How to Identify Delta Shower Faucet Model

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As a company, Delta offers newer models to fully equip your bathroom. It was founded by Masco Corporation in 1952 and is still considered one of the best faucet selling brands available in the market.

When it comes to replacing a part of a shower faucet, you need first to identify your Delta shower faucet model. It is essential to know your Delta shower make and model number for replacing parts, like the faucet cartridge or shower stem. Then, you can find all such items on the official Delta website.

However, you need some know-how to identify Delta shower faucets. In other words, you’ll need to find a proper shower faucet to change your older model.

In this piece, we’ll explain how to identify Delta shower faucet model. Hence, we will share specific ways by which you can easily identify the type and model of your Delta shower.

1. Identify the Delta Faucet Model

Shower faucetGenerally, there are two aspects to consider when identifying Delta shower faucets. Hence, look for these types:

  • Single-function showerhead- it has one spray, and it serves as a hand shower as well. It can be mounted on the wall.
  • The hand shower has two spray settings: handheld and the entire body.

A single-function showerhead is most suitable and easy to handle. It is comparatively an inexpensive option with all benefits of a high-quality delta product.

2. Observe the Features of the Faucet

If you want to replace your Delta shower faucet model, you need to look for some of its features. These include the unit’s handle shape, size, and style. These features differ in every Delta product.

Looking into the types of handles, the company has single round handles, level handles, and double-hand variants. Furthermore, the type of finish, chrome or brushed metal, also plays a key role in this task.

Don’t forget to consider the handle’s material, and it can be either plastic or metal. Apart from handles, consider these points as well:

  • Faucet Handle Shape

If you want to identify the model of the faucet shower, look at the shape of the handle. Delta faucets come in a lever, electronic knob, and two or three handle faucets. Most of the faucets are made of plastic material or metal.

  • Faucet Finishing

The type of the faucet finishing is another vital factor. Generally, stainless steel, chrome, bronze, brass, and nickel are used in faucet finishing. Besides, they are available in different colors with matte, polish finishing, or luminous coat.

  • Faucet Volume / Cartridge

Delta offers several types of cartridges on its website. This feature helps in hunting for the model number of the faucet. Hence, by combing through the list, you quickly find out whether your specific unit is an older model or one of the latest Delta items.

  • Faucet Size / Holes / Flow

When it comes to repairing or replacing the faucet, you should also consider its size. Various flow options are available concerning the liking. You should look for the flow rate, dimensions, and several holes in the shower faucet.

3. Check the Maintenance and Installation Sheet

The installation instructions will let you know about the faucet and shower model numbers. However, people tend to quickly throw it away soon after installing the faucet model.

Yet, those papers provide in-depth info about that item’s main features. Hence, don’t develop a habit of discarding the docs that come with any of the Delta products.

On the other hand, most companies provide warranties for their faucets. Therefore, you should utilize it in case of a faulty faucet. However, you will need the original packaging to be eligible for this right.

4. Go to the Delta Faucet Website

Delta shower faucet model
Replacing an older model is easy if you log on to Delta’s official website. Once there, type in the serial number in question. Aside from that, you’ll need to provide a few more details and follow the prompts on the website.

As such, it’s a fast online process taking no longer than a few minutes. Then, you will see the option of “find parts”. Select it, and the website will take you to your product.

Besides, you can also get relevant info on the Delta website for repairing loose items, cracks, and leaks. 

To make this procedure more advantageous, select your product type among the following options: 

  • Bath
  • Kitchen
  • Shower components
  • Tub/shower

5. Go to the Product Identifier Tool

While on the website, you can also utilize the helpful product identifier tool. Here, you need to follow four stages:

  • Room

This section will ask you to select the room where you’ve installed the Delta faucet. So, you can pick between the bathroom and kitchen.

  • Product Type

In the bath category, you will find the list of bathroom accessories such as shower products, sink faucets, etc. After selecting such items, the website will lead you to the product descriptions section. 

Hence, ensure to spot the correct type before proceeding. Also, you can revert your choice if you’ve opted for the wrong category.

  • Product Description

This part lists the company’s showering products. It comprises a hand shower, showerhead, delta tub faucet, new shower faucet, shower components, and bases. Once you select the model of your previous shower faucet, then you can easily find a new model.

  • Matching Results

Look into the list of similar products. In other words, the site will present a matching product, and you can hone in on the most proper item.

Then, you can compare the older and latest models and determine the best course of action. Also, keep the model number in mind to ensure they are compatible.

However, if you still can’t decide, the final option is to visit a hardware store. There you can conveniently identify your faucet from its model number.

6. Take Assistance From a Plumber or Hardware Store

If you are unsure about the previous steps, you can also identify your faucet by going to a hardware or plumbing supply store. The clerk there will help you narrow down your search.

However, you might need to confirm which type fo model you’re currently using at this point. Therefore, follow the previous steps to identify which Delta item you’re looking to replace.

Shower faucet7. Older Delta Faucet

Note that on the company’s domain, you won’t find info about models older than 20 years.

As a result, discerning its features takes a few extra steps.

For example, you can search for a model by the year of production.

So, in the Delta faucet catalog of 1999, you can find all models and serial numbers made back then.

8. Consult Customer Support

Delta is a well-known brand that manages to stay on top by evolving with the times. Therefore, their official website offers excellent customer support. Plus, you can easily find the category you need help with and move from there.

The best-known companies provide 24/7 customer support for their customers, and the Delta faucet company is not an exception. So, aside from following our guide, you can also contact their expert team and share your troubles.

On this note, you can reach them via phone or email. Also, you can follow the prompts found on the side to find assistance in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a faucet model?

A faucet model contains a faucet handle, and each faucet handle (hot and cold) has a cartridge. A cartridge is a valve that rotates with the handle to regulate the water flow through the mouth of the faucet. A very old two-lever faucet may contain pressure besides a cartridge.

2. Where can I find the model number of the faucet?

The tap water pipe contains a label that holds the faucet’s model number. Typically, you will have to look under the sink to find the power line. Also, note that P/N usually precedes the model number.

3. When do you need a replacement?

If the faucet leaks excessively and shakes more than a functional faucet, it requires a replacement. However, fixing the faculty parts is more reasonable than replacing the whole faucet.

4. How to identify an older delta shower faucet model?

To recognize the model of your delta shower faucet, look at its handle. At the top of the handle where it connects to the fixture or at its end, if there’s a ‘D,’ then it is a delta single-hand shower. 

On the contrary, if there’s an ‘H’ at one or both the handles, it is a delta two-handle shower faucet. Lastly, a delta three-handle shower faucet contains two ‘HD’ symbols on its handles.

5. How to identify your delta shower faucet model?

In short, find the model number to identify Delta faucets. Often, the packaging will contain the model number along with the manual instructions. Aside from that, you can look for a model identification tag on some Delta products.

6. Can I switch parts of the delta shower faucet with each other?

Most handles are present in different sizes according to the application of the faucet. However, Delta faucets are designed to fit in most of the handles.


Due to Delta’s modern website, we can quickly determine which type of product we’re using. More often than not, all it takes is to find the proper model number.

Identifying your Delta faucet model saves time in having to inspect their products one by one. Plus, it reduces the risk of ordering similar items that you can’t install later on. The above-discussed methods provide easy ways to identify the type of your faucet model in simple steps.

So, if you have a Delta faucet and want to upgrade to the latest model, head to their official website and select your current model. At the same time, you can contact their customer support team.