Best Foundation for Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

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Securing a high profile foam mattress can bring you the desired support and comfort. In fact, it can help hugely in eradicating back pain and poor sleeping patterns experienced. However, for that extra comfort, you will need to supplement your bed with the best foundation for a memory foam mattress.

Besides, we spend a good percentage of our general lifetime on a mattress. A good platform can extend the durability of your mattress and also make it more comfortable.

But then again, getting a durable and well-made foundation for your foam mattress might be challenging, particularly in the contemporary flooded market with numerous brands claiming to be perfect. Thus, we decided to create this comprehensive list of the top ten best foundations for memory foam mattresses currently available on the market.

Best Overall- Classic Brands Instant Foundation High Profile Box

  •       Excellent build quality
  •       Noiseless when in use
  •       Designed for all bed size

Premium Choice- Zinus 14” Deluxe Slatted Wood Memory Foam Mattress Frame.

  •       Noise-free
  •       Non-slip covered tape
  •       All tools for assembly

Great Value- Classic Brands Instant Foundation Low profile Box-Spring Replacement

  •       Reasonable price
  •       High-quality solid wood

·       A product from a trusted brand

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Classic Brands Instant Foundation High Profile Box

A well-known trusted brand in the industry is about to hit 50 years of high-quality products. These mattress experts counted in a long-lasting power in their Instant Foundation High Profile Box that makes the brand exceedingly worthwhile.

Why we like it

This best foundation is designed as noise-free, without any rattling pieces or squeaking box- thanks to the great construction. Furthermore, the assembly process can take as short as 30 minutes, meaning you will have everything in place for your memory foam mattress within no time.

It measures about 8 inches off the ground and includes a box spring that makes it a top-notch quality foundation- without overlooking the thrifty price tag. The box exterior is crafted with an Amish handcrafted wood- certainly known to enhance the platform durability and to make the whole thing look wonderful.


  •       Dimensions: 79” x 75.5” x 8”
  •       Boxspring
  •       Weight: 54 lbs
  •       Handcrafted wood


  •       No noise
  •       Design for all bed size
  •       High-end build quality with solid-rock wood


  •       May not support traditional beds with sideboards
  •       Incorporates a thin intermediate support beam

Our Verdict

This foundation designed to fit any bed regardless of the size. The whole lot comes with a well-illustrated instruction, which is very user-friendly to get you around the process.

Classic Brands Instant Foundation High Profile 8-Inch Box-Spring Replacement, KingCheck Current Price

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Zinus 14” Deluxe Slatted Wood Memory Foam Mattress Frame

This is a one-stop solution if you are looking for a wooden foundation for your memory foam mattress- in fact, the manufacturer claims that this thing can help prolong your mattress life.

Why we like it

The Zinus 14″ Deluxe foundation’s frame is adequately conceded with foam to eradicate any noise and squeaking sound resulting from whichever activities happening on it. It uses a Velcro-like tape to make sure the wooden slats don’t slide or move off your memory foam mattress. That said, the only downside to Zinus 14″ Deluxe is it doesn’t include headboard or footboard.


  •       Noise Free
  •       Entirely made with wood
  •       Necessary tools for assembly are included
  •       A well-covered tape is used, so the mattress does not slip
  •       The wooden slats are well passed with foam to help extend your mattress’ life


  •       No headboard or footboard available
  •       The screws tend to loosen after use if they are not well tightened

Our Verdict

This is undoubtedly one of the best high-quality foundations for any memory foam mattress available. The sturdy wood construction will look great in any bedroom. It is manufactured for maximum support for your memory foam mattress.

Despite the King size (0.5 inches) being less than a standard King size mattress, the unit will still accommodate any bed with no issue. That means there might be a quarter-inch outcrop all around, but that will not interfere with a memory foam mattress. However, this might be rather significant for an innerspring mattress with strengthened sides.

Zinus Moiz 14 Inch Wood Platform Bed / No Box Spring Needed / Wood Slat Support / Dark Brown, QueenCheck Current Price

Classic Brands Instant Foundation Low profile Box-Spring Replacement

The Classic low-profile foundation brings you most features while saving you some bulks. The brand has been most users’ first choice because of quality products and excellent customer service.

Why we like it

This foundation comes in a wooden slatted design, which is an excellent approach for changing a box spring. It’s made to match with your existing high profile mattresses and is promoted as a better alternative heavy and outsized box springs.


  •       Dimensions: 79” x 59” x 4”
  •       Unit weight: 53.5 lbs
  •       Low profile slatted
  •       Excellent customer support


  •       Low profile
  •       Reasonable price
  •       High-quality solid wood
  •       A product from a trusted brand


  •       Not suitable for larger beds
  •       Requires a toolbox to set up

Our Verdict

Quality is assured such that if the product turns out to be faulty, there’s a full money-back guarantee or exchange, and these services are fast and convenient. The manufacturer has employed a handcrafted solid wood Amish that helps with more comfort and support in addition to what offered by your memory foam mattress.

Classic Brands Instant Foundation 4-Inch Low Profile Mattress Box Spring - QueenCheck Current Price

Olee Sleep 14” Metal Platform

Olee is a prominent mattress brand that has been consistently making premium beddings. Most users can attest the same when it comes to the company’s mattress foundation.

Why we like it

This is one of the best metal foundations for memory foam mattresses on the market, featuring an incredible weight distribution across the frame.

It’s 14″ high and does not incorporate any wood on the platform, and the whole foundation is easy to set up and fix. You don’t have to bring your toolbox for the assembly, as all can be done with bare hands using the available pins.

It also comes with inward-pushed side legs so your toes won’t get hurt when getting on/off the bed.


  •       Dimensions: 80” x 60” x 14”
  •       Weight 42.3 lbs
  •       Metal platform
  •       Tucked under legs


  •       Exclusive design
  •       Easy to set up
  •       Tucked-in side legs for safety
  •       Even weight distribution all over the frame


  •       It tends to be somewhat creaky
  •       Locking pins are quite loose


Our Verdict

This steel platform is ideal for most memory foam mattresses and is kind to your bedroom flooring too. The competitive warranty will cover any manufacturing defects, and the whole thing is noiseless in use. It doesn’t shake when you move as other typically designed frames.

Olee Sleep 14 Inch Heavy Duty Steel Slat/ Anti-slip Support/ Easy Assembly/ Mattress Foundation/ Bed Frame/ Maximum Storage/ Noise Free, Black, QueenCheck Current Price

Zinus Upholstered Diamond Memory Foam Foundation

The Zinus Upholstered Memory Foam foundation comes with a carefully spaced wooden slats that guarantee proper strength and support. The model design impressive. It includes a delicate grey upholstered headboard with an extra touch of darker grey buttons for that astonishing look.

Why we like it

The frame is absolutely noise-free and would stay silent irrespective of any intensive night-time activities you decide on. The product is designed to match with any memory foam mattress in your home, and the foundation will not take any longer to set it up for use.

Even with narrowly spaced wooden slats, the thing still allows for excellent air circulation. The products, however, are offered in varieties comprising of Full, King, Queen, and Twin.


  •       Dimensions: 83.9” x 78” x 39.5”
  •       Weight: 101 pounds
  •       Knitted polyester
  •       Closely spaced slat support


  •       Easy and quick to assemble
  •       Five-year limited warranty
  •       Noise-free irrespective of activity on it
  •       Available in different sizes: King, Queen, Full, and Twin
  •       Well-spaced wooden slats for optimal support and excellent air circulation


  •       It could be perfect if the spacing of the slats were at least 4.5 inches.

Our verdict

The overall style is great, featuring a soft upholstered headboard with astonishing darker grey buttons. The frame is manufactured to stay silent throughout vigorous night-time activities. Plus, it is well-designed to support any memory foam mattress, and in terms of assembly, you are bound to be impressed.

Zinus Shalini Upholstered Diamond Stitched Platform Bed / Mattress Foundation / Easy Assembly / Strong Wood Slat Support / Dark Grey, QueenCheck Current Price

Zinus 14” Smart Base Mattress Foundation

The Zinus SmartBase Mattress Foundation incorporates shares several aspects with Olee Sleep. It comes with a smart base that helps to elevate the mattress’ foundation stability. The whole built quality is superb and offered at a budget price. It presents a black chrome finish that makes it durable and solid for any memory foam mattress.

Why we like it

The Smart Base Mattress Foundation comes with an excellent ground-clearance approx. 13 inches. This makes it the first choice for people with limited space. Besides, it doesn’t require any expertise to put things together.

Using bare hands, you can have it assembled in less than 15 minutes. This product from Zinus can be much suitable for persons with average weight, say 100 to 200 lbs. It offers excellent support and balance and features a sturdy metal frame for durability.


  •       Dimensions: 60” x 80” x 14”
  •       Metal Platform
  •       Weight: 39.3 lbs
  •       13-inch ground clearance


  •       Easy to assemble and fix
  •       Incredibly lightweight
  •       Sturdy, durable build
  •       Ideal for persons with average weight (100-200 lbs)


  •       Things might be squeaky over the first 6-12 months

Our Verdict

The Smart Base is a decent quality steel frame mattress foundation. Similar to those above, you can use it for multiple types of mattresses. Your bedroom flooring will be shielded by a set of plastic caps that fit under the legs.

Nonetheless, there’s a self-assembly process needed, which might somewhat difficult for some people. Users have it that it’s more stable, particularly when the part nuts are tightened with pliers.

Zinus Shawn 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation / Platform Bed Frame / Box Spring Replacement / Quiet Noise-Free / Maximum Under-bed Storage, QueenCheck Current Price

Classic Brands Adjustable

This mattress foundation incorporates a massage feature and dual USB ports embedded on the same side. This could be the right choice if you are not much interested in extra add-ons in your bed.

Why we like it

It comes with a programmable elevation system that provides you with head and foot massage. It also features a wireless remote handset that grants maximum control over the incredible features. In other words, this product is electronically designed to offer you the maximum support to head, back, and legs.


  •       Dimension: 80” x 59” x 9.2”
  •       Adjustable memory foam
  •       Wireless remote
  •       Weight: 123.5 lbs


  •       The functions are easy to adjust
  •       Multipurpose foundation ideal for most mattress
  •       Three adjustment levels
  •       Suitable for latex and air mattress
  •       It has a dual foot and head massage
  •       Offered in different sizes: King, Queen, Full and Twin XL


  •       The product is electronically controlled so that it may let you down sometimes.
  •       It may be quite cumbersome and complicated to install

Our Verdict

The adjustable mattress foundation is among the most modernized products that you can use with your memory foam mattress. However, you should note that the impact of the massage features will be subject to how thick your mattress is- thicker mattress will result in a less noticeable massage.

Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base with Massage, Wireless Remote, Three Leg Heights, and USB Ports-Ergonomic, Queen, BlackCheck Current Price

Letha Platform Bed

This another excellent base for a memory foam mattress that comes with all possibilities to extend your mattress millage. Although you can pay some pennies to get done by the company, the assembly is easy and straightforward and doesn’t take much time or effort. Besides, all tools are provided to make work easier.

Why we like it

The Letha Platform utilizes CertiPUR-US wood and comes with a black painted solid pine so that it can match seamlessly with almost any décor. The slats are well-spaced (two inches apart) for even weight distribution, thereby extending the life of your high profile mattress so that you won’t need a box spring.


  •       Solid wood rails
  •       Two inches slat interval
  •       Assembly tools included
  •       Support air Circulation


  •       Solid pine can blend with any décor
  •       Easy assembly
  •       Ideal for most memory foam mattress


  •       Two inches slat space is still not quite enough

Our Verdict

Made in China, the Letha Platform Bed is offered in a full, twin, king, and queen size. It has a 5-year warranty, so your money is covered in case of material and manufacturing defects.

Pragma Bed Quad Fold Foundation

This might not be the most popular brand out there, but it’s undoubtedly among the best when it comes to quality base for foam mattress- and Pragma Bed Quad Fold Foundation is a proof. 

Why we like it

The unit comes with a powder-coated finish that helps to fend off bed-bugs and dust-mites, resulting in a more hygienic and well turned-out surface to lay your foam mattress on. It’s also very easy to store with generous ground clearance- thanks to the four-way fold-up mechanism.


  •       Dimensions: 75” x 39” x 14”
  •       Weight 26.9 lbs
  •       Foldable metal platform
  •       Four-way folding mechanism


  •       Low price
  •       Very lightweight
  •       Easy to store
  •       Plentiful under platform clearance


  •       Not very firm
  •       Squeaky

Our Verdict

The Pragma Quad Foundation is made of solid metal and comes with a four-way- adjustable frame, which is lightweight with easy set-up. It’s an excellent product with impressive practicality, still at low-cost.

PragmaBed Simple Base Quad-fold Foundation, KingCheck Current Price

Lucid Foldable Metal Platform

The Lucid Foldable Metal Platform comes with exceptional aspects that make it great for any memory foam mattress. Since it’s foldable, you can quickly relocate it between rooms or fold for storage.

Why we like it

You will probably appreciate the heavy-duty wire grind that fits entirely even for polyfoam, latex, and innerspring mattresses. Plus, it brings all benefits rendered by other best metal grid foundations.


  •       Foldable
  •       5-year warranty
  •       13 inches of the ground clearance
  •       2500 pounds weight capacity


  •       Very easy to assemble
  •       5-year competitive warranty
  •       Robust frame build with astonishing 2500 pounds weight capacity
  •       Available in Twin XL, Twin, Full, King, Queen as well as Cal King sizes


  •       Shaky and noisy during operation, particularly with loose screws/bolts

Our Verdict

This is a reliable product overall. Some users find it challenging to fit these types of frames properly, so they remain quiet and stable when in use. When structure loosen up, and the unit becomes shaky and noisy, it’s because the bolts/screws are not tightened enough. However, the issue should disappear once you tighten everything up.

LUCID Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame and Mattress Foundation -Strong and Sturdy Support - Quiet Noise Free - Full SizeCheck Current Price

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Best Foundation for Memory Foam Mattress Buyer Guide

The following are the factors to think through before choosing a foundation for your mattress:


Like latex mattresses, most memory foam calls for rigid support, so your base needs to be made of either wood or metal. Generally, foundations made with metal are harder and sturdier than box springs.

On the other hand, if you go for a foundation built with wood, ensure that the wood used in construction is oh high-quality and not hybrids. Most people prefer wooden slatted foundation over metal/steel one since it can be a little more comfortable.

Metal foundations provide more portability with easy folding, whereas wooden base tends to be much more cumbersome and challenging to fold.

Size range

Although it’s quite singular to throw in this factor, you’ll be surprised to know how many customers send these platforms back. So, be sure to check through the size range of the platform you’re purchasing and if it matches your mattress.

Wooden slats

These are typically added to a specific purchase or already-owned bed when searching for a foundation. They are known for their ability to help with sagging issues. Wooden slats are ideal for any mattress, even thin ones since they are well-cushioned for maximum comfort.

When purchasing or installing your wooden slats, keep in mind that slats should not exceed the size like that of a soda can. Closed gaps can help to ease pressure points. Essentially, check out for weak or thin woods, and make sure such positions are not placed where exactly where the pressure is utmost. Also, make sure the slats adequately tightened, so they don’t slide out anytime soon.


The kind of warranty you get is subject to the amount you pay for the product. Still and all, some brands offer a 3-5 year warranty, while other models like box springs feature 30 days warranties. So if you have a budget, choose wisely and consider the warranty before transacting.


Manufacturers will often provide you with the platform’s sizes, in terms of height, length, and width of the product. Therefore, run the magnitudes against the scope of your room to make sure there will be still enough space. That little calculation comes in handy, particularly when you have no idea about your mattress size.

Weight Capacity

The best base for a memory foam mattress is classically designed to withstand a higher weight capacity. For individuals sharing a bed, a base that can support 400 lbs and above will be ideal.  Most platforms reviewed here features a suitable weight capacity, with some having exceptional weight ranges.


Most manufacturers design their products with the ability to offer exclusive handy extras. For example, some platform providers high-ground clearance which can be utilized for under-bed-storage, portability, and high-grade materials. Consider the need for having such additions when deciding on the best foundation for your memory foam mattress.


Memory foam mattresses bring the best comfort when you use it on the best foundation purposely designed for them. You may choose a metal foundation or wooden one, but that is of no difference. Every platform and foundation included in our best foundation for memory foam mattress reviews come with high-quality features and are suitable for virtually any foam mattress. 

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