Cr2032 Vs Cr2025

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Most people seem to be puzzled when they try to read between numbers associated with various batteries. In this article, we are going to look at the comparison between CR2032 vs. CR2025 in terms of similarities, differences, and their characteristics to clear up the common confusion around the naming.

We will also get closer to features and various uses of each to get a better understanding of these two watch batteries.

While you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how or when to use these products, you could be wondering why we picked the CR2032 and not the DL2032. In simple terms, CR is a widely held brand name while DL speaks of a 2032 button cell from Duracell, and so both are fully interchangeable.

For the Cr2032 vs. CR 2025, they are commonly used to power small devices and appliances such as calculators, watches, heart pacemakers, hearing aids, and such. We’ll be focusing on the quality, characteristics, and appearance of both products.

CR2025 Battery features, specifications & Performance

CR2025 is a button cell battery made of lithium and is commonly used for handy electrical devices like hearing aids and pocket calculators. It features a compact size, usually 1-6 mm height, by 5-25mm diameter. However, the battery name means the width and thickness in tenths of millimeters, the standard CR2025 cell will be 2.5 mm in height and 20mmm in diameter.

In most cases, lithium watch batteries are slightly more expensive as compared to alkaline models. However, they weigh less and come with a more extensive functional range, and most importantly, they last longer.

Specifications & Run Time

Before getting any further, let’s have a look at the specifications featured by this battery.

  •       It is made of lithium manganese dioxide.
  •       Maximum current 0.14A
  •       3.0V nominal voltage, although it has a cut-off voltage of 2.0V
  •       Non-rechargeable battery
  •       Product weight: 2.6 grams (0.08 oz.)
  •       Operating temperature range: 30 to 60 degrees Celsius.
  •       Operating service life is approximately 680 hours at 20 degrees Celsius.

Although it is optional, we can now determine the run time of the CR2025 battery. It is good to state that the exact number, you need to have clear-cut information like dynamic load or discharge current.

To make it easier, we can assume that you’ll be powering a normal load. This means that the steady current would be approx. 20ma (at 200C). For that case, the battery mAh usage should be around 163 mAh (milliampere per hour). Considering the 163mAh, your CR2025 will last for just one hour, slightly less than the CR2032 battery.

However, most portable devices will only use 20ma, and so the battery can possibly last for more than eight hours.

Nonetheless, that might not be the exact figure, and if you found this interesting, you can obtain a CR2025 datasheet online. It contains a graph which can help to visualize the whole estimation.

Manufacturers of this type of batteries often print various alternatives that you can replace your current battery with, usually on the package. You’re likely to find labels such as ECR2025, KCR2025, 5003LC, LF12V, LM2025, SB-T14, and some others. All are often used, but the most common replacement for CR2025 battery is the BR2025 model.

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CR2032 Battery features, specifications & Performance

Similar to the CR2025, the CR2032 battery is also used for portable electrical gadgets like wristwatches. It is slightly larger compared to the CR 202 as it can measure between 1 and 6mm height and between 5 and 25mm in width. Just like other standard batteries, the CR2032 also derived its name from the dimensions it holds (measured in tenths of mm).

Specification & Run time

Let’s have a look at the CR2032 battery specifications and performance to understand how it works.

  •       Made of lithium manganese dioxide
  •       3.0V nominal voltage
  •       Maximum current: 0.19A
  •       Typical capacity when utilized at 200C is 240 mah
  •       Non-rechargeable battery
  •       Approx. 1% self-discharging rate (when used)
  •       Battery weight: 3 grams (0.10 oz.)

When comparing Cr2025 vs. CR2032, both batteries have a lot in common. However, the CR2032 provides a larger mah in comparison to CR2025, and so we can assume that it will offer a longer run time. As earlier stated, the battery life is subject to many parameters, and you’ll need to consider various factors such as discharge current, temperature, dynamic loads, and other aspects to get the best results.

CR2025 vs. CR2032 Similarities

The first similarity is that they are both 3V button cells and feature the same chemical composition and just about the same diameters. Some of the well-known manufacturers of these products are Maxwell Pack, Panasonic, Duracell, Energizer, Philips, etc.

Philips has proven it’s quality many times where batteries are concerned, and this time, they surprise their customers with a pack of 20 cells, which are ideal even for children’s toys and cameras.

Duracell as well has managed to lure consumers in profusion over the recent years, mainly due to their quality and price. They produce some of the best batteries on the market, and if you buy them, you’ll be impressed by their great value.

CR2025 Vs. CR2032- What is the difference

Perhaps this is the most needed section in a comparison review. As we mentioned earlier, the numbers presented by each model can tell you a lot about the size, and even give you a clue about their differences.

For instance, the CR2025 battery measures 20mm and 2.5mm in diameter and height, respectively, hence the name 2025. On the other hand, as you may already know, the CR2032 comes in at 20mm diameter and 3.2 height, marking a difference of 0.7mm.

So thickness is a major difference between these two batteries.

Although they are both 3V batteries and feature the same diameter, the CR2032 (3.2 height) is a bit thick compared to the CR2025 (2.5 height). This might seem rather insignificant and negligible, considering that the most critical aspect when fitting a button battery is the diameter. However, the 0.7mm difference can possibly influence the battery capacity and run time.

Therefore, because of the larger thickness, the CR2032 is likely to have more capacity and possibly last longer compared to the CR2025. So if you want to power your watch or hearing aid, then the CR2032 might be a better option of the two.

However, keep in mind that the difference of 0.7mm in thickness might sometimes be a concern but in favor of CR2025. This may not sound much, but there are those devices that are technically designed for CR2025, and will just fail to accept the CR2032 battery.

There are also those gadgets that are specially designed for a CR2032 battery, such that the CR2025 might fail to power as required. Nonetheless, you may find other devices that are meant to fit a CR2032 but can also do with a CR2025, only that you’ll be having a problem with power because the terminals on the device might loosen up due to the difference in battery thickness.

Be sure to check on the appliance manual, whether you can swap these two products. It can be better to have a battery with higher capacity, like the CR2035, but you might face some issues trying to fit it in.

Another point of difference is the mAh, which stands for milliampere per hour. In this case, it is an indicator that shows the run time of the battery. It dictates the extent to which the device or appliance will run before the need for recharging.

The CR2025 provides a 165mah while the CR2032 comes with a slightly higher capacity of 225mah. Subject to how frequently you’ll be using the device, it might be favorable to choose the CR2032 battery. It has relatively higher durability in comparison to CR2025. So if the appliance will be used every so often, then picking the CR2032 battery could be the most reliable option between the two.

CR2025 vs. CR2035- Pros and Cons

CR2025- Pros

  •       Not too large and easy to fit.
  •       Best used for calculators and children toys
  •       You don’t worry about spoiling the battery while putting it in the device


  •       Shorter duration
  •       Less capacity


CR2032- Pros

  •       Higher capacity
  •       Longer run time
  •       Perfect for watches, hearing aids, heart monitor scans


  •       A bit large


Overall, the difference between the CR2032 vs. R2025 is very minimal, and from some of the brands, you’ll find that while CR2032 is associated with a longer storage/shelf life, that’s not always the case. The real variation stems from the mAh.

After comparing both products, it’s quite apparent that thickness is a crucial aspect when it comes to battery run time. Sure, more thickness will demand some space, and you might have trouble fixing the battery in your device, but it offers more benefits.

It will bring you more durability and more capacity and more power for your portable device, thanks to the CR2032. Both products will serve remarkably well, but we would recommend getting a pack of CR2032 for that extra run time.