How to Mount a Bike on a Wall

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Bicycles are user and environment-friendly as they don’t leave a carbon footprint. Moreover, they are an excellent option if you want to exercise but don’t want to spend lots of money. 

While having so many benefits, most people don’t have additional space to keep a bicycle in the garage, and some people don’t own a garage, so they have to look for alternate solutions. One cheap and stylish solution is to hang your bike on the wall, and we’ll share how you can mount a bike on a wall.

Your typical bike rack won’t work on your wall since they are heavy and will ruin your paint. You need small bike racks that won’t take much wall space and can easily carry a bike. If you are not interested in using hooks to hang the bike, a wall-mounted bike rack is what you should opt for.

These wall racks are built well and can easily carry the weight of a mountain bike. Moreover, if you don’t have extra space in your room, use a ceiling-mounted bike rack and hang your bike upside down.

This might sound easy if you own a lightweight bike made from aluminum, but things get a bit complicated if you have mountain bikes. You’ll need the right mounting hardware and a strong wall mount bike rack to ensure your bike won’t fall. 

So, we share with you the best wall racks for bikes and some other ways to mount a bike on a wall.

Choosing a Wall Rack or Indoor Bike Rack

While choosing a wall rack, there are a couple of things you should check first before. It depends on your space and how you want to mount the bike. Additionally, how many bikes you have can alter your decision, as you might need a rack that can handle two bikes at once without taking extra space.

On the other hand, you don’t want the rack to put scratches on the wall and won’t ruin the overall look. While you won’t find a stylish bike storage rack, it should be minimalistic and small so you can cover it with other things like a door hinge. 

Here are some factors you should check before choosing a wall rack.

  • Option for Multiple Bikes

You’ll only have a single bike when you live alone. If you have a family or a roommate, the chances are that you’ll have more than one bike. 

Purchasing separate wall racks would be costly and require more space to install. Instead, opt for one with space to mount two or more bikes without additional space.

This will help lower your cost as many people can invest in one product. If you have many family members, some racks can support up to six bikes.

  • With or Without Lock

bikeMany bike racks come with a lock so no other person can take off your bike. You can lock the bike from your rear wheel and open the lock whenever you want to take the bike out. Moreover, it is useful if you rarely use your bike and don’t want it to fall because someone bumps it into it.

Some racks have built-in adjustable lever locks that you can quickly lock and unlock with just one flip. While they are not good for security, they can keep your bike hanging properly. Having more than one bike might demand a manual locking system, so check which lock suits your rack the best.

  • Anti-scratch Material

You’ll need to take your bike off the rack, and doing it without care can cause scratches on your bike. Moreover, the rack must keep some distance between the wall and your bike, so it won’t hit your wall whenever you mount or unmount the bike.

You can also install some rubber pads at the striking points to stop the wall from getting scratched.

  • Vertical or Horizontal

You can mount your bike both horizontal and vertical as you like depending on how much space you have. You’ll require hooks mounts for vertical mounting so the front wheel won’t fall. However, you can mount the bike vertically with only one hook, saving costs.

You’ll need two or more hooks for horizontal mounting, which should be enough not to let the bike handle hit the wall. You can also get a floor stand for bikes but do not hit them as you move around in the house.

  • Weight Limit

Wall racks can withstand around 50-60 pounds, and a mountain bike weighs about 30-40 pounds. However, the cheaper you go, the lower the weight limit becomes. It would be better to check the weight limit of your desired rack before choosing, so it won’t break or bend while holding the bike.

How to Mount a Bike on a Wall

wallThere are four ways you can hang your bike on a wall, choose the most suitable option as the bike weighing more than recommended will break the wall rack.

Hang It Using a Hook

One of the simplest ways to hang a bike is to use a hook; however, this works better if you want to hang your bike vertically. You can hook the front tire and use support on the rear tire; your bike won’t go anywhere. 

Both the hooks are available with rubber as their cover, so they won’t damage your wall and keep a firm grip. Although, you cannot support the bike frame in vertical mounting as no hook is available.

  1. Use a stud finder to locate where you’ll install studs to place the base. Position the front wheel mount properly to where you want to install it and mark two dots or circles using a pencil.
  2. Next, you’ll need a drill to make holes to place the studs. Get the right size drill, so you won’t make the holes bigger. Insert the studs, put the mount on top of them, insert the screws inside the stud, and tighten them properly so they won’t lose when you mount the bike.
  3. For the real wheel, you won’t need drilling; attach the rear mount with the rear wheel so it gets stuck inside of it. Remove the adhesive peeling behind the rear mount and move it forward to attack the wall. 

Ensure the tire won’t move; otherwise, it will ruin the perfect positioning. Once the mount is attached to the wall, move the bike a bit to see if the adhesive sticks correctly.

Use a Hinge Mount

If you want to store your bikes so they can stack up against the wall when you have less room and be open when your garage is empty, use a hinge mount that pivots back and forth. 

These hinge mounts allow you to move your bike closer and further away from the wall. These mounts are best for a road bike you need to take out daily.

  1. Grab a two-flapped hinge mount and a Velo Hinge for this. Place the flapped hinge on the wall and mark the screw position. 

It is important to get the hinge according to where you want to fold the bike. If your want to fold to the right side, the hinge must have a screw holder on the left side and vice versa.

  1. Now comes the more important part: correctly placing the Velo Hinge or wheel rests if you got them. Place it on top of the flapped hinge, so the hooks come on the top to hook the bike. Once done, move the bike left or right to see if the movement is smooth and the screws are not loose.
  2. The hinge mount can support up to 50 pounds of weight. You can mount the bike by moving the Velo Hinge and hooking the front tire. Once connected, move the hinge to the right or left to rest the bike.

victor furtuna Q653a1pNg7Y unsplash scaled e1655721253520Use a Horizontal Mount

If you have a pretty bike and you want to show it off, or it has the same color as your wall, a horizontal mount is what you need. Since these mounts work by holding your bike frame, they provide the best and most stable grip. However, they’ll require a lightweight bike and solid bike frames.

The distance between the wall and the bike’s handle is enough not to let them collide. The problem with these mounts is that they can scratch the bike’s body if not handled with care.

  1. Grab a wall hanger; we suggest getting an adjustable one. An adjustable mount will move back and forth, increasing the support to grab the bike from where you want. 

Additionally, such a mount can work with a cycle of any size. All you need is to move the arms close and far from each other.

  1. They are relatively easy to install, mark and drill the holes, insert the studs, place the mount on top, and screw them tightly. Now, move the arms to adjust the bike place on the wall; you can only slide the arms up and down. 

These mounts are the best for road bikes since they have good looks. Moreover, it is a convenient option for a hang bike since these mounts can pick up more weight than other mounts.

Hang Them From the Ceiling

This might not be a convenient option but a suitable one for those who don’t have extra money. You’ll only require one mount and two to three screws to mount it.

  1. You’ll need a heavy-duty ceiling mount that can carry up to 50 pounds. These mounts cannot carry much weight, so be careful when choosing one.
  2. It is better to grab a mount that opens and closes easily. However, you’ll require some help to adjust the bike for the first time. Grab a stool, stand on it, adjust its screw points, mark them, drill a hole and screw it.
  3. Hang the bike, keep holding it to see if it can withstand its weight, and slowly let go.


Owning a bike but don’t have space to keep it, at such times, a bike mount comes in handy. You can store your bike indoors without about them eating extra space or being unsafe. We shared some methods on how to mount a bike on a wall.

You can grab a wall-mounted hook from your local hardware store, and they won’t cost you much. Make sure not to hang a bike with more than recommended weight.