Best Living Room Chair For Lower Back Pain Reviews

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Your living room is the place you can finally let go of the pressure and worry of the day. However, if you have lower back pain, it will be hard to relax unless you have the best living room chair for lower back pain.

You need a comfortable chair for your living room where you can sink in and ease the pressure from your spine to reduce the pain. Our definitive guide will help you choose the best one for your needs.

10 Best Living Room Chairs for Lower Back Pain in 2020

Pulaski Larson Theatre Recliner – Best Overall

The Pulaski Larson theater recliner is the ideal recliner chair for your living room. It offers supreme comfort and power recline functions so that you won’t have to expend any energy in making yourself comfortable.

It features heaving cushioning and faux leather material for a soft feel and durability. You can also wrap up some work thanks to its work tray and integrated USB ports.


  • Power Recline. 
  • Premium faux leather cover.
  • Multiple recline positions.
  • Storage pockets.
  • Dimensions: 38.0”L x 39.5”W x 43.0”H.
  • Seat dimensions: 24.41”W x 20.67”D x 20.08”H.
  • Weight: 119 pounds/53.9kg.
  • Weight capacity: 375 pounds/170kg.
  • Power outlet and two USB charging ports hidden in the arm.
  • Removable swivel work tray.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Superior comfort.
  • Power recline.
  • Inbuilt swivel tray.
  • Charging ports.
  • Heavy and durable construction.
  • Premium stylish look.


  • It takes up two electrical outlets, one for the plugs and one for the USB ports.
  • It’s designed for large users.


In terms of aesthetics and comfort, the Pulaski Larson Theatre Recliner is the best option for those with back pain. It is deep and the power recline is smooth and efficient so that you can even catch a power nap in it.

La-Z-Boy Duncan Power Recliner – Best Premium Option

La-Z-boy has been producing premium chairs for almost a century and has become an icon of extraordinary comfort and aesthetics. The La-Z-boy Duncan is one of the best models from the company for those with back pain. It comes with plush performance leather upholstery that is as comfortable as it is durable.


  • Dimensions:
  • Weight: 93 pounds/42.1kg.
  • Weight capacity: Up to 300 pounds/136kg.
  • Power recliner with one-button operation.
  • Classic wingback design and bucket seat.
  • Plush rolled arms.
  • Padded chaise leg rest.
  • Built-in USB ports.
  • Blown fiberfill.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


  • Spine and back support.
  • Simple recline function.
  • Extendable leg rest.
  • Durable performance leather upholstery.
  • Inbuilt USB for phone charging.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


  • Expensive. 


The La-Z-Boy Duncan Reclina chair is perfection redefined when it comes to comfort and workmanship. We cannot recommend it enough for the easing of back pain. 

Homall Single Recliner Chair – Best Budget Option

The Homall Single Recliner Chair is the perfect addition to your living room if your budget is small. Made of PU leather and foam cushioning, this chair reclines to let you relax and reduce back pain.

It also has a retractable footrest for ultimate comfort. It features a glider design so that you can rock easily in it while resting.


  • Dimensions: Seat Height: 17.7”; Seat Dimensions:19.7″(W) x 22.1″(D); Back Dimensions:20.9″(W) x 29.1″(H); Open Dimensions: 27.6”(W) x 64.2”(D) x 27.9”(H); Closed Dimensions:27.6”(W) x 35.8”(D) x 38.6”(H)
  • Weight: 59.4 pounds/26.9 kg.
  • Weight capacity: 265 pounds/120kg.
  • PU leather material with stylish seams.
  • Steel frame extendable footrest.
  • Push-back recliner design.
  • Plastic foot protection.


  • Affordable pricing.
  • Recline with footrest.
  • Stylish design.
  • Thick comfortable cushioning.
  • Compact size.
  • Smooth PU leather is easy to clean and maintain.


  • It lacks wings if you want to take a nap in it.
  • Manual operation means you have to physically push the back to recline.


If you’re looking for comfort, you will get it with this chair. It lacks the plush upholstery of larger and bulkier chairs, but for the price, this is an amazing deal for a recliner chair. 

Davis Fabric Recliner Club Chair

The Davis Recliner Club chair is a favorite with anyone who is looking to add a touch of class to their living room. It is very comfortable and elegant while packing a few surprises behind its clean-cut look.

The chair reclines to a maximum of 350 so that you can easily lean back into it to rest.  It also has a retractable footrest to support your legs, which makes it a great option for those with back pain.


  • Club chair design.
  • Wooden frame.
  • Available in either fabric or leather cover.
  • Dimensions: 17.25” H x 20”W x 22.25” D.
  • Weight: 65 pounds/ 29.5kg.
  • Weight capacity: Not more than 400 pounds/181.4kg.
  • Maximum recline: 350.
  • Extendable footrest.


  • Classic style.
  • Strong sturdy frame.
  • Deep comfortable upholstery.
  • Adjustable reclining function.
  • Retractable footrest.
  • Durable material, available in several colors.


  • It doesn’t recline all the way.
  • It lacks a headrest for when you want to recline.


This is a stylish recliner that fits right into any decor. Its timeless design understates the functionality offered as a recliner, and the pricing is just about alright. 

Dutailier SLEIGH 0367 Glider

The Dutailier Sleigh 0367 Glider is a comfortable, reclining chair that fits perfectly into any living room. If you’re a new parent or will soon be one, it makes for the perfect spot to nurse your baby and rock them to sleep.

It comes with an accompanying ottoman so that you can kick back and relax. Its maximum recline angle is 450, and the thick cushioning helps greatly with back pain especially if it’s postpartum.


  • Dimensions: 31” x 27” x 42.5”.
  • Weight: 55 pounds/24.9 kg.
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds/113.3kg.
  • Smooth gliding system courtesy of sealed ball bearings.
  • Multi-position lock mechanism.
  • Adjustable recline with a maximum angle of 450.
  • High-density cushions with padded armrests.
  • Pre-assembled on delivery, with only a few minor operations needed to set it up.
  • Ottoman included.
  • Wooden frame and polyester cover.


  • Comfortable kick back recline.
  • High-quality material used.
  • Sturdy wooden frame.
  • Included ottoman for comfort.
  • Lock mechanism for safety.
  • Easy assembly.


  • Narrow.
  • The footrest slides around.


Whether you are a new parent or not, the Dutailier Sleigh 0367 Glider is a great recliner chair. If you suffer from back pain, you love its quick-release tilt lock mechanism and plush cushioning. 

FestMassage Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner 

If you have a particularly bad back or perhaps just want superior comfort, you should go all the way and buy a massage chair. Such a chair will have a built-in motor and other components to gently massage your back and free you from pain.

The Full Body Shiatsu Massage chair by BestMassage is our top pick due to its affordable pricing (for the category) and excellent functionality.


  • Dimensions: 55 x 42 x 35 inches.
  • Weight: 300 pounds/136kg.
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds/136 kg.
  • Full body massage including butt and leg massage.
  • Speed and intensity control functions.
  • Air pressure massage functions distributed over the whole chair.
  • Heat therapy for the lower back to ease back pain.
  • 7 massage modes including kneading, tapping, stretching, Shiatsu, etc.
  • Heat, roller and airbag massage on the foot soles.
  • Adjustable recline and leg rest positioning.
  • Electronic control panel.


  • Active Shiatsu massage to ease the tension in your muscles and restore circulation.
  • Heat therapy works wonders to cure back pain.
  • Recline and leg rest for superior comfort.
  • Simple and intuitive controls.
  • Options to adjust the massage type and intensity for different people.


  • Shiatsu massage can feel painful at first if you’re not used to it.
  • Assembly is technical if you’re not used to mechanical things.


A massage chair may be just what you’re looking for if none of the other chairs seem to be doing it for you. It actively works to reduce your pain through kneading, stretching, rolling, heat, among others. 

The Shiatsu Full Body massage chair from Best Massage is one of the affordable options you can buy. 


Domesis Renu Leather Power Lift Chair Recliner

The Domesis Renu is a premium powered recliner chair designed for the discerning users. It offers fine workmanship and superior comfort and is a good choice for those with back problems. 

It is a very convenient chair to have, with its two-button up/down recline functionality and retractable leg rest. It also boasts thick foam cushioning that includes the armrests.


  • Dimensions: 33”L x 30”W x 28.75”H.
  • Weight limit:300 pounds/136kg.
  • Laminated hardwood and steel frame.
  • Upholstered with a leather blend fabric called ‘Renu leather.’
  • 2-button powered recliner control.
  • Ergonomic design with thick foam cushioning in the back, seat, and leg rest.


  • Top-notch quality.
  • Ergonomically upholstered for maximum comfort.
  • Convenient and easy reclining.
  • Retractable leg rest.
  • Quality material for durability.
  • Innovative assembly takes only 10 minutes to complete.


  • It doesn’t recline fully.
  • It is very high, so it might be inconvenient for short people.


When you’re suffering from back problems, it is important to have a chair that takes care of the fine details. The Domesis Reno Power Lift Recliner does just that. It offers superior workmanship to deliver the best quality.

JC Home Drammen Massaging Leather Recliner

The JC Home Drammen is a versatile recliner and massage chair that fits easily in your office or living room. It is classy and well-built, and affordable enough for most people.

It is thickly cushioned, offers full tilt and swivel functionality, and also has 9 different massage modes for when you need something extra to ease your pain.


  • Dimensions: 26.7” x 25.2” x 32.5”.
  • Weight: 22.5 pounds/10.2 kg.
  • Weight capacity: 265 lbs/120kg.
  • Swivel and recline function, with an included ottoman.
  • 9 massage modes with 5 different intensity levels.
  • Headrest and plush arms for added comfort.
  • Right side pocket.
  • Bonded leather cover, with similar covering for the rounded base.
  • Double-padded seat and leg rest.
  • Heat therapy for the lower back and lumbar region.
  • Electronic controller available for convenient operation.


  • Comfortable cushioning.
  • Reclining function with a matching ottoman.
  • Heating. 
  • 9 massage functions.
  • Push button remote control for convenience.
  • Plush headrest and arms.


  • Poor customer service.
  • Some chairs tend to lean to one side for some reason.


This is an exceptionally good option if you have limited space and a small budget. It has all the features of a good recliner massage chair, albeit scaled down for the price tag. 

Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG Contemporary Recliner/Ottoman 

The Flash Furniture contemporary recliner is a cheap but comfortable recliner chair that you can fit into your living room or home office. It is great for relaxation, thanks to its overstuffed padding and included ottoman.

It offers 3600 swivel and recline mechanism as well as LeatherSoft upholstery for soft comfort.


  • Dimensions: 39 x 27.2 x 37.5 inches.
  • Weight: 38 pounds/17.2 kg.
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds/113.3kg.
  • Recline mechanism adjusted through a knob below the right arm.
  • Overstuffed padding covered with LeatherSoft upholstery.
  • 3600 swivel.
  • It comes with an ottoman.
  • Plush upholstered arms.


  • Affordable pricing.
  • Comfortable upholstery.
  • Recline function with an ottoman included.
  • Fire retardant padding in the back, seat, and armrests.
  • Swivel capability.
  • Compact and lightweight.


  • Poor quality PVC leather material.
  • It is short, so it won’t work well for tall people.


This is a decent and comfortable chair that allows you to rest your back and legs in a reclined position. Despite its official looks, it works very well in the living room where you can watch TV while relaxing. Buy one here on Amazon at an affordable price.

HOMCOM Massage Sofa Recliner Chair with Footrest

The HOMCOM Massage Sofa Recliner is a good and affordable option with all the bells and whistles of a massage chair. It has 10 vibration points on the backrest, seat, and footrest for extra pain relief.

It is also thickly cushioned for comfortable seating. Best of all, it features heat therapy to help cure you of back pain.


  • Dimensions: 33″W x 33″D x 41.75″H, (extended): 33″W x 43.25″D x 37.5″H
  • Weight: 46.2 pounds/20.96kg.
  • Weight capacity: 350 pounds/158.7kg.
  • Rounded metal frame.
  • Heating elements in the back.
  • 10 vibration points for massage.
  • Soft leather-like upholstery.
  • Available with footrest.
  • Maximum recline angle of 1350.


  • Vibration massage functions.
  • Heat therapy for the back.
  • Comfortable cushioning, including the ottoman.
  • Classy and timeless design.
  • Sturdy construction with a high weight capacity.


  • Heating is not very strong
  • It doesn’t recline all the way.


The HOMCOM Massage Sofa Recliner chair is one of the best budget chairs on the market. With the added functions such as vibration massage and heating, it is a great option if you have back pain. 

What to Look For in the Best Living Room Chair for Lower Back Pain

  • Design

Typically, the best chairs to help ease your back pain will be those that recline. There are many types of these though, including club-style chairs, rockers, gliders, massage chairs, and many more. Depending on your budget and the severity of your back problem, one of these is bound to suit you.

  • Comfort

Comfort is paramount when you are suffering from lower back pain. Make sure the chair has thick padding, preferably plush padding or memory foam.

  • Adjustability

A good chair should fit your body perfectly. You should go for a chair that allows you to adjust its height, recline functions, heating, massage intensity, among other functions.

  • Material and durability

Upholstery and framework material matters a lot. Wood and metal are the most common for the frame. Polyester, polyurethane, bonded leather, and high-grade leather are used for upholstery.

Real leather is best for durability, but it is expensive. Bonded leather is cheap but can wear fast depending on quality. Fabric is comfortable but is a nightmare to clean.

  • Size 

Consider how much space you have in your living room. Some recliner chairs can require up to a few square feet of space depending on the size. More compact chairs are available if you have limited space.

  • Aesthetics

Given that you’re going to have the chair in your living room, you must make sure it will fit in with the rest of your furniture. Take into account the design, color, and size. Some neutral colors blend in such as shades of grey, while others stand out.


  • What kind of chair is good for your back?

A good chair for your back is one that lets you rest naturally and supports your spine fully. It should also take away the pressure from your feet and spine, which is why a recliner chair is a good option. 

Massage chairs go a step further by adding heating and vibration which loosens up the muscles and improves circulation.

  • Is sitting bad for lower back pain?

The body was not designed for prolonged sitting, according to experts. It puts unnatural pressure on the spinal disks and can increase back pain. However, a good ergonomically designed chair keeps your spine in its natural position and prevents this.

  • Are soft chairs bad for your back?

They can be, depending on your posture. Sitting on a couch forces you to slouch and round your shoulders, which is very bad for your spine. Reclining, on the other hand, is good on a soft chair so long as it has sufficient back support.

  • Are recliners bad for lower back pain?

Not at all. In fact, they are very good for back pain because they take the pressure off your spine and help to decrease pain. Many doctors will recommend them for that reason.


Lower back pain is a huge problem when you spend hours in the office. A good recliner chair in your living room can work wonders in relieving back pain as you unwind by watching TV or spending quality time with family. Get one of these quality chairs and be one step closer to a life free of back pain.