How to Install Allen Bike Rack on SUV in Seven Easy Steps

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It is so frustrating when you are going on a road trip, and you don’t have enough space in your car to put your bike. Most people who have been in this situation opt to carry their bikes rack free inside the car’s trunk.

However, this method is ineffective since there will be no more space left in case you need to carry other accessories. Also, a trunk-mounted bike can damage your car’s interior or even break the mounted bike. So, what are the alternatives?

Investing in a high-quality bike rack such as the Allen bike rack is a popular choice that many hobbyists follow. Most people prefer the Allen bike racks from Allen Sports because they are diverse, stylish, elegant, and have a patented design.

Also, unlike a trunk-mounted bike, installing the Allen bike rack on SUVs is very simple. Are you wondering how to install Allen bike rack on SUV? In this article, we will unveil seven simple steps to complete the process in a few minutes.

So, let’s discuss the trunk mount bike rack installation procedure in detail. Here, you will learn the simple steps you need to accomplish the task easily. But first, let’s look at the key things you should know beforehand.

Key Things to Know Before You Can Install an Allen Bike Rack on an SUV

Most Allen bike racks can hold one bike or up to five bikes at once. Each of these bikes should have at most 35 pounds weight load. So this means that before installing an Allen bike rack on an SUV, you should determine the weight of the bike rack and your vehicle’s payload.

Also, you must be extra careful if you’ve set spoilers at the back of your car. Usually, the mounted bike rack works around the spoilers. As a result, the rack feet might fail to fit around them, thus obstructing the rack installation.

Similarly, check if the hatch rack frame is made of metal, plastic, or glass. Generally, having the metal hatch frame is preferable since they are more resistant to breaking.

Next up, confirm the position of the mounting hooks. On this note, work swiftly and gently when installing the mounting hooks due to weather stripping. Otherwise, forcing them might damage the weatherstrips, thus causing leaks. 

Finally, consider whether the rear bumper or panel can support the load weight. If the rear panel is weak and thin, the added weight of the mounted bike rack will cause it to dimple.

Allen Sports Bike Rack Installation Procedure – A Step by Step Guide

You can buy quality and effective bike racks from Allen sports. However, if you are using an Allen bike rack for the first time, you may wonder how you can install it on SUVs.

The guide below explains how to install Allen bike racks on SUVs. The process is very easy and fast to accomplish.

bikeStep 1: Choose a Well-Matched Bike Rack

Compatibility is an essential feature regarding the bike rack installation on SUVs. Allen Sports offers bike racks in different colors and sizes, depending on the buyer’s preferences. Therefore, ensure that you select the bike rack that will cover your SUV’s backside correctly and function properly.

Step 2: Unpack the Bike Rack and Confirm Its Accessories

After that, unpack the rack and account for all missing pieces and accessories. Then, read the manufacturer’s manual and start arranging the frame.  

Step 3: Choose the Proper Spot to Hold the Trunk-Mounted Bike Rack on SUV

Locate the right spot on the SUV to adjust your rack perfectly. For better mastery of the concept, you can read the manufacturer’s handbook. Use a marker to mark where you will place the mounted bike rack.

On this note, hold the bike rack in place and position it on your SUV while lining up with the location of the attachment. You can get help from a friend for easier adjustment.

Step 4: Remove the Straps Out of the Rack

Open the box and remove your bike rack before disengaging the straps from the rack. The rack straps are loose and connect at specific points. Therefore, withdraw the straps outside by pulling them from their hooks and make small adjustments based on the instructions given in the manual. 

Remember to open them carefully while applying little effort to avoid breaking vital clips.

After that, spread the inner arms of the rack (supporting parts), which are packed facing inwards. Using your hands, hold the plastic clips pulling them backward, then unlock the arm and outspread them towards you.

Next, keep on turning them until you form a firm stand shape. Repeat the same procedure on the other rack arms. Don’t forget to reposition the plastic clips in order to put both arms correctly.  

bikeStep 5: Make Adjustments to the Mounted Bike Rack on the Hooks

At this point, hold the bike rack tightly and move it towards the surface of the upper hooks. The Allen sports rack stands have a sticky bottom; hence they will firmly stick to the hooks. After that, pull the rack inwards and outwards slowly. 

Remember to adjust the bottom of the rack under the bumper—usually located on the steel clips in the bottom part of your vehicle.   

Step 6: Position the Center Strap Under the Bumper

Adjust the central strap until it gets at the bottom of the bumper. Pull as you tighten it at those points with a hook to ensure that it is stable. Continue tightening it stiffly, excluding any loop on any side or in the middle. 

Further, hold the strap firm from the top edge and push it downward to meet the hook. In case the strap is too long, pull it back via the middle clip and minimize the size accordingly. 

Step 7: Confirm the Stability of the Trunk-Mounted Bike Rack

You may mix up the side straps while unpacking the rack. Fortunately, the side straps contain plastic clip labels mounted on them. These paper labels have instructions on how to adjust the parts.

So, take a clip and join one of its sides to another’s. Similarly, adjust the remaining strap on the other end of the clip. Lastly, pull your straps to confirm that the bike rack is stable enough, as you would have done for a trunk-mounted bike.


Allen Sports provides super-quality bike racks that avoid the risks you’ll face with a trunk-mounted bike. Plus, installing the bike rack is easy to do. 

Hence, you should start by selecting a compatible bike rack in your preferred color. Then, follow the few steps as per the instructions.

The process only requires simple tools such as a measuring tape. In that manner, an Alen Sports bike rack offers a convenient solution to how to safely transport your bike.