How to Lock a Scooter to a Bike Rack

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Scooters come in a variety of types and price ranges. Since they are more compact, people prefer to buy them instead of heavy-duty bikes. 

Clearly, they offer a lot of advantages, given their widespread adoption across the world. However, a slight problem lies in saving them from getting stolen when you park them outside the grocery store, office, or simply leave them attended while running errands. 

To ensure that you do not lose your precious scooter to a petty thief, you must invest in good-quality locks designed to ensure your scooter’s safety. 

This article will discuss the importance of correctly locking a scooter to bike racks before leaving it in the parking spot. But first, we’ll provide you with some essential knowledge on the topic.

Electric scooter and bike

Importance of Locking a Scooter

Scooters are expensive, especially electric ones, and nobody wants to see their money going to waste by losing their brand new electric scooter. It is the core reason for locking up a scooter to a bike rack. 

One needs to have peace of mind that his scooter is safe while he works in his office or shops at a grocery store. Many electric scooters have built-in anti-theft technology, but not all those scooters are within your budget.  Hence, you need to invest in the locks designed to save your e-scooter.

Types of Electric Scooter Locks

There are several types of scooter locks like cable locks, chain locks, and other bike locks available on the market. But you need to find the right lock types for your specific e-scooter model.

Here, we will discuss all the lock types, and you can decide which one is a perfect fit for your scooter’s model. By the end, you will surely find the best lock out of many locks for your scooter’s extra security.

Cable Lock

Out of all the locks designed for electric scooters, the cable lock is the most affordable option. Originally, they were suitable for locking bicycles but are also compatible with electric scooters. 

The cable lock looks like flexible wires that you can wrap around different parts of the scooter or bike and then lock it with the bike rack. A cable lock is compact and can be easily stored in your backpack or even stay attached to the scooter itself. 

However, we cannot guarantee that it is safe because opportunistic thieves can cut the lock wires with wire cutters. It would not be too much effort for the thief to get your scooter out of the cable lock because it is an easier target. 

Hence, whether you want to depend on a simple cable lock for your electric scooter or not is your choice.

Our advice is to use it in places with low-crime rates.

Chain Lock

Chain locks work almost on the same principles as cable locks. Its shape and style are similar to a cable lock, but its strength and durability are far more than a cable lock because of the strong chains linked. The iron chains on the higher-end chain locks are so strong that a thief can not cut them using normal wire cutters. 

To cut the chains, the thief needs to have power tools. Chain locks are a safer option for your electric scooter or kick scooters. They are easy to carry and lock on any suitable rod while driving. 

Swift loving and unlocking by keys make it convenient. The chain locks are a great lock for scooter owners. 

Ring Lock

The ring locks attach to the spoke (connecting rod over the wheels) with a bike rack. If your scooter’s open spokes are visible, this lock suits you. 

It consists of a hardened steel ring that goes around your wheel and spokes and a cable that connects both sides of the ring. This cable does not allow the ring to rotate once it is locked.

The ring lock is very safe and durable. It is not easy to cut and hack, is smaller, and can easily be carried along on a scooter. 

It is effortless to use, and you can lock it within a few seconds. The keys are unique, and thieves can not make duplicate keys. Moreover, it has a silver rating. 

The best feature of a ring lock is that a thief has to break both sides of the lock to free your scooter. Otherwise, they’ll be stuck because one side can also withstand force considerably. 

Buying this durable, heavy-duty ring lock can provide extra security for your kick scooters and make you convenient.


Electric scooters

These locks are one of the most secure and durable locks for scooters. U-lock is made of a hardened steel shackle and ensures maximum security of your scooter once it is attached to the bike rack. It is also known as D-lock. 

Due to the presence of hardened steel, U-lock cannot be cut with regular wire cutters. You need reliable power tools and bolt cutters for this purpose. It means most of the thieves will not be successful in stealing your scooter. 

Since U-lock is a sturdy design, you might find it difficult to carry it everywhere with your scooter. However, it is worth buying a U-lock due to its safety for your scooter, especially if you’ll be going to crime hotspots.

Disc Lock

If you want to be even more secure, consider buying a motorcycle or moped lock such as a disc lock. Even though it was made for motorbikes, it still can pass as the best electric scooter lock. A disc lock is perfect because it is safer and protects against your electric scooter’s theft. 

It gets attached to the brake caliper and becomes a hurdle in the wheel turning. Any thief would have difficulty getting their hands on your electric scooter by breaking the brake caliper. So, investing in a good disc lock is a worth considering option among other locks.


Another helpful lock initially designed as a bike lock is the grip lock. The electric scooter’s handlebars are secured using a grip lock. The lock keeps the scooter’s brakes pulled and cannot be moved away. 

You should use this lock in addition to an extra lock because it cannot provide complete protection. You will need a D-lock or chain lock to attain maximum security. Hence, it goes without saying that you should consider getting a grip lock with a chain lock or D-lock so your scooter can be risk-free. 

Cuff Lock

Cuff locks, similar to the handcuffs, are made of strong and sturdy steel, which can be used as a scooter lock. It is a portable and compact-sized lock that you can easily carry in your backpack daily. Such locks are usually compatible with bike locks but you can use them for electric scooters too. 

You can attach one side of the cuff lock to your scooter handle and the other to the bike rack. The scooter will become immovable, and you can park it anywhere without worrying about opportunistic thieves. A thief would need heavy power tools and bolt cutters to cut this bike lock.


Another excellent option is to add alarms to your electric scooter. It can stop a thief from stealing your scooter because the people around it will get attentive. Such alarms are much more effective than traditional locks because thieves fear getting noticed. 

You can get these alarms installed irrespective of the model and type of your scooter. All you need to do is go to a good hardware or alarm shop and get a good quality alarm installed. 

Tips on How to Properly Lock an Electric Scooter

All the electric scooter locks claim to keep your scooter safe, but they can never provide a 100% guarantee. If your thief is skillful, they will certainly find a way to steal your electric scooter irrespective of its lock. 

Hence, these locks are not the ultimate protection for your scooter. You should also consider other security options if you can. 

However, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use while locking your electric scooter to maximize its protection. 

Lock the Electric Scooter

The most essential tip anyone can give you is to lock the electric scooter. Even if you plan on parking your electric scooter for a few minutes, keep your bikes or scooter locked to be risk-free. 

You never know that a thief is already watching you, and he might get a chance within these few minutes. So, you should never forget to lock the scooter. 

Electric scooter and bikeCarry a Foldable Scooter With You

If your electric scooter is portable and can be easily carried, take it wherever you go. It is much better than relying on any type of lock. 

You will be in charge of your electric scooter yourself, making it difficult for a petty thief to run away with it without confronting you first. Hence, get a foldable scooter and save yourself. 

Choose a Smaller Lock

When choosing a lock, you should remember that it should be small and portable. It will be easier and more convenient to carry smaller locks in your backpack. 

Moreover, it is also difficult for the thief to cut smaller locks using bolt cutters or other tools. So, you should choose a rigid and small lock for your electric scooter. 

Lock an Electric Scooter to a Strong Bike Rack

When parking your bike outside a building, i.e., mall, grocery store, office, or home, you should check whether the bike rack is strong according to your bike frame or not. Do not lock an electric scooter to any bike rack without being sure about its sturdiness. 

Add More Than Two Electric Scooter Locks

You can add more than two locks to your electric scooter for more security. As discussed earlier, one electric scooter lock might not be strong enough to keep your electric scooters safe from being stolen. It is better to use more locks so that the thief needs to put in some effort using strong bolt cutters. 

For example, you can use U-locks with other locks for more security for your ride. 

Final Takeaway

Electric scooter locks are a great way to keep your scooters safe from being stolen. It is an everyday struggle for scooter riders to protect their electric scooters, which is why they are advised to use these locks. 

These locks, i.e., scooter lock or bike lock, are pretty efficient, but they still do not provide a 100% guarantee that your scooter is safe. Hence, you should still be vigilant about your scooter’s whereabouts and try to follow our tips. 

We hope that we were able to help a little in keeping your scooter safe from thieves. May you find the best lock for your ride. Ride safe!