5 Best Two-Stage Snow Blowers

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Are you tired of using your snow shovel, or even an electric snow shovel, every morning to clear snow? A two-stage snowblower will save you a lot of energy and time when clearing snow. It is ideal for areas that receive snow that exceeds eight inches. It scoops up the excess snow from the driveway, breaks it into manageable chunks, and then pushes it out of the discharge chute.

To get prepared for winter, it is essential to choose the best two-stage snow blower to ensure that you remove snow effectively from the driveway. With many options in the market, there are many factors to look for, including durability, power, and weight. It is equally important to understand how to use your snow blower before you get started. Here are our picks for the best two-stage snow blower.

My Top 5 Two-Stage Snow Blowers

The Poulan Pro PR241 24-inch 208cc Electric Snowblower (Easiest to Assemble)

The Poulan Pro PR241 features powerful ribbon augers that breakthrough snow propelling it into the impeller blades where it is pushed up and out through the chute. It is ideal for gravel areas, larger paved areas, and sidewalks. The powerful 208cc Poulan PRO engine is durable to withstand extreme conditions. The remote chute and deflector controls help to direct the snow to your preferred direction.


  • Impeller diameter: 12 inches
  • Tire size: 13 inches
  • Fuel capacity: 0.71 gallons
  • Warranty: 2 years limited and 4-year warranty for the engine
  • Intake height: 23 inches
  • Auger diameter: 12 inch
  • Torque: 9.5 lb-ft
  • Speeds: six forward and one reverse


  • Electric start
  • Power steering
  • Remote chute rotator/deflector
  • Rating: 4.3 ratings out of 5 stars


  • Reduced tipping force
  • Adjustable height
  • Easier to use control and redesigned control panel
  • Easier to assemble
  • Improved power steering
  • New friction disc transmission, which reduces the risk of damage
  • Improved ribbon auger for an improved mix of snow and air


  • Does not come with oil
  • Hard to start when it’s freezing


Ariens Deluxe 24 (Best Overall)

This powerful 24-inch snow blower features a 243cc 4-cycle engine and enormous 14-inch steel serrated augers. It offers a blend of power and versatility and comes at a great value. The engine amasses an impressive 12.5 lb-ft of torque that grinds the harshest snow with ease.

The 14-inch auger is serrated and is capable of chopping through car ruts, compacted snow, and ice. The impeller is large enough to accommodate the 2060 lbs/min plowing capacity. The gear casing consist of heavy-duty cast iron with steel alloy gears. As a safety mechanism, Ariens Deluxe 24 uses shear pins.

It has an impressive heavy-duty all-steel build that provides high performance and durability. The strong housing can sustain a massive impact from rocks and gravel. The Ariens Deluxe 24 comes with six forward and two reverse speeds that maintain a steady pace. It has an auto-turn feature that enables you to turn with minimum effort.


  • Fuel capacity: 0.369 gallons
  • Clearing width: 24 inches
  • Intake height: 21 inches
  • Throw distance: 50 feet
  • Tires: 16 inches
  • Warranty: 3-year limited
  • Engine: 254cc 4-Cycle OHV
  • Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars


  • Starting method: recoil and electric
  • Speeds: six forward and two reverse
  • Power steering
  • Remote chute adjustment
  • One headlight


  • Powerful Engine
  • Self-propelled plus auto turn is easier to handle.
  • Auger is made of high-quality steel.


  • Loud engine
  • Lacks heated handlebars
  • Slow reverse


Husqvarna ST224 208cc Two-Stage Snow Blower (Most Reliable)

This two-stage snow blower combines power and reliability with a nice touch of unique features to clear snow for areas with moderate snowfall. It is powered by a 208cc 4-cycle engine that puts out 6.3 horsepower. It can clear out up to 14-16 inches of ice and 10 inches of heavier snow. The engine is one of the quietest in the market and guarantees reliability and fuel efficiency.

The Husqvarna ST224 has a 12-inch steel auger with a 23-inch depth and 24-inch clearing width. The steel auger chops through heavy and compacted snow with ease. You can adjust the skid shoes for safety use on gravel, lawn, or block paving surfaces. It is self-propelled with six forward and one reverse speed. The 15-ich tires offer firm traction on ice due to the over-sized X-trac heavy-duty tread.

You also get incredible handling with the Husqvarna ST224 with power steering that enables you to make tight turns. It has remote chute controls that work effortlessly and allows you to change direction without slowing down.


  • Engine: 208cc 4-Cycle (6.3HP)
  • Fuel capacity: 0.71 gallons
  • Clearing width: 24 inches
  • Intake height: 23 inches
  • Throw distance: 30 feet
  • Warranty: 3-year limited, engine 5-year


  • Recoil and electric starting method
  • Power steering
  • Two LED headlights
  • Heated handgrips
  • 4.1 out of 5 rating


  • Easy to handle
  • High-quality steel auger
  • Smooth Single-hand controls


  • Slow reverse speed
  • It is big and heavy
  • Troy-Bilt Storm 2410


Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 (Most Affordable)

This two-stage gas snow blower has a 208cc OHV 4-cycle engine that puts out an estimated seven horsepower and 9.5lb-ft of torque. It has a 24-ich serrated steel auger that crushes ice and heavier snow. The reinforced steel housing offers additional resilience from rocks and ice that get caught up in the machine.

The Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 has good handing despite the lack of power steering. It can make a 180degree turn with ease. You can control the discharge chute remotely with a hand crank. The chute is made of durable, heavy-duty plastic. It is ideal for uneven, flat, and sloped surfaces.


  • Engine: 208cc 4-Cycle
  • Fuel capacity: 0.5 gallons
  • Intake height: 21 inches
  • Throw distance: 30 feet
  • Tires: 13 inch
  • Weight: 186 pounds


  • Recoil and electric starting method
  • Six forwards and two reverse speeds
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • 4.3 out of 5 rating


  • Affordable
  • Electric start


  • Lacks power steering
  • Lacks heated handgrips
  • Stiff chute crank


Briggs & Stratton Dual-Stage Snow Blower 1024 Standard Series (Best for Extreme Weather)

The Briggs & Stratton Dual-Stage Snow Blower delivers high-performance with a 208cc 950 Snow Series engine that produces 9.5 lb-ft of torque. The engine can start at -20 F and features an electric start for use during the coldest weather.

The reversible steel skid shoes make it easier to maneuver through the snow in any snow conditions. The gearbox is made from aluminum to increase its durability. The steel frame is built to last with the notched auger and chute tough enough to take on ice and snow with ease.


  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton 950 Snow Series Engine
  • Gross Torque: 9.5
  • Clearing width: 24 inches
  • Weight: 175 pounds
  • Throwing distance: 30 inches
  • Intake height: 20 inches


  • Friction Disc Drive system
  • Electric start
  • one-hand control
  • Manual deflector controls
  • Left side crank rotation
  • 4 out of the 5-star rating
  • 3-year limited engine and equipment warranty


  • Relatively affordable
  • Can start at freezing temperatures as low as -20 degrees


  • Not good in slush


Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Two-stage Snow Blower

It is crucial to have detailed information about the best features when buying a snow blender. There are so many options available in the market, and getting the perfect snowblower for your walkway or driveway can be a daunting task. Here are some features that will help you find a snow blower that meets your needs.

Path Size and Construction

The size of your walkway or pathway will determine the type and size of your snowblower. A two-stage snowblower with a range between 24 and 48 inches is suitable for clearing broader paths more quickly. Bigger snow blowers that have bigger engines have greater performance in areas with more diverse terrain.

Amount and Type of Snow

When buying a snowblower, it is essential to ask yourself how much snow you need to clear and what type of snow needs to be cleared. A snowblower with a bigger engine will definitely give you better results. They can cut through deeper snow compared to less powerful engines present on single-stage snow blowers. Two-stage blowers like the Ariens Deluxe 24 with a 243 cc engine easily cuts through compacted snow and ice.


Some two-stage snow blowers like Husqvarna ST224 are heavy, which makes turning difficult. This can make your task exhausting and cause back pains. However, they come with power steering that enables you to turn the machine with ease. The weight and size of the snow blow also affect the maneuverability of the machine. Snow blowers are of different shapes and sizes. A heavy machine is not as practical as a compact snowblower that is easy to handle and occupies less space in the garage. It is also easier to push a lightweight snow blower around the driveway or sidewalk.


Using your snow blower in a residential area can produce a lot of noise, especially early in the morning, when people are asleep. The best two-stage electric snow blowers are much quieter than fuel-powered machines. Snowblowers like the Husqvarna ST224 208cc are very quiet helps to carry out your operation without disturbing the neighbors.


An electric snow blower with pneumatic air-filled tires requires frequent repairing and refilling, which is costly. They also reduce the snowblower’s efficiency, especially if one tire has more or less air pressure than the other one. It is advisable to consider airless tires since they never go flat. They consist of a unique polymer material that flexes to shed snow. They have firm traction like conventional rubber tires. As a bonus, they are maintenance-free, and you do not have to worry about side-tracking.

Electric Start

During freezing temperatures, gasoline engines can take time to start. It may take a lot of trials to get it started with the recoil. The electric-start feature connects to a standard AC outlet and allows you to start the machine with a push of a button. Snow Blowers like the Briggs & Stratton Dual-Stage can at even as low as -20 degrees. This will save you the trouble of pulling the rope, which weighs heavily on your back and shoulders.


Whether you choose to clear snow late at night or early in the morning, you need proper visibility for efficiency. Headlights are essential as they help you to see and avoid obstacles that can jam the machine. The Husqvarna ST224 208cc has two Led lights that increase your visibility in the dark.

Clearing Width

It essential to consider the size or width of the auger since it allows you to determine the amount of snow the blower can clear at a time. The best two-stage snow blowers can clear snow width from 20-38 inches.

Blade Depth

The depth of the blade or the blower’s intake height maximizes the size of the snow blower’s blade. For better performance, some snow blowers will have options like 10 inches or 23 inch where the larger blade depth allows the blower to take in more snow at a time.

Durability and Warranty

Heavy and hardened snow increases the wear and tear of the snowblower. This is because the snowblower is forced to cut deep to clear your driveway. If you live in an area that experiences freezing temperatures, you should choose a snowblower with a good build quality and reliability to ensure it lasts longer. The warranty your blower offers is also important to consider. The best two-stage snow blower offers a warranty period of 1-5 years, which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. This enables you to get all repairs under the warranty period.

Other Features

Some of the must-have features on a blower include:

  • Single-handed operations
  • Accelerator
  • Heated handgrips
  • Chute controls
  • Electric start
  • Headlights
  • Deflector control
  • Power steering


Our top pick for the best two-stage snow blower is the Ariens Deluxe 24, followed closely by the Husqvarna ST224. The Ariens Deluxe has one of the most powerful engines in the market, making it ideal for freezing temperatures. The remote-handle stick makes it easier to use power steering increases its maneuverability. It has a wide clearing width and impressive throwing distance of over 50 feet, which is quite unmatched by the rest of the blowers.

The Husqvarna ST224 comes a close second with its smooth single-hand controls and powerful LED lights giving it a slight edge. It is very reliable, and it has an extensive warranty period, which ensures that your blower lasts longer. Its powerful engine is one of the quietest in the market, and this allows you to operate without the need for noise blockers.

If you really have a large space you need to clear snow, maybe a standard snow blower is not what you need, there are a few great options for ATV snow blowers that can really speed up the job for you.