10 Best Hard Floor Cleaners

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The household needs to look good and pleasurable at all times. This brings about the reason why the majority of homeowners are particularly using hardwood floors to supplement their surfaces with some bit of glamour.

Different hard floors have distinct natural good looks that go with any modern décor or antique. They come in various types ranging from laminate, tile, bamboo, cork, and hardwood floors. For some reason, hardwood floorings are incredibly preferred.

The concept behind this decision is that hardwood floors increase the significance of your property. It’s also a natural substance that lasts for a great course, including fluctuating heat and humidity within the household. That said, securing the most suitable hard floor cleaner can perform magic.

However, each form of hard flooring demands special measures when cleaning. There are various downsides associated with hard floorings that can make you have some reconsiderations. Luckily you can easily abate the problems by investing in any of the following best hard floor cleaners.

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Bissell Crosswave Vacuum Cleaner- Best Overall

Why we like it

Efficiency and faultless performance describes this best hard floor cleaning machine as incomparable. It has the function of brushing dirt and debris while cleaning the floor as well. The Bissell Crosswave vacuum cleaner grants you a double vacuuming function to perform both tasks separately and precisely. It is one stop-choice that assures remarkable cleaning performance.


This vacuum cleaner brings you the solution to major cleaning concerns. If you’re accustomed to cleaning up your hard surfaces, you may find that pet hair and other stiff tiny messes are typically hard to clean, compared to other debris.

This model includes a pet cleaning solution to remove such odors left behind your pets.

Besides the 28oz water reservoir, the Bissell Crosswave cleaner also incorporates dual-tank technology to help you maintain clean floors. The technology separates dirty and clean water, so you will always retain a ready supply of clean water and a solution to refresh your levels.


  •   Lightweight design
  •   Ideal for multiple floors
  •   Dual tank technology
  •   Controls on the handle are easy
  •   Vacuums and cleans simultaneously


  •   Relatively small tank, hence frequent emptying
  •   Bearings are vulnerable to moisture

Our verdict

Overall, the Bissell Crosswave vacuum cleaner is a reliable cleaning tool. Additionally, it has a multi-surface brush roll to help you to attain clean surfaces free of scratches, meaning you don’t have to fret about the fate of your hard floors after scrubbing.

BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner with Wet-Dry Vacuum, 1785A - GreenBuy Now

Shark Rocket DuoClean- Premium Choice

Why we like it

Dirt can lurk in hard-to-reach corners in your house- which is a highlight for the Shark Rocket DuoClean. This cleaning device arrives with a compact design that allows you to reach the most profound points to clean them up.


With the two brush roll for Triple particle cleaning, this hard floor cleaner assures you the most impressive outcomes of your cleaning session. It eliminates all types of messes from floors and carpets.

The Sharp Rocket DuoCleaner comes with effective LED lights. This function is embedded in the vacuum’s handheld nozzle. Their role is to spot the most hidden debris and dirt on your floor surface. 

The dust cup is efficient, easy to remove, and is much more functional compared to that of classical models. The duo clean brush rolls help to alleviate stuck-on messes, while the bristle brush roll couples with suction power, removing every stuck-on debris without hassles.


  •   Corded ultralight vacuum
  •   Directly engages floors
  •   Fingertips control
  •   Powerful LED light
  •   Convertible for a more comprehensive cleaning


  •   The warranty may not please you

Our verdict

The Sharp Rocket DuoClean is an excellent choice with many perks worth commending, including real-time debris removal function. Plus, the fingertip controls necessary for optimizing and facilitating better hard floor cleaning, and the suction remains active throughout without losing power.

Shark HV382 Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light Corded (Non-Cordless) Bagless Carpet and Hard Floor with Hand Vacuum, CharcoalBuy Now

Bissell Spinwave Powered Floor Mop- Great Value Hard Floor Cleaner

Why we like it

The best way to get rid of stubborn stains is by investing in the best quality, reliable cleaning machine- like the Bissell Spinwave Powered Cleaner. We so much love the robust, mobile mop pads incorporated by this cleaner. It is suitable for all types of cleaning workouts.


This Bissell Spinwave cleaner is lightweight and easy to maneuver. The Spinwave counts on the swivel steering to move around the surfaces as well as baseboards, therefore providing a valid assurance of dirt-free hard floor.

The on-demand spray function lets you conserve your cleaning solutions, meaning you apply them only when needed.

Moreover, they’re of high potent when it comes to debris and dirt, should you intend to scrub them in good time.


  •   On-demand spray
  •   Lightweight
  •   Easy to maneuver
  •   Swivel steering
  •   Reusable microfibers
  •   Suitable for sealed hard floors


  •   No carrying handle
  •   The power cord may not be long enough

Our verdict

The whole kit and caboodle arrive with exclusive perks for a comprehensive cleaning. There are two multipurpose formulas, which are gentle on sealed hard floors so that they won’t damage your household surfaces.

BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, Green SpinwaveBuy Now

Hoover FloorMate Jet Floor Cleaner

Why we like it

This one incorporates everything, especially for cleaning enthusiasts looking for the best budget cleaner for hard floors. You can’t miss the mark with the Hoover FloorMate Jet Floor Cleaner. It is a definite machine that renders efficient cleaning moments without corrupting other essential areas.


The model’s formulation is simple. The SpinScrub hits with a floor scrubbing function, so you don’t do it. This cleaning machine features a dual tank mechanism that separates dirty and clean water, eliminating the risk of pushing filthy water around your surfaces while scrubbing.

While the dual tanks ease the scrubbing process, the SpinScrub feature dries the floor immediately after cleaning, so your hard floorings will be sparklingly dry at the end.

The Hoover FloorMate Cleaner features a Clean Boost Control that gets rid of fathomable stubborn stains. You can ideally use the fingertip built on the control button, to let the unit release more cleaning solution to eradicate such stubborn stains.


  •   Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  •   A clean Boost Control mechanism
  •   Duo tank technology
  •   Clean-up easily after use
  •   Suctions dirty water with a single stroke


  •   Need to be cleaned regularly

 Our verdict

Finally, you’ve docked on the best hard floor cleaning tool that you can move up and downstairs to various sections of your household. The lightweight design empowers you to perform cleaning tasks at any destination.

Hoover ONEPWR FloorMate Jet Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner, Wet Vacuum with 3Ah Battery, BH55210, WhiteBuy Now

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

What we like

The Shark Navigator is a wet-free potent cleaning machine. It is among the few hard floor cleaners that can execute your household chores remarkably and faultlessly.


It is lighter than other models, comes with a clip-on canister, which helps you to clean different areas short of dragging a vacuum down the stairs.

It’s designed to handle all surfaces from hard flooring to carpeting, and it does so with great ease.

The HELPA filter will help collect dust and eradicate allergens, while the clear canister eliminates dirt and hair pet from your floors.

There is a gentle brush for hard floors, and an ideal rolling brush for carpet- you just switch the flip and switch to vacuum.


  •   30-ft cord
  •   Easy to clean
  •   Ideal for all surfaces
  •   No cleaning bags needed
  •   Cleaning solution, not a must


  •   The cord can easily get tangled
  •   The unit has to be cleaned routinely

Our verdict

Vacuum cleaners are purposefully important in most households, yet it’s challenging to get one that works for a great course, on different types of surfaces. But, that’s just before purchasing the Shark Navigator Hard Floor Cleaner.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E,White and SilverBuy Now

Vmai Electric Mop Polisher and Scrubber

Why we like it

Erratic industrial floor cleaners can possibly turn a simple floor polishing into a whole arduous process, especially when obtained from a rental place. Contrary, best results are possible, and the Vmai Electric Mop can amazingly do it all.


It is a multipurpose cleaning tool, versatile enough since it comes with a long power cord. This ensures you’re not stumbled or fell limited to access your power outlets from where they are located.

It grants you 35 minutes of a non-stop cleaning before recharging the battery. In the meantime, you can scrub, gently clean, or wax your hard floors in your household.


  •   Runs quiet
  •   The water tank is large enough
  •   Rechargeable battery pack
  •   Less than ten pounds
  •   Washable microfiber pads


  •   Limited cleaning duration
  •   It takes at least two hours to charge

Our verdict

This is a cordless spinning mop, a hard floor cleaner, floor polisher, and a tile scrubber with waxing capabilities.

Electric Mop, Cordless Electric Spin Mop, Hardwood Floor Cleaner with Built-in 300ml Water Tank, Polisher with Led Headlight and Sprayer, Scrubber for Hard Floor & Tile, Powerful Cleaner and WaxingBuy Now

 Rug Doctor FlexClean All-in-One Floor Cleaner

Why we like it

This best hard floor cleaner is amongst the top-rated versions in this line-up. It delivers a far-reaching cleaning exercise in a good time.

It wipes out all the grime, dirt, and debris interestingly with one stroke. The Rug Doctor FlexClean rest in ready-to-use posture, so you can jump into action as quickly as you can.


The back-forth movements function helps to remove dirt and stains in one swoop, hence making the vacuuming process more comfortable. It has lightweight water reservoirs that are easy to refill.  

The model utilizes a combination of robust spinning brushes and potent suction for thorough eradication of stains in your home. It can flawlessly switch from hard floors cleaning to carpet cleaning.

You just change the nozzle and switch the mode knob up to your cleaning preferences. It can clean your carpet and scrub your hard floors without leaving any traces behind.


  •   Multipurpose cleaning machine
  •   Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  •   Switches from hard floor to carpet cleaning
  •   Tough on stains, precise for different surfaces


  •   The nozzle can loosen after serving for some time

Our verdict

You’ll also appreciate the exclusive deep cleaning routine presented by this floor cleaner. Besides, the machine is well-known due to its versatility, which makes it the most suitable spray mop for hardwood floors.

Rug Doctor FlexClean All-in-One Floor Cleaner; Eliminate Tough Stains, Dirt, and Odors from Both Carpeted and Sealed Hardwood Surfaces with One Powerful Machine; Includes 9 oz. Floor Cleaner SolutionBuy Now

 Oreck Commercial ORB550MC

Why we like it

The Oreck ORB550MC is capable of satisfying all cleaning needs, regardless of the type of floor you want to clean.

It is the easiest to use, with a user-friendly interface that you can familiarize within a couple of minutes.


The Oreck ORB550MC is versatile and renders exceptional performance exceeding that of conventional mop mechanism. It’s lightweight and has a compact outlay that allows you to perform various scrubbing projects on varying types of floors.

Similarly, the ergonomic design supports long cleaning sessions without causing blisters on your hands. You’ll also work in tight areas and corners and access hard-to-reach spaces that most classical models cannot reach.

The lengthy power cord makes this unit quite portable, meaning you can work in places with minimal power sockets. The potent 0.5 horsepower motor can deliver a brush intensity of virtually 175 spinnings per minute, so you finish the task within the shortest time.


  •   Versatile for cleaning distinct floors
  •   Wide cleaning coverage
  •   Compatible with other accessories


  •   Short warranty

Our verdict

Overall, the Oreck Commercial ORB550MC floor cleaner is suitable for light and heavy-duty floorings. It has a solid all-metal chassis for quicker cleaning as you move it from within the household.

Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor MachineBuy Now

Bona Hard Floor Cleaner Premium Spray Mop

Why we like it

The Bona Hardwood Cleaner is one of the top-rated versions you can find on the market. Contrary to typical mops, this unit comes with a modern design to wipe off debris and tough stains with ease.


The model is versatile and does a remarkable cleaning job on polyurethane polished and hard floors. Besides, it features a lightweight, compact design that makes it easy to shift from it to places during cleaning.

It’s durable and comes with a sheathable hook for safe storage. You can count on the flexible rubber points, which prevents your baseboard and furniture from scratches from cleaning.

The auxiliary grip helps to control the machine’s intensity and to increase the cleaning power to fit your needs.


  •   Washable microfiber pad
  •   Refillable cartridge
  •   Flexible rubber corners
  •   Ideal for different types of floors
  •   Extra-large large head for quick cleaning


  •   Short warranty period
  •   The power cord could be extended

Our verdict

Additionally, the unit features an extended mop head for quick cleaning. There’s a genuine formula that aids in cleaning your hardwood floors efficiently with fast removal of dirt, grime, and dust.

Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray MopBuy Now

Gladwell Cordless Electric Hard Floor Cleaner

Why we like it

The Gladwell Electric Mop boasts all capabilities you can practically expect from a top-notch quality cleaning machine. It is a potent multipurpose cleaner that gets you into action without any limitations, as supported long power cord.


This unit comes with an integrated sprayer and recyclable microfiber scrubbing pads. It arrives with a compact, lightweight design that can polish and dry/clean different hard floor surfaces.

The unit quiet during operation, cordless, and features a space-saving design, meaning you can easily fit it in a service closet.


  •   Quieter than other vacuum cleaners
  •   Reusable cleaning pads
  •   Easy to use
  •   No power cord limitations
  •   Top-rated maneuverability


  •   May not eliminate dirty water
  •   The pads may be difficult to wash

Our verdict

We also like the broader extent of swivel featured by the Gladwell Electric cleaner. It is much better in comparison to other regular models out there.

Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop, 3 in 1 Spinner, Scrubber and Waxer Quiet and Powerful Cleaner, Spin Scrubber and Buffer, Polisher for Hard Wood, Tile, Vinyl, Marble And Laminate FloorBuy Now

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Buyer Guide

After making up your mind to have the best hard floor cleaner, you probably commenced your own research to grasp as much as you can about the available options. That can be helpful since the decision-making process doesn’t always give an easy way out.

There are significant factors to consider before securing a consensus on the best hard floor cleaner that matches your household needs. Buying a hard floor cleaning unit is more like purchasing other household appliances since its features that determine the quality.

However, some features are more considerable than others. If you want to make a purchase, but are short of clarifications, it’s always essential to get things right based on your demands and preferences- as explained by the following thoughtful questions.

What is your budget?

The cost of the machine is one of the most important factors to consider. Although there are some exceptions, price is a significant measure of quality. You can ideally figure out other “must-have” prominent factors and then try to link them with the price. Then use the amount to explore for your most suitable cleaning machine for your household surfaces.

What is the best hard floor cleaner for large surfaces?

Modern best hard floor cleaners are generally lightweight. This is a critical aspect to consider if you don’t want a cleaner that dwells in one place. Even though it must come with some weight, it should be manageable to let you move the machine quickly.

Models with large water reservoirs will always ease the cleaning process since you don’t keep on refiling much frequently. It can determine the effectiveness of the cleaning practice. Note that fewer trips to the sink, the more time you’ll have to clean or polish your floors. Therefore, the rule is to choose a hard floor cleaning machine with a large tank capacity. 

Multipurpose or a fairly simple cleaner?

The effectiveness of a cleaning machine and the ultimate results are subject to the use and the user. Multi-surfaces cleaners are generally potent in major respects compared to classical ones.

Nonetheless, the model controls mechanisms should facilitate the cleaning, regardless of whether they are in the form of dials or buttons. The important thing is to be accessible. You can ideally go for one with controls embedded on the handle so they are easy to reach while cleaning.

For delicate hardwood floors, you will need to consider a cleaning machine little to zero abrasive cleaning pads. It’s also ideal to choose a cleaner that features either a soft cleaning pad or a microfiber that doesn’t graze the floor.

What is the best hard floor cleaner for corners and tight places?

Besides looking for the best cleaning unit, you may want to consider having the one that can deliver the most comprehensive cleaning, ranging from bare floorings and ceilings to the most congested and hard-to-reach areas. You can also look for one with a glider to clean your carpet too.

Make sure the machine grants you the control throughout to dictate its maneuverability. It should have basic features for enjoyable cleanings, such as ergonomic handle, chest strap, and a spinning floor nozzle. This is how you ascertain whether the machine turns swiftly and doesn’t stop when subjected to particular directions, like in stairs.


We side with every floor cleaner in this review, and accept as true they can deliver exceptional performance to keep your hard flooring neat and clean. Our top pick regarding the best hard floor cleaner is certainly the Bissell Crosswave.

Not only does it have wet/dry capabilities, but we so much like its polishing and dual scrubbing features. Otherwise, all the models mentioned above are great, and you can count on them with confidence when making your ultimate choice.

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