How to Keep Textured Shower Floor Clean

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Textured shower floors are great as they protect us from slipping and falling in the bathroom. They have raised dots, patterns, or grains that produce friction and prevent slips.

However, this also means that dust and small particles can accumulate within the textured layout. The result is difficulty cleaning and keeping the textured shower floor clean. 

Is there a way to keep the textured floor clean? Or is the dirt accumulation inevitable? 

Research shows that there are some steps you can follow daily to help you keep your floor clean. The dirt will still accumulate, which you’ll have to clean, but the rate will decrease.

So, to answer the question of how to keep textured shower floor clean, let’s dive deep and find different solutions for you. 

Textured shower floorHow to Clean the Textured Floor When It’s Dirty?

A textured shower floor can become dirty within a week as soap scum gathers rapidly there. Also, your glass shower doors and fiberglass floor suffer from water droplets. 

To keep your shower floors and bathroom floor clean, you have many solutions, including baking soda, warm water, a magic eraser, and vinegar. A hard soaked sponge can also help if you want to save money.

You can use vinegar to clean a textured shower with an old toothbrush. In any case, make sure you put on rubber gloves before using strong solutions.

Use Ammonia

You can use ammonia for soap scum and slippery floors. Let the ammonia work on the textured floor for a while and clean with a scrub brush or a mop. 

Do not use too much on the plastic shower floor as it may damage the color. Make sure to clean the shower floor as most slips happen there.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a superb solution for soap scum and mineral build-up. You can use a spray bottle to clean the glass shower walls, and a scrub brush is also helpful for stubborn stains.

You can sprinkle baking soda on the glass shower door and clean it with a dry cloth. Baking soda is also suitable for fiberglass shower floors and textured shower floors.

On shower walls, you can use a diluted baking soda solution. Try not to scrub too hard on the plastic shower floor.

Use Vinegar and a Scrub Brush

White vinegar is also an excellent solution for soap scum on the shower floor and doors. You can use white vinegar and three parts water to create a textured shower floor. You can use a magic eraser to clean the shower once the vinegar solution is applied and rinse with hot water. 

A sponge can clean hard water stains. You can use a spray bottle on the shower stall and an old sponge on the fiberglass shower floor. Do not use the vinegar solution on the dry shower floor; instead, you can soak the floor with water first.

Use a Cleaner

The easiest method would be to buy a cleaner and apply it to your shower floor. However, do not use a cleanser with harsh chemicals as it may damage the textured fiberglass on your shower floor. 

Cleaning with a cleanser is easy. You just apply the cleaner to the shower floor and walls and rinse with water.

If there are hard water stains that don’t come off, you can use hot water and a sponge. Always use rubber gloves for your protection. 

Textured shower floorWhy Keep the Textured Floor Clean?

Many people may wonder why this question. But the fact is, people sometimes forget how important it is to clean the bathroom floor. We all know about germs and how they can affect our lives, but most people dont understand how these germs make a home on your bed. 

We’ll list the reasons for keeping your floor clean to help you know that. 

Fungi and Viruses

We’re all aware of COVID dangers, but there are many viruses that we don’t know about. Many pathogens find an ideal home on our textured bathroom floor and stay there until they find a host. 

A virus is not a living organism, so you cannot expect it to die naturally. Many viruses can remain on surfaces indefinitely unless you get rid of them. 

The problem with fungi and viruses is their destructive potential. They can attack a person with low immunity and transfer from them to other people. 

Viruses multiply when they find new hosts, so you must protect your family from them. Fungi are also dangerous as they cause allergies and various sicknesses. 

Bacteria, Germs, and Microorganisms 

Similar to viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms are dangerous too. They thrive in dark, airless spaces and attack humans when they find the opportunity.

It’s necessary to keep the bathroom floor clean to prevent bacteria growth and diseases. When you don’t clean your bathroom floor, the unhygienic place may cause stomach problems and worms in children. 

Breathing Problems

A wet and humid bathroom can cause breathing problems when it’s not clean, and dust and particulate matter can cause lung irritation and breathing difficulties. When the toilet is wet, the dust does not become a problem. But when the atmosphere dries up, the dust on the floor can rise and cause multiple issues. 

The best way to prevent asthma, bronchitis, COPD, and pneumonia is to keep your textured bathroom clean and fresh. 

Falling Hazards

A clean bathroom is also essential to prevent any injuries due to falls. Clutter from objects such as magazines and spilled liquids can cause severe damage as a potential hazard.

Many times, you don’t pay attention and go to the bathroom without wearing slippers, and any such material can cause a problem then. Also, a dirty bathroom floor is slippery and may cause severe wounds through falling.

General Tips to Keep Textured Floor Clean

Follow these tips to keep your textured floor clean so that you don’t have to rub it out every time you wash your bathroom floor. 

Select the Tiles Carefully 

Textured bathroom floorIf you are renovating, choose tiles with simple textured floors that are easy to clean. While safety cannot be compromised, you can still choose from various textured floor options. 

Improve the Ventilation

Ventilation helps keep the floor dry; thus, the textured floor accumulates less dirt and particles. Ventilation is also essential to keep the bathroom atmosphere clean and healthy.  

Use a Viper Right After You Take a Bath

You can use a mop for complex textured floors, but a simple viper should be enough in most cases. Making a habit of keeping your textured shower floor dry can save you money and effort later.  

Use Bathroom Slippers Only 

Always use bathroom slippers and do not be lazy. When you walk into your bathroom, make a habit of putting on shower slippers and don’t using them in the room or outside. 

FAQs in Cleaning Different Textured Floors

1. How do you deep clean a textured shower floor?

Baking soda should be enough in many cases, but sometimes you must scrub the difficult stains. A textured shower floor is not easy to clean if you’re doing it after a while. You can use an old toothbrush to get the dirt out of deep pockets.

If the stains are too harsh, you can use a few drops of vinegar to make them soft. Use elbow grease and a soft fiber cloth to clean the bottoms. 

2. How do you clean a pebble shower floor?

A pebble shower floor needs a lot of rubbing, so your best option is to use vinegar and scrub the soap scum out. It may also contain hard water deposits, so that you may use bleach. Baking soda is also a good option for such a textured floor. 

3. How do you clean a fiberglass tub with a textured bottom?

You can make a homemade solution from soap and baking soda. Just soak the bathtub bottom with water and apply soap.

After that, sprinkle baking soda on the tub and clean with a scrubber or a magic eraser. Make sure to get the hard water stains by scrubbing them properly and rinse with water. 

4. How do you clean a non-slip shower floor?

You can simply use washing powder and clean the floor with a brush or a scrubber. If your shower floor is not too dirty, this trick should work.

As an alternative, you can use a bucket of water mixed with one part white vinegar. You can use a soft cloth for tough stains and clean the surface one spot at a time.

Final Thoughts  

A textured shower floor is necessary to keep you safe in a shower. It creates friction to avoid slipping and looks great with its design. However, the drawback of a textured floor is the difficulty in cleaning.

You can use vinegar, baking soda, ammonia, or a cleaner to make your task more manageable, and these solutions will help you eliminate dust, stains, and soap scum. Make sure to protect yourself with rubber gloves and always be careful in handling vinegar. Happy cleaning!