Obi200 Vs Obi202

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An Obi device is a gadget that enables you to make and receive calls from your home phone. Currently, the company has four telephone adapters; the Obi100, Obi110, Obi200, and Obi202. With these gadgets, you can control both your analog and digital communication life. The device also grants you the power to make and receive phone calls, faxes, fixed-line, bridge, and internet telephone services.

In this article, we are going to discuss Obi200 vs. Obi202. You can call them ‘new-generation devices”. Made by one manufacturer, Obihai, both the Obi200 and Obi202 are pretty similar to some extent, but the company still managed to chip in some differences when it comes to functionality.

Both products are designed to support Google Services and are mainly preferred by people who have issues with telecommunication services or don’t have a service provider. Both the Obi200 vs. Obi202 will give you the ability to utilize a router, and they can support many VoIP.

So what is the difference between the Obi200 vs. Oi202? As you can see, there is much functionality in both Obi devices, and they are pretty much the same. Nonetheless, you’ll get to know much about these two products from their similarities and differences to pros and cons. It will make it easier for you to determine which model would best match your needs.

Obi200 vs Obi202

Parameter Obi200 Obi202
Call Capacity 1 Cell capacity 1 Cell Capacity
VoIP Supported 4 VoIP services 4 VoIP Services
USB Port Available 1 USB Port 1 USB Port
Internet Router Available 1 Port Internet Router 2 Port Internet Router
Led Indicator Available 3 Indicators 5 Indicators
Product Price    


There’s no doubt that these two brands are quite useful, and even if they are from the same manufacturer, there must be some difference that sets both apart. As such, we’ll get closer to each of the features as mentioned above so that everyone can understand better.

Obi200 vs Obi202- Similarities

This includes some of the most significant aspects of both devices. It’s quite clear that they have very few differences from our chart, but since they come from the same company, we are sure to find some differences in their functions. First, both models support Google Voice, a service that gives you the ability to enjoy free calls if you are in the U.S or Canada.

What’s more, you won’t have to worry about call quality. Obi works to ensure that the calls are of the highest quality, even when making international calls. They provide all the services, and they can be your telephone operators in case you want to block any annoying calls, and you can do that very quickly.

Obi200 vs. Obi202 – Cell capacity

The cell capacity, in simple terms, refers to the number of phones that you can connect to the Obi device. It’s an essential feature since, without it, the device will not be capable of supporting phone calls and the like. Similarly, the function is necessary for the Obi200 and Obi202 models.

The cell capacity enables you to connect either fax or phone to the device, which will then allow you to get fax messages and calls.  However, how does the cell capacity differ between these two products?

The Obi200 comes with just one port necessary for either fax or phone. This port helps the device to place a call with a phone connected to the device. The Obi200 can support four different VoIP calls that can be accessed via the cell port. Therefore, the port is also important in that it enables the device to support VoIP calls.

On the other hand, the Obi202 comes with two cell capacity ports. That means both phone and fax can be connected to this device at the same time. In case you have more than one home line, or maybe an office that utilizes more than one line, the Obi202 could be the safest option for you.

It allows you to place your calls quickly, forward a call, receive a fax message, block a caller ID, transfer a call, activate auto-call back, caller name and the number, and so on. Just like the 200 models, the Obi202 can support four different VoIP Services.

Obi200 vs Obi202- USB Port

Obihai provides its services consistently, enabling its customers to access the latest innovations. The brand’s first phone adapters were slightly different from the ones they’re introducing today.

At present, many innovations have been presented to users, including the ObiWiFi wireless adapter as well as the Obit Bluetooth wireless adapter. These are two flash-drive designed attachments that provide numerous features that come in handy to make your regular communication easier.

So the USB port is another critical aspect of this particular comparison. This feature is vital for an Obi device as it can be applied for multiple services. Most importantly, you can use it along with the ObiWiFi Wireless adapter.

Once you’ve plugged in the ObiWiFi adapter (which looks like a flash drive), you can now use the Obi to connect other devices and access the internet through the Wi-Fi wireless connection for browsing. It is such a wonderful feature from Obi devices. Nonetheless, let’s break this further into how the USB port is featured in both the Obi200 vs. Obi202.

The Obi200 device comes with just one USB port. Despite being only one, the Obi200 USB port functionality is excellent, and you can comfortably use it along with the ObiWiFi for connecting the internet.

For the Obi202, it comes with one USB as well, and you can also use it to connect to the internet. With the USB port, you can connect an ObiWiFi to the port to make the Obi202 a complete wireless router.

Obi200 vs Obi202- Internet Router

Both models can be used as an internet router. Apart from being ideal as a wireless internet router, both devices can also be used as a cable router. The Obi200 comes with one port that has a voice pocket polarization that makes it applicable as an internet router.

Internet router port is located at the back of the unit, and it allows a device to connect to the Obi200 and then to the internet. The port also enables you to connect cables to the Obi200 port and then to a device being used for browsing.

Unlike the 200 models, the Obi202 comes with two router ports built at the back. You can connect both internet cables and LAN to the Obi202 at the same time. Both ports will give the device the ability to connect other devices to the internet. Meaning the Obi202 can be utilized as an internet router using cables for browsing.

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Obi200 vs Obi202- LED Indicators

As the name suggests, LED indicators are necessarily for indications. Because the Obi200 and Obi202 both don’t have a digital screen, the LED indicator bulb is the next best means to communicate various things. The bulb color in both models ranges from orange, red, and green.

The Obi200 comes with three LED indicators. Starting from the left, the first indicator bulb on this device is used to show power. The light behavior presented by this indicator ranges from a thick red light, flashing orange light, and flashing green light. They all have a different meaning.

After the power button indicator, you’ll find another indicator bulb that flashes green to indicate that a data activity has taken place on the Internet Ethernet port. Lastly, there’s an LED indicator that flashes green to show a call.

On the other hand, the Obi202 comes with five LED indicators. Starting from the left, the first indicator is for indicating power. The light behavior of the LED power indicator ranges from a thick red light, flashing orange light, flashing green light, and then an abundant green light. They all have different meanings.

The second indicator from the left will blink green prior to data activities on the first Internet Ethernet port. The next indicator is used to show a call on phone 1, followed by another one that shows a call on phone 2. They are both green in color.

The Obi200 vs. Obi202- Pros and Cons

Obi200- Pros

  •       Easy setup
  •       It supports phone and faxes for calling
  •       It can support Google voice
  •       It can support up to four different VoIP
  •       One USB port to connect to ObiWiFi


  •       Does not support more than one fax or phone connection
  •       Supports just one internet router port

The Obi202- Pros

  •       It can support Google voice
  •       Easy setup
  •       Two internet router ports
  •       Two ports to connect your phones
  •       It has a USB port for connecting to ObiWiFi


  •       Not the best value if you have just one phone


After comparing both the Obi200 vs. Obi202, we can conclude that the Obi202 is superior compared to the Obi200. We think the Obi200 model can support a lot more features than the Obi200. Besides you can connect two phones, making it suitable for homes and smaller offices.