking congested. Know that big shower benches are not always durable, and they may not suit your bathing area. Instead, a small and compact shower teak bench that gives extreme comfort makes for a better option.

We are hopeful that we have provided all the necessary knowledge regarding the size of a shower bench. Just follow this definitive guide, and you will surely find a perfect teak bench bearing excellence.