5 Best Single-Stage Snow Blowers

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I know no one likes doing it, but when the season rolls around, we all must prepare for winter.

The popularity of single-stage snow blowers can be linked to their low cost, convenient operation, and efficient cleaning. These snow blowers can be as much as half the price of a two-stage snow blower, but much more efficient than a manual snow shovel and even an electric snow shovel.

We tried the Briggs & Stratton 1022 22-inch and can’t get over its near-perfect performance. It offers optimum customization in terms of snow discharge at a very fair price.

But if it doesn’t suit your requirements, you can check out the other products we have in store for you.

Our Top 5 Picks

1. Briggs & Stratton 1022 22-Inch Single-Stage Snow Blower

Scoring 4.7 out of 5 stars, the Briggs & Stratton 1022 Single-Stage Snow Blower is one of our top recommendations. Its superior drive mechanism and clearing capacity make it the best unit overall.

Standout Features:

  • 22-inch clearing width
  • Auger-assisted drive system
  • Adjustable chute deflector

Why Should You Buy This Product?

At the heart of this powerful machine lies a robust Briggs & Stratton 950 208cc Snow Series engine, which is engineered to provide optimum performance in freezing temperatures. We opted for the recoil start variant and were quite impressed with the ease of operation.

Talking about its maneuverability, the auger-assisted drive system helps in the unit’s seamless forward movement. Additionally, the rubber-edged design ensures precision by cleaning down to the pavements. With a 22-inch clearing width, you can clear a lot at one go.

Last but not least, the direction of the plastic chute can be easily changed from left-to-right (or vice versa) with the mounted handle. Not only that, but the quick deflector lets the user decide on a convenient throw height.

What Could Be Improved?

Perhaps the only thing we can crib about is the length of the shoot control handle, which can be challenging to operate for taller users without stepping on one side. However, the brand solves this problem with a slightly expensive crank-variant model.


  • Synthetic oil for a quick start
  • Oversized controls for mitten/gloves-friendly operation
  • Compact design saves storage space
  • Durable construction


  • Shoot control handle may be inconvenient for taller users


2. Toro 38381 Electric Power Curve Snow Blower

Next up, we have the Toro 38381 Electric Power Curve Snow Blower with a score of 4.5 stars. A top model from the country’s most trusted snow thrower brand, it’s the fastest unit in its price range.

Standout Features:

  • Power Curve Technology
  • Zip deflector design
  • Quick Chute Lever

Why Should You Buy This Product?

This single-stage snow blower is powered by a 15 amp motor and does multiple things to ensure a user-friendly operation.

Firstly, the Power Curve Technology utilizes a curved rotor and inverted funnel casing that accounts for its speed. It can clean up to 700 pounds per minute for efficient cleaning of the patio, driveway, or sidewalk with almost zero clogging.

On top of that, the 18-inch clearing width with a 12-inch intake height reinforces quick clearing. While the 160-degree adjustable chute lets you choose the direction, the zip deflector allows you to lock it in the desired angle among three available settings.

Finally, the ergonomic handle design facilitates a comfortable grip even with long hours of operation.

What Could Be Improved?

The position of the safety button on the handle is such that the user may press it unintentionally while operating. As a result, the blower can stop multiple times during a single pass, making the process a bit tiresome.


  • Hassle-free assembly
  • Easy lift handle
  • Cord lock system to nullify interrupted power supply
  • 6-inch wide traction wheels


  • Inconveniently located safety button


3. Honda Power Equipment HS720ASA

No list of snow blowers is complete without a Honda product, so here it goes. The Honda Power Equipment HS720ASA has the best throwing height among our other recommendations, and as such, gets 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Standout Features:

  • Steel auger
  • Adjustable chute angle
  • Dual start mechanism

Why Should You Buy This Product?

For starters, we really liked the 190cc OHC Honda engine, which provides the unit with maximum power in almost every weather condition. And thanks to its 4 stroke design, you don’t have to go through the trouble of mixing oil and gas.

Just plug in the cord to an extension board and engage the electric start. Besides, it’s equipped with a backup recoil start in case of power disruption.

Unlike its predecessors, it doesn’t come with the option of an adjustable chute height. However, the user can choose an angle to throw the snow, and the highest setting throws it at 33 feet high. Apart from that, the steel auger clears 20-inch wide snow-laden driveways in a single pass.

What Could Be Improved?

Although the steel auger does well to resist snow accumulation on the body and clear buildup of 8 inches or low, its rubber paddles wear off faster with regular use. Also, the chute angle control handle is very stiff to operate.


  • Replaceable auger paddles
  • 20-inch intake height
  • 1.5-inch wide tires
  • Smooth recoil start


  • Stiff chute angle control handle
  • Rubber paddles wear off quickly


4. Snow Joe SJ625E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

With a rating of 3.9 stars, the Snow Joe SJ625E Single Stage Thrower finds an honorable mention on our list. Its versatile features make it a fit for quick clearing or for cleaning mid-sized driveways. Plus, it’s the best unit for low light conditions.

Standout Features:

  • Double rubber blades
  • 180-degree directional chute
  • LED lights

Why Should You Buy This Product?

First things first, the powerful 15 amp electric motor makes it capable of clearing up to 800 pounds per minute. Moreover, its durable steel auger is equipped with double rubber blades that have a 21-inch clearing width. Additionally, they don’t cause any abrasions on the pathway.

Its long, ergonomic handle structure features a 3 watt LED light, making it easy to work in low light conditions.

Beyond that, the 180-degree rotatable chute provides full user control over the direction of snow discharge. And the deflector handle allows the user to adjust the throw height. Be it for clearing light buildup or medium-duty snow accumulation; this product does a good job overall.

What Could Be Improved?

For more intense buildup, you may have to break down the piles manually before cleaning the remaining with this snow blower. And similar to the Briggs & Stratton 1022 Single-Stage Snow Blower, the rotatable chute can be difficult to control for taller users.


  • No gas or oil tune-ups
  • Effortless start mechanism
  • 2.5-inch wide wheels facilitate smooth gliding
  • Non-abrasive scraper blades


  • May not be helpful for intense snow buildup


5. Power Smart DB5023 Electric Snow Thrower

Last but not least, the Power Smart DB5023 Electric Snow Thrower makes a deserving entry with 3.5 stars to its name. Its range of user-friendly features makes it the most cost-effective snow blower out there.

Standout Features:

  • Rubber-tipped auger
  • 180-degree chute
  • Padded grip

Why Should You Buy This Product?

To begin with, we loved the metal auger design that has a rubber tip to protect the surface from getting scrapped. Furthermore, its durability means that you can clear moderately intense buildup with minimum strain on the muscles. And owing to the quick electric start, it doesn’t require multiple tries even in the coldest temperatures.

Similar to the Briggs & Stratton 1022 Single-Stage Snow Blower, the oversized controls help the user reach them easily with gloves on. Likewise, the handgrip is padded with foam for a comfortable user experience.

And finally, the 180-degree adjustable chute can be moved in any direction for a powerful discharge of up to 30 feet on 18-inch wide pathways.

What Could Be Improved?

Honestly, we were a bit bummed out about the quality of the bolts holding the blade. Since they become loose after a few passes, you may experience significant vibrations during cleaning. Hence, we’d suggest replacing or tightening them regularly to avoid any problems.


  • Oversized auxiliary handle for easy carrying
  • Seamless maneuverability
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • No clogging chute


  • Blades may vibrate due to loose bolts


Buyers’ Guide

You have the top 5 single-stage snow blowers, but how do you pick the best one for your needs? To answer this, we’ve curated a buyers’ guide listing the key factors to consider before making a purchase.

Gas Or Electric Snow Blower?

The type of power source will mainly depend on user convenience. While electric operated single-stage snow blowers have virtually no maintenance needs, the gas-powered units have a reputation for being more powerful.

However, the former requires you to carry an extension board throughout. Similarly, gas-powered models may produce fume and smoke, which can become difficult to deal with. Overall, we are slightly in favor of the electric models due to their low maintenance and environmental benefits.

What Are Some Of The Other Features To Consider?

Irrespective of the power source, here are some sought-after features:

1. Electric And Recoil Start – The Best Of Both Worlds

As you may have guessed, an electric start mechanism is easier to operate as all you need to do is press a button to engage operation. That said, it’s not unusual for electric start models to cease operation in low temperatures.

Hence, we’d suggest investing in a unit like the Honda Power Equipment HS720ASA with a dual start mechanism. This way, the manual recoil start will come in handy if the electric start fails or vice versa.

2. The Ideal Clearing Width Is…

Generally, homeowners choose snow blowers with a minimum 18-inch clearing width, which is sufficient for small to medium-sized driveways and patios.

But if you have an even smaller space to clear, it may be a good idea to buy a model like the Briggs & Stratton 1022 Single-Stage Snow Blower that has precision cleaning capabilities. Its rubber-edged auger will help you clean tight areas with less snow accumulation.

3. Adjustable Chute Is A Must

Without a doubt, the adjustable chute mechanism is one of the main things to look out for since it facilitates throwing the snow in the most convenient direction. However, one thing to keep in mind is that not all models allow the user to change the direction.

While most units come equipped with this mechanism, others like the Honda Power Equipment HS720ASA may only let you change the angle. Likewise, some snow blowers like the Toro 38381 Electric Power Curve Snow Blower allow you to lock the angle so that it can maintain a uniform snow discharge.

4. Oversized Controls Because…

Users are most likely to operate a snow blower with gloves or mittens on, so we’d highly recommend opting for a model that has oversized control levers. Otherwise, it may be challenging to operate the controls without removing the gloves constantly.

5. Padded Handle For Comfort

Users who are worried about ergonomics shouldn’t look beyond the Power Smart DB5023 Electric Snow Thrower. Not only does a unit like this keep the grip warm throughout, but it also reduces hand fatigue with long hours of operation.

6. The Best Additional Feature? LED Lights!

For dedicated or versatile use, something like a Snow Joe SJ625E Single Stage Thrower will do the job. The powerful LED lights will be helpful if the situation requires you to clear snow in low light conditions.


How To Use A Snow Blower Safely?

Just like any other machine, single-stage snow blowers should be handled with care to prevent injuries both to the user and the ones nearby. So, here’s a guide about how to use your snow blower properly.

1. Appropriate Dressing

Not to the point of suffocation, but users should avoid wearing loose clothes like baggy pants, dangling scarves, or any other loose pieces that can get caught in the chute or wheel. If that happens, the machine will potentially pull everything attached to that end, including the one wearing the cloth.

Additionally, you should opt for slip-resistant footwear to prevent falling on the ground or snow blower.

2. Picking Before Cleaning

If you’re aware of an approaching snowstorm, it’d be a good idea to pick up things like toys, doormats, newspapers, rocks, etc., which can get stuck in the auger.

3. Right Use Of The Cord

In the case of a corded single-stage snow blower, users should make sure they are using a compatible unit. Furthermore, it should be plugged into a GFCI protected outlet to minimize the risk of sparks and fires. At the same time, the cord should be kept away from the front-end to protect it from getting pulled in by the auger.

Summing It Up

Before we take your leave, here’s a quick roundup of our findings.

In our opinion, the Briggs & Stratton 1022 Single-Stage Snow Blower is a top performer because of its fine clearing capability. Unlike the Honda Power Equipment HS720ASA, its rubber-tipped auger reinforces precision without wearing off too quickly.

A close second would be the Toro 38381 Electric Power Curve Snow Blower, as it offers a fast discharge without compromising on accuracy. Again, as opposed to the Honda Power Equipment HS720ASA, the chute can change both direction and angle with the option of locking the latter.