The Modern Bathroom: Trends in Bathroom Tile Design

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More young urban dwellers have been entering the housing market than ever before. Perhaps this is why the modern bathroom design has become so popular. Tile design, in particular, has embraced this trend, leading the way for all homeowners to achieve the style they crave.

Tile Size and Layout

One of the most prevalent themes in the current tile design is the size of the tile. Both oversized, and mosaic tiles are extremely popular right now, particularly in small bathrooms.

Large tiles have fewer grout lines, making small spaces look larger, and creating a clean-looking space. Mosaic tiles create an overall pattern on the space, creating a similar effect on small rooms, and catching the light in multiple ways, brightening the space.

These options are not just for flooring anymore, either. Try combining a mosaic floor with 12” or larger tiles on the walls. Or use 24” tiles on the floor, with mosaic walls.

Color Pallets

Gone are the days when beige tile reigned supreme. Today’s bathrooms are back to embracing color. Green has become an increasingly popular tile color for bathrooms, whereas gray is becoming the color of choice for small rooms. Make sure the colors flow well together and don’t worry about resale.

Try keeping the fixtures a bright white for a clean look, and remember to install a clear glass shower door, so that the entire design and color pallet can be seen.

Porcelain and Glass Offer Clean Lines and Ease of Cleaning

With its clean lines and new distinctive looks, porcelain tile is becoming the choice for modern bathrooms. Look for metal finishes, fabric inspired patterns and etched finishes which catch the light.

Glass tile comes in more sizes and styles than ever before, making it a natural choice for modern bathrooms. Look for 6×12 bricks for an updated subway look, or iridescent mosaics for some glamour.

Both materials are easy to care of and promise to continue looking good for years to come. If natural stone is used, look for polished and honed finishes, and rare materials such as onyx. Keep in mind that any natural material, even river rocks, will need to be sealed to help maintain its beauty.

Keep It Simple

Stick to one or two materials, colors, and sizes. If using accents or borders, try to stay away from those with too much going on. The design should be dramatic, but restful to the eye at once. Consider using contrasts in color or size, and leave the extreme decoration alone.

Visit local tile showrooms for the latest offerings and peruse design magazines at the local library for ideas. Remember to take the style of the home into consideration as well, and try not to create too jarring a contrast.