How to Build a Bench in a Shower

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The moments we spend in the shower are indeed gratifying. They make you feel fresh, help you unwind, and nurture your creative thoughts. To enhance the refreshing experience of showers, people often look for ways to add more convenience to them. 

Building a bench comes up as one of the key solutions in this quest. A shower bench allows you to accommodate bathing items within reach, makes shaving easier, and much more.

For elderly family members, a shower bench goes beyond convenience. They provide balance, eliminating the chances of falling. You might think that installing a shower bench is a daunting task, but the reality differs.

This article shows you how to build a bench in a shower with minimum effort and cost.

Note: Before proceeding, choose whether you wish to anchor the shower bench. In addition, consider contacting a plumber before you start. Doing so will ensure you don’t end up drilling a hole in an area that may cause issues down the road.

Shower bench

Steps to Build a Bench in a Shower

Step 1: Measurements

Taking measurements is not only crucial but the starting point of any construction or renovation-oriented DIY project. Installing a shower bench is no exception. 

Therefore, decide on a location, grab a measuring tape, and note down the space’s measurements. Doing this will help you decide on a size, regardless of whether you plan to build or buy a shower bench.

You can consider keeping the bench’s size per the standard range (15 to 16 inches horizontally and 17 to 20 inches in height). However, depending on your shower space, you can alter these measurements to your preferences. This will help ensure you have enough room for your new shower bench.

Step 2: Construction of the Shower Bench

Though it sounds like a daunting task, the construction of a shower bench can be fun, especially for a crafty person. To build a shower bench, you need to keep a few things handy. The list includes wood for making the box frame, power tools, mortar, and sealant to avoid water damage.

Additionally, you will need materials similar to that of your existing shower (tiles, ceramic, etc.) and, of course, some of your precious time.

As the first step suggests, make sure that you have taken the correct measurements. Accordingly, get your two-by-fours ready for constructing the bench.

Once done, prepare the shower bench top in a way that won’t collect water. To do so, consider slopping it by five degrees. Though it goes without saying, constructing the bench outside your bathroom first will give you more room to work.


In case you don’t want to invest your time and effort, the option to buy a pre-made concrete bench is always open. You can also rely on a shower bench seat made of pressure-treated wood.

You will find various companies offering such bathroom fittings. Make sure you buy a quality, sturdy shower bench seat that can easily be affixed to your shower wall.

Step 3: Marking and Preparation

Once you have a constructed or ready-made frame for your bench, it is time to install it. Remember, it is crucial to take note of how much space your bench will fill. By doing so, you will be able to prevent things from getting messy while preparing for the shower bench installation.

Set the bench frame inside the shower and mark the edges with a pencil. Next, you need to make a binding surface and fix your shower bench by grinding down the tiles. Once done, you need to ensure that the floors are cleaned so that you can smoothly apply mortar to the marked-off area.

Step 4: Installation and Final Touchup

After preparing the walls, it is time to install your shower bench inside. It would be best to use a sealer on the edges around the bench, as it will protect the bench from water damage. 

Once you are done, you can start adding tiles or ceramic panes to cover the bench frame. This step is especially important if you want your shower bench to look optically akin to the shower wall and floor.

Shower chair

Keep in mind that though you don’t need to be an arithmetician, you will need to do some calculations to size and cut these materials. In this way, the measurements should align perfectly with the surface area of the shower bench. In addition, ensure that you have enough mortar to fix the panels correctly, as this will help you ensure a sturdy fit of the bench frame.

Installing a Shower Bench – Estimating the Cost

When it comes to building a shower bench, even if you opt for a DIY, the cost of labor and materials will still be there. To keep it straightforward, the cost of the shower bench installation project will vary according to the size of the bench and the materials needed. 

To give you an idea, a ready-made shower bench may require an investment of around $200 to $500. In addition, there will be additional costs for mortar, panels, ceramic, and tiles.

When it comes to calculating labor costs for installing a shower bench, you will either need to consider an hourly wage or a cost per square foot. The best idea is to take the dimensions of your shower and estimate how much it will cost to have the entire area tiled.

Whether you plan to DIY your shower bench or hire a professional, ensure you do your research first. If you have friends or family with shower benches, contact them to gain insight into their experiences. Some professionals might even be willing to give you a few pointers.

Removable Shower Benches — A Handy Alternative

If you are not willing to invest a lot into installing a shower bench, you can count on the extensive range of removable benches available on the market. You can set these benches in your shower and remove them as you please. Moreover, these removable shower benches typically feature adjustable heights.

In addition, some of these removable benches also offer back support. You can even get something like a floating or compact bench that tucks perfectly into a corner. Take the time to research so you can get the shower bench alternative that best fits your needs.


Be it playing with the water droplets or enjoying the most relaxing steam shower, a shower bench makes everything more comfortable for you. Now that you know how to build a shower bench get it ready and ensure safe and rejuvenating showers at any time of day!