Watco Teak Oil Review: Professional Finish for Dense Woods

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Hardwood floors, stunning wooden furniture, etc. can easily be the center of any house’s attention as they offer a specific character and classiness to your residence.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that to help age these beautiful wooden structures gracefully, they, over time, need a certain amount of maintenance like the application of a professional finish to combat the natural damage from wear and tear, dirt staining, etc.

One of the top choices for homeowners and woodworkers alike is the Watco teak oil. It is a professional finish that is specially formulated for use on dense woods. It is not only highly regarded but also makes for an excellent investment in the long run. Everything from the ingredients used inside it to the results it produces is of top-notch quality.

Let’s take a look at it in-depth to understand its benefits and how to use it.

Watco Teak Oil Finish Main Benefits

There are plenty of finishes in the market, but what is it about the Watco teak oil finish that makes it so unique?

Well, there are several things.

Watco teak oil finish isn’t just one of the best in the market for no reason. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits it offers:

UV and mixture resistance:

Outdoor furniture is particularly susceptible to UV damage, whereas indoor furniture can easily get moisture and have mold. All of these things reduce the life of your furniture and make it look dull as well. Fortunately, using the Watco oil teak can help with it. It has UV-resistant and moisture-resistant properties that help with this.

Versatile usage:

One of the best parts about this oil is that not only can it be used not only for flooring or furniture but also for marine vehicles and deck. You can use the product to work on wooden boats as well, and it will work as wonderfully as it does for other things.

Easy to use:

The most significant selling point of this beautiful oil finish is that it is easy to work with. It can be applied using three different methods like wiping, brushing, and spraying. Thus, someone who hasn’t used it before will be able to grasp the idea of how to apply it quickly.

Fast and convenient:

Where most finishing oils can take up too many hours to dry and remain tacky to the touch, the Watco Teak oil dries considerably quicker and isn’t tacky or sticky when thoroughly dried down. This makes it fast and convenient to work with.

Who is Watco?

It is essential to know and understand the brand before you invest in it. Watco is one of the best brands out there when it comes to oil finishes. Watco is a UK-based company; however, it is internationally known and is applauded for its superior quality products. It specializes in flooring products. The brand’s strategy is to provide you the best possible products that aid in maintaining your flooring.

The company is famous for devising innovative formulas that are convenient and easy to use and provide one with excellent results. This is one reason why they are considered valuable not only by homeowners but also by woodworkers.

How to apply the teak oil and how much to use?

The method you employ to apply your product is of grave importance, which is why it is crucial to understand how to use teak oil. It is one of the most popular queries people have about this product.

Even though some of you might think that it is very straightforward, often people make obvious mistakes and end up making a mess. Thus, we decided to break down the process into easy-to-follow steps so it can be easy to understand for you:

Step one: Prep yourself

Before you start working, it is essential to gather all the things you will need with you so you aren’t running and looking for them during the process. For this process, the items required include Watco teak oil paint, brush, cloth, soap water, mask, and gloves.

People often skip out and don’t wear masks and gloves when applying the oil, which isn’t acceptable at all. Watco teak oil can be dangerous if swallowed, possibly if you work on furniture and then go on about your day without wearing gloves. Thus, make sure to wear gloves when you are working with it. Furthermore, if you are sensitive to scents, the mask will prevent those as well.

Step two: Prep the target

This simply means to prep whatever you are working on, be it floors, furniture, etc. for the oil. Preparing these things would mean using soap water and cloth to clean out all the dirt which is present on it.

This has great importance as it provides a clean and even canvas to put the oil on and enhances the results significantly.

Make sure you are just wiping the furniture and using only enough soap water. Furthermore, also ensure that the furniture or floors have a day to dry off before you get to applying the oil on them. Additionally, when the target is dried off, make sure to put clean sheets or newspaper around it to avoid ugly consequences from spilling.

Step three: Apply the product

There are three recommended ways of applying the product to the furniture or floors, which are wiping, spraying, or brushing it. The idea behind this process is to get an even application on the entire target surface. We find that the best way of doing so is by using a brush.

Using a brush to do so allows you to evenly spread the oil on the surface, make the application convenient and also fast. Plus, this is the least messy way as it doesn’t end in splattering the oil anywhere other than the floor or furniture. The brush you use for the process should have soft bristles. Furthermore, be gentle when applying the oil.

Step four: Clean up

If you’ve followed the mentioned instruction clearly, you wouldn’t have much trouble during this step, which otherwise can be quite messy. However, if you have caused any spills or drops, clean them up using a cloth and mineral water. It will easily get the job done. If you have a larger surface to work on or something which could potentially take time, spreading the newspaper around before the application can be beneficial.

Step five: Reapplication and usage

The result of the process would be furniture with a warmer glow and hand-rubbed finish. Apart from all its maintenance benefits such as UV resistance, mold resistance, etc., Watco Teak oil provides an excellent finish to your furniture and flooring.

It should be reapplied using the same procedure after every few weeks, depending upon the condition of the furniture or flooring. Furthermore, two coats are required for every use; thus, it’s essential to keep a gentle hand and apply consistently all over.

Important considerations to make:

When it comes to using or buying professional finish for hardwood or dense wood, specific considerations need to be made by the consumers. This won’t just be helpful before purchasing the product but also when you start to use it.

Not Food Safe:

People often inquire whether it is safe or not to use this oil on your chopping boards. The answer is absolutely not! It is essential to realize that considerable caution needs to be taken with this product. It is not made to be swallowed or ingested in any shape or form, which is one of the reasons why a mask and gloves should be worn during application.

Safety comes first:

Watco teak oil is a highly flammable liquid; thus, it should be carefully dealt with. Do not light fire around it and be extra careful with it. It is also essential to keep it out of the reach of children as they can inhale the vapors or accidentally ingest the product. Try preventing spills as they can cause an accident and overall consider security and safety the number one priority.

Value for money:

It is beneficial to buy a larger sized can of this product. This is more economical if you consider the use you’ll get out of it. Furthermore, every use requires two oil paint applications, and the product can last a long time, thus making this investment beneficial.


Wooden furniture and flooring carry a lot of character and class. It can easily change the outlook of the room and bring a sense of style to a place. Who wouldn’t want to keep their furniture looking as good as new and as glossy as it does when one first buys it?

Unfortunately, over time, wooden furniture starts showing signs of damage and requires some maintenance. This is natural damage that comes from wear and tear, staining, and dirt. The apparent signs of damage are faded color, bleaching, stains, etc.

Thankfully, there is an easy fix to these problems, which is using an oil finish on your furniture or wooden flooring. It provides a hand-rubbed and warm glow result which truly brings back the beauty of the furniture. It also protects it from UV rays and moisture, which in the long run, adds to the durability of the flooring or furniture.

Watco teak oil is one of the best teak oil finishes in the market, given its quality formulation and incredible results that it provides, and makes for an excellent investment.