DIY Nature Themed Room

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Do you find yourself wishing you could bring the beauty of nature inside? Here are some ideas to help you create a calm nature room.

First, pick a room that has a large window to look outside, or sliding doors going outside. This will become your focal point in the room. You will arrange to seat in that room around the window or doors much how you would arrange a living room around a T.V.

If you want to paint the room, you can use blue color for the ceiling for your sky, and then choose other colors you see a lot outdoors, like green, orange, or yellow for your walls. If you choose to paint on a mural, you could paint some clouds on the ceiling, an animal or two on the walls, with a tree in a corner growing out onto the walls.

By using a branch, you can create a new curtain rod. For your curtains, choose colors that appear right out your window so they blend in and go with your nature theme. For instance, if you are looking right at a tree, you might want to use a brown color for the curtains. Or if your tree has flowers of any type, like a lilac tree, use the color of the flowers for the color of your curtains.

There are other ideas for decorating your walls or adding to your mural. You can hang up some driftwood or large pieces of bark. You can find sand art kits at your local craft store, like Michael’s. Find items that have been made from wood to hang on your walls. Find pictures of animals you can hang as well.

You can also use stones or rocks as tile for your walls instead of normal tiles or wallpaper. Stones also make a great base for your candles.

If you are able to redo your floor, I recommend using a hardwood or stone tile for your flooring. If you need an easy cheaper option, you can always toss down a green throw rug to simulate grass.

Other various decorations can be pussy willows in a vase or long thing branches. You can even pick pinecones during the fall and dry them at a low temperature in your oven which will also kill any bugs that might be on them. You can display them in a clay bowl. You can use dried floral arrangements around the base of your candles as well, or set them in with the pinecones. Make sure you use clay or stone bowls though.

Just remember when creating your nature theme, avoid anything shiny like metal that will clash with your nature theme you are trying to create. Any colors you introduce into the room should be a natural color. I recommend using colors that are immediately outside your window to make the room flow better. Remember to choose nature patterns for your furniture as well. Such as floral designs, or just solid colors that go along with your nature-themed room. If you choose, you can even put a fish tank up against the stone wall.

Once it is all together, you have a great room to just go relax in. Nature has a way of calming us, and what a great way to bring nature inside. Enjoy your new room.