Best Teak Oil: Top 5 Brands With Applying Guide

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Teak has a long history of being used for outdoor furnishings due to its durability and the gorgeous buttery yellow color it has. It comes with high amounts of natural oils and rubber, which makes it act like a waterproof covering and protects it against water, insects, and rotting.

However, as perfect teak is for outdoor areas and shower benches, you must be ready to maintain it regularly. Doing so helps extend its lifespan, but for that, you will need to apply teak oil periodically. Also, by using this oil, you will be able to protect your furniture from damage in the future.

To pick the best teak oil in the market, we tested out a couple of them and then picked the five best ones that’ll help teak furniture owners. In this guide, we will talk about applying these oils and how to choose the best one for your furniture. So keep on reading!

Where is teak oil Used?

Wood-like teak is expensive and rare and is used in indoor and outdoor furniture. It is also used on cruising vessels above the decks, water line, and terraces. The surface of teak wood looks fantastic, but moisture, sun, and time can harm and tarnish their appearance. One of the most useful products that help resist these factors and increases lifespan is teak oil.

Some common uses of teak oil include the following:

1. Bathroom Furniture

Most people tend to use teak oil to treat their bath benches, teak showers, shower mats, chairs, and even teak shower floors. Such pieces of indoor furniture require regular and frequent maintenance, so you should apply teak oil regularly to prevent deterioration.

2. Decking

Many pools and porch decking are made using teak too, and you will need to protect such areas from the different kinds of weather. Teak oil is essential to keep the richness in the color of the deck.

3. Outdoor Furniture

Since outdoor furniture gets exposed to harmful elements, teak oil acts as the first line of defense. It ensures that outdoor furniture is resistant to water, sun, and mold. You can easily use it over your tables, lawn chairs, lounge furniture, and other outdoor items. You can also mix it with minute amounts of elbow grease to keep the vibrant color of the teak furniture.

4. Marine

Since teak wood is a very durable and long-lasting wood, it is used to build ships and boats. However, sun rays, saltwater, and air can damage it. You can avoid this by oiling it from time to time. This helps in serving as protection and prolongs the life of the boat.

Best Teak Oil Present In The Market

Below, we review some of the best teak oils present in the market. We have also included their pros and cons for you to get a better grasp of the product. Read on below to find out which teak oil is more suited to your needs.

1. Star Brite Premium Teak Care Kit

Star Brite Care Kit This is one of the best teak oil kits present in the market and is worth buying. It comes with everything you need when restoring, cleaning, and protecting your teak wood. The kit comes with a premium teak cleaner, premium teak brightener, and premium golden teak oil.

If you have a piece of furniture that is all gray-weathered, then what you need is this Star Brite Premium Teak Care Kit. It makes sure that your furniture is all new and shiny for use. If you follow the directions carefully, such as cleaning the wood, letting it soak the brightener in, and applying the coating of oil, you will see outstanding results.

This kit is not only easy to use but also comes with a fast-drying formula. It works amazingly and will seal, preserve, and finish all of your teak furniture. It works exceptionally well in marine environments that have a lot of saltwater exposure and UV rays.

This teak oil comes with advanced tung oil polymers, which ensure groundbreaking protection for teak wood and other kinds of wood. Similarly, it is formulated with ultraviolet absorbers that help prevent extreme sun fading, exposure, and weathering. Not to forget, the kit is easy to handle, even for beginners.


  • Very easy to apply
  • Comes with a cleaner and a brightener
  • Helps in sealing off water and moisture
  • Has a quick-drying formula


  • Oil can get sucked in the wood and will need more applications

2. Aqua Teak Wood Oil

Another entry on the list of best teak oils is this Aqua Teak oil. The company is very well-known for manufacturing teak furniture, especially teak bathroom pieces. Since it knows teak wood very well, it is no surprise their teak oil will be outstanding.

This teak oil stands out because it helps improve the natural grain of teak wood and brings out the vibrant color. You can easily use this oil to restore any old furniture piece with an oil cleanser; after that, it will completely protect the teak furniture.

Another thing that makes this teak oil stand out is the fact that it can penetrate deep inside the wood and has impressive quick-drying abilities. Even though this oil is designed for indoor furniture, it can be used to fix outdoor teak furniture. Moreover, it comes at a reasonable price, and one bottle has around 16 ounces.

Keep in mind that you must apply this oil on your furniture with proper ventilation since it has a slight chemical-like smell. It soaks in the wood properly and does a great job of safeguarding it from moisture. It also helps make the wood richer, darker, and more resistant and durable against harsh elements.


  • Application of this oil is very breezy, and it dries quickly
  • Can restore the color and protect your oil
  • Comes with low volatility
  • Capable of preserving both indoor and outdoor furniture


  • Has a strong odor that will go away with ventilation only

3. Watco Oil A67141

This is an incredibly versatile oil for teak wood and other denser wood, such as rosewood and mahogany. It also works excellently with outdoor and indoor furniture. A can of Watco teak oil contains around 32 ounces. This is good enough to cover approximately 170 square feet of wood and takes only eight hours to dry completely.

What makes this an excellent teak oil is that it comes with a mixture of moisture resistance and UV protection. Applying this oil will produce a warm and rich finish, which brings out the best in your teak furniture. You can apply this oil using a cloth and then wipe off the excess. Even though this may not be a very affordable oil, it does has a lot to offer.


  • Very versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor furniture
  • Comes with a warm and rich finish
  • Has UV and moisture-resistant protection
  • Has an affordable price point and is easy to apply


  • Very flammable and should not be handled by beginners

4. Owatrol Deks Olje Oil Finish

This wood oil helps in replacing the oil lost in the wood and helps drive out moisture and air while filling the pores with oil. As a result, it helps in providing long-lasting protection to the interior and exterior of the wood.

Another outstanding feature of this oil is that the finish does not form a film on the wood’s surface, which can peel off or crack. Instead, it has a clear matte finish, which helps enhance the wood’s beauty with no stripping or sanding.

Due to the dense and oily characteristics, it is difficult for other elements to harm the wood. For this reason, many prefer Deks Olje for use in marine environments. The oil also protects the wood against damage and humidity from UV rays. Aside from marine applications, it can also be used for single coatings and decorative finishing.


  • Very easy to maintain
  • Does not require any sanding or stripping on it
  • Helps in penetrating the wood entirely
  • Ideal for interior and exterior usage


  • Has a dull finish

5. Behlen Teak Furniture Oil

Behlen oil is usually recommended for rosewood, teak, and other oily kinds of wood. It helps in penetrating wood, and once it dries out, it turns into a hard finish. When compared to different types of oil finishing that look tacky when exposed under heat, this teak oil finish is what you need.

The hardness it gets is when the teak furniture oil penetrates through the wood and stays that way. What is good about this product is that you can use it to treat newly stripped, stained, raw, and even previously oiled wood.

To uniformly apply this oil on the entire surface, you must use a rag, stiff brush, or a mesh pad. It will take around five to ten minutes to dry completely, and then you must reapply it. You can buff it or wipe it a little after thirty minutes. To do the final rebuffing, you must wait at least 24 hours.


  • Easy to apply
  • Comes with a hard finish
  • Provides your furniture with a uniform sheen
  • Can be reapplied on any wood stained, raw or stripped


  • It takes a long time to dry out.

What Are Teak Oil Ingredients?

Contrary to what the name suggests, teak oil does not come out from teak wood. Instead, this is a special finish oil that contains a mixture of ingredients such as soy, linseed, rosewood, and Tung oil. Some even add extra ingredients, such as mildew inhibitors and UV inhibitors.

Teak oil ingredients are mixed to provide oil that can easily penetrate the wood from the inside. It must not crack or peel, and once it is scratched, you can quickly eliminate that by reapplying oil in that area.

It helps in maintaining and protecting furniture. You should apply teak oil at least once or twice a year to keep dense woods such as mahogany, rosewood, and teak appear brand new. We recommend you do this, especially if the furniture is exposed to harmful elements.

A Guide On How To Apply Teak Oil

Furniture made from teak is stunning; however, maintaining it properly keeps it looking good and preserves its condition. To make the most of your teak furniture, you must apply teak oil once a year, depending on how exposed the furniture is to other elements. Mentioned below are the best practices to apply teak oil. Make sure you follow all the steps.

Get Things Ready

Before you start applying the oil, make sure you have everything that you need to complete the entire process. Mentioned below are things that will be required to apply teak oil to your furniture.

  • You will need a piece of cloth or paper placed under the furniture to prevent it from dripping on the floor. You can also clean the area quickly with the fabric afterward and not destroy the flooring.
  • Wear protective gloves as it is essential when applying teak oil because it can irritate your skin and harm you.
  • Make sure you are away from flames and heat sources, as it is flammable.
  • At least take two clean rags to apply the teak oil onto your furniture.

1. Clean It First

If you are cleaning your teak furniture every day, you only need to dust it properly and thoroughly. Otherwise, you will need to wash it regularly with water and soap to remove any kind of grime buildup. Teak furniture cleaners allow you to make your furniture look brand new, but applying those properly is what makes a difference.

You need to make sure that you dry the furniture properly if you are washing it since there should be no moisture and air before the application of teak oil. If not cleaned properly, the moisture will get trapped inside the wood, which will change the lifespan and color of the teak wood.

2. Select The Oil

There are plenty of teak oil finish products in the market, and they come with varying compositions. However, when purchasing one for yourself, you should look out for ingredients such as Tung oil because it is more effective than linseed oil.

Also, read the label carefully before choosing the teak oil as some can come with extra sealant and artificial colors as their main ingredients.

3. Use A Clean Rug Or Paintbrush To Apply Oil

When applying the teak oil onto your furniture, you need to make sure that you cover it using even strokes. This can be made possible with a clean rug or by using a paintbrush. While it may take some time, the results make this application process worth it.

You can continue applying the teak oil until the furniture starts to get a matte appearance. When you find that the wood is not absorbing oil anymore, you can stop.

4. Wipe It With A Cloth

Once put on the wood, wait 15 minutes or even more for the oil to absorb completely. If you notice the surface oil has tacky consistency, then you must wipe the furniture with the help of a clean rag and then carefully and using a light hand, remove the excess oil.

Then you can pick up another clean rag and buff the surface of the wood until it is thoroughly dried.

5. Wipe The Drips And Spills

When applying teak oil, it is inevitable for you to spill and drip the oil. This dripping can easily stain other furniture and the floor if you do not remove it right away. You can remove this dripping by simply using a clean cloth, but it must be moist with mineral oil; otherwise, teak furniture will stain your floor.

Another way to avoid this is by applying the teak oil to products by keeping a big plastic sheet underneath or by doing it someplace where the stains don’t bother you.

6. Reapply Everyday

The color of your furniture fades as time passes, and if you do not apply it every other week or month, it will start to look old again. You can also apply another coat to your furniture to deepen the color, or you can apply a coat when the furniture feels dry.

What Is Teak Oil Drying Time?

Teak oil doesn’t have a particular time on how long it takes to dry on the surface. This depends on many other factors, such as the brand, temperature, and how thick the application of oil is. Some teak oil brands dry out in a couple of minutes, whereas others take plenty of hours, especially if the layer is thick.

When it comes down to applying this kind of oil, you need to be very patient. You need to wait for the first layer to be completely dry before you apply a second layer. If you do not wait between the layers, moisture can get trapped inside, which will ruin the furniture. You also need to make sure that the cleaned teak is all dry because the oil should thoroughly saturate through the wood’s pores to be effective.

Teak Oil Before And After

Applying teak oil to your furniture provides excellent results. It can help in restoring the warm and vibrant golden color that teak furniture is usually known for. The difference between the before and after is significant; however, it all comes down to how the oil has been used and what the original color of the wood was.

Tung Oil vs. Teak Oil

When it comes down to the best oil, teak oil and tung oil always cause a debate on which of the two allows the furniture to look its best. Both of these wood treatment products help prevent your furniture from deteriorating; however, they have some significant differences.

Teak oil comes with penetrative treatment, which is used to protect the wood from natural substances and elements. However, teak wood oil does not come from teak wood and is instead a mixture of different oils, minerals, and varnishes along with traces of tung oil.

The primary purpose of this is to give an overall aesthetic look to the teak wood furniture. Aside from protecting the wood from elements, this oil also allows the vibrant natural color of the teak wood to shine and come out.

Tung oil, on the other hand, comes from the Tung tree. This tree is mainly found in China, and the oil has been used for hundreds and hundreds of years. It helps in providing the furniture with a waterproof coating in plenty of wooden ships. The oil is best known for giving a natural wood finish and also provides adequate protection from elements and provides a good color.

Once tung oil dries out, it becomes completely transparent, which makes it increasingly waterproof and flexible. When it comes down to choosing between Teak and Tung oil, it all depends on how you want your wood furniture to look like.

Tung oil provides adequate protection and has a complicated application. On the other hand, teak oil is quick, easy, and ensures proper protection, but it does not look as good as Tung oil. So the decision comes down to what you value more, protection, or appearance.

Teak Oil vs. Danish Oil

Teak oil and Danish oil are both used as furniture finishing. They both help in protecting the furniture. They even add color to the old furniture and make it look brand new. The difference between the two is that Danish oil is less harsh than teak oil. However, this makes it less effective too.

Also, since Danish oil dries out quickly, it doesn’t provide the protection that Teak oil does.


With so much information present on the internet, there are always some questions left. We have answered these questions down below.

What To Use To Apply Teak Oil?

You can apply teak oil with a fine paintbrush, rag, or sponge brush. However, make sure that the cloth is lint-free. You can also use an old T-shirt for this purpose.

Can Teak Oil Combust Spontaneously?

Just like with any other oil finish, teak oil can spontaneously combust as well. However, with this oil, you do not have to worry about your teak furniture catching fire spontaneously. The only danger with this is the oily rags, and you need to store them safely after using them.

What Will Remove Teak Oil?

It is not easy to remove teak oil. However, it is possible to do so with any wood finish stripper. After applying this finish, let it dry and then make use of a paint scraper to scrape it off.

Will Teak Oil Darken Wood?

Yes, it does. The more layers you apply, the darker the teak usually gets. For this reason, it is ideal for restoring your original furniture color. Also, it is durable and lets the wood stay dark for an extended time.


We hope this review assists you in finding the best teak oil for your outdoor and indoor furniture. We have mentioned the information you need to maintain your teak furniture. Teak wood furniture looks great when it is old, but it will look even better if you preserve the natural color.

When choosing teak oil, you must pick the best one present in the market and then apply it adequately. This will help in extending the lifespan of your furniture. Read this article carefully and then buy the oil most suited to your needs.