American Standard Champion 4 Vs Champion 4 Max

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In this comparison, we’ll examine the American Standard Champion 4 vs. Champion 4 Max. It’s a comparison between two premium quality toilets systems made by the same company, and you may want to know about these models before you actually spend your money.

While one can read through the product reviews about these toilets on various sites, it can be quite tricky deciphering what those dissimilarities mean and how they affect the performance of each unit. As such, we decided to break everything down for you.

Appearance a Glance

The Champion 4 model is a one-piece commode, offered in three different colors- linen, bone, and white. On the contrary, the Champion 4 Max is a two-piece system and is also available in three colors; linen, black and white.

Considering how identical these products are, the black color might be a major determinant for some people. And besides being a one-piece, the Champion 4 is relatively heavy to carry alone, and hulling it upstairs during installation might attest cumbersome.

Even so, there is a trade-off. One-piece toilets are much more accessible to keep clean than two-piece toilets. Manufactured with glasslike porcelain, both toilets are really durable, and they are available in round or elongated front, depending on your preferences.

According to most users, the elongated shape seems more comfortable as it provides more space for your posterior and thighs to rest.

On the other hand, the Champion 4 Max toilet comes a little bigger than the Champion 4 modes and weighs more too. The height of the bowls featured by both toilets (excluding the seat) is technically identical at 16.5 inches. That gratifies the optimal Height requirements- though some users find this height to be slightly uncomfortable.

Power Flush

Both toilets are pressure-assisted and come with a four-inch piston accelerator flush valve. This is one of the most prominent mechanisms in the industry. It makes these valves faster and more powerful than most valves you’ll find. The valve can dump right into the bowl in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to the larger valve, it makes these toilets flush much faster. Furthermore, both toilets are equipped with a two and 3/8th inch glazed trapway. The trapway is well sized to make sure that even larger masses can quickly flash away short of any hustle. With this feature, users don’t have to muddle through blocking issues of these commode systems.

Coming down to water consumption, the Champion 4 models requires 1.6 gallons of water for each flush (1.6 gpf) while the Champion 4 max requires only 1.28 gallons per flush. With that said, you can save a substantial amount on your water bills using the Champion 4 Max. Additionally, these toilets come with a PowerWash rinse that helps to scrub the bowl after every flush, thereby ensuring a cleaner surface for an extended period.

The Champion 4 max outperforms the Champion 4 for water consumption. Besides the fact that the lesser gallon per flush ensures that you save on your water bills, it also helps to make the clean-up really simple and better.

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This is the basic distance between the wall behind the toilet itself and the center of the pipe connecting the toilet to the surface/flour. These champion toilets feature a rough-in of around 12 inches. The rough-in feature comes in handy when connecting to the water supply and also when cleaning the base/back of the toilet bowl.

Trip Lever

Both toilets systems present a similar functionality of the basic trip level. Some users have it that they had to grip the level down for at least 3 to 4 seconds to ascertain a proper flush with the Champion 4 model.

Apparently, there are no such problems when it comes to Champion 4, Max. One best thing about the Champion 4 is that you get an option to pick the finish of the trip level according to your preferences. You can choose between white, default chrome, polished brass, or satin. The Champion 4 Max comes with the default chrome finish only.

So if you decide to go with the Champion 4 model, know that you’ll have to hold for about 3-4 seconds to complete the flushing. But with Champion 4 Max, you’ll experience none of such delays, and you can flush as quickly as you pull the lever.

However, if you are interested in the trip lever finish, then you may have to make your reconsideration for this particular aspect. Though somewhat trivial, you may prefer choosing between the default chrome, white, stain, or brass as offered by the Champion 4. The max versions come with just one chrome finish.


Going through several American Standard Champion 4 reviews, we found that both models have the capabilities to offer high performance. The Champion 4 max has a lot of test approbation, which is why it’s known as Champion 4 max. It hits with a thousand grams per flush with only 1.28 gallons of water. Obviously, it’s more efficient in comparison to any other version in this price range.

With Champion 4, there several complaints about residue and skid marks, and it makes a strange noise when flushing- another negative aspect where Champion 4 max does well even after an extended period of usage. For both models, the flushing system is designed in a way that the whole bowl and rim will clean up with a single flush.

Additionally, the Champion 4 max outperformed all other flushing mechanisms in the MaP test. MaP test also referred to as Max Performance, ascertains how well the toilets can perform. The Champion 4 max got the highest possible score (1000 grams per flush). It attained that with just 1.28 gallons of water for each flush. Which makes it the most efficient flushing toilet for bulk waste removal.

The customer stated that with the Champion 4 model, residue and skid marks are usually left behind after flushing, and unfortunately, that implies resorting to a cleaning brush. Aside from that, other customers complained that the Champion 4 makes a weird noise while flushing.

This is a crucial consideration if you are planning to install these toilets in your bedroom. It can raise disturbances in the middle of the night and awake sleeping fellows or family members. The Champion 4 max is associated with less noise compared to its direct competitors. However, both toilets do not have a heated seat or an in-built night light.


As a two-piece toilet, the Champion 4 max comes in a package of two boxes. One box consists of the toilet bowl, and the other one contains the flush tank. On the other hand, the Champion 4 (one piece toilet) is delivered in a single, large box.

Both the Champion 4 vs. Champion 4 max toilets come without the seat included, although the American Standard acclaims the gentle closing seat offered with them. The package contains 2 bolt caps that are color matched.

Easy Installation

Nearly all customers attest that these toilets are extremely easy to put in place. All you need to have is a new, commercial-grade wax ring plus a bolt kit. The package comes with a clear set of instructions, and anyone can put them to work with no difficulty.

Since the Champion 4 (one piece toilet) is somewhat cumbersome, one might need another person to help carry it. Installation only requires a bolt kit and a good quality wax ring, and you can quickly complete the set up all by yourself following the provided set of instructions.


One more thing that customers appreciate about these toilets is minimal maintenance. Once you’re done with the installation, neither of these models seem to raise any major issue. They both have an antimicrobial EverClean for inside and outside. This doesn’t only enhance easy cleaning; the antimicrobial surface also protects against the growth of bacteria and mold.

Certification Compliance

Both the Champion 4 and Champion 4 max models are compliant with the height standards as specified by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for accessible facilities. In fact, the Champion 4 Max is also endorsed by the US EPA WaterSense Specifications under High-Efficiency Toilets. Unfortunately, Champion 4 does not have this certification.


From American Standard, both Champion 4 and Champion 4 max come with a ten-year warranty.


Finally, it’s important to state something about downsides as no single toilet system comes with absolute good features. One downside common to both models is the absence of seats. That means you’ll need to spend some extra to get a separate seat. The next setback goes to the Champion 4. It makes noises while flushing, which is rather irritating. Besides, none of these systems incorporate a night-light technology.


After comparing the American Standard Champion 4 Vs. Champion 4 Max, we can confidently conclude that both are excellent toilet systems. However, our verdict is that you go with the Champion 4 Max as it is by far more superior and efficient. It uses 1.28 gallons upon every flush in comparison to 1.6. According to most users, the Champion 4 Max can flush away more waste from the bowl all by consuming less water and making less noise.