Guide to Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

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Energy efficiency has been a big issue in the media and politics lately. There are many good reasons for the interest in energy efficiency. One reason that energy efficiency has been brought to the forefront is because the fear of global warming has been brought to the forefront and energy efficiency has come along with it. The other reason that those who did not worry about the environment a year or two ago are now jumping on the less is more bandwagon is that the economy has been so bad that there is now not only a desire for some to use less but an actual economic need. So if you want to become more energy efficient because you want to help save the planet or if your motives are simply to save yourself some green of your own then you should read on and learn how you can make your home more energy-efficient.

One of the first things that you can do is to find drafts in the house and repair them. If you are not a Mr. Fix it type that is not a problem it is easy to find drafts. You can use an incense stick or candle and place near windows or vents and see how where the smoke goes. Where the smoke goes is where any drafty air goes. If there is somewhere to escape like outside it will. Once you find the places that the smoke tries to escape to the outside you can add new caulking if necessary, or replace weather stripping depending on the area that is in need of repairs. It is a good idea to check once a year for any new drafts and repair them this is what most contractors and other home professionals will tell you is a good idea just like that yearly checkup or exam at the doctor your house can use checkups too.

Change the lighting in your house. You can get CFL bulbs for about the same price as conventional bulbs but for the same light of a conventional 50-watt bulb, you spend only 17 watts of energy. You can also save even more by getting LED light bulbs instead. 1 watt of energy from LED bulbs gives off the same amount of light as a conventional 50-watt light so for that row of lights above your bathroom mirrors of say 4 50-watt bulbs instead of 200 watts which cost about .02 cents an hour to run you are using only 4 watts. Be careful when buying LED light bulbs though they can vary in price considerably and the more expensive ones are no better. Another advantage of LED or even the CFL is that they both last longer than the traditional bulb so even if CFLs do cost a little more in your area they will save you money by not having to be replaced as often. LED bulbs outlast both traditional and CFL bulbs by a wide margin. Someday maybe they will use Neon lights as neon gives the same amount of light as a 50-watt light but only uses ½ a watt and they never run out though they can be broken, or the transformer can burn out in them.

Stay tuned next week for more tips that will help you save the planet and save money. Next time we will talk about a few simple things that only take a few minutes to do will cost no money at all and will save you a lot of money and a lot of energy.