Lasko 4900 vs 4905

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The Lasko 4900 and Lasko 4905 multi-purpose blower fans are known to blow massive volumes of air. As high-velocity fans, the two models are great for ventilating, cooling, exhausting and even drying. If you need to dry a wet surface, probably after a plumbing mishap, any of these blower fans will dry it for you in record time.

Other than the difference in cost, the only other difference you will notice is the appearance of the two blower fans. The older fan, the Lasko 4900, comes in black and yellow while the Lasko 4905 is black and grey in color.

Since these appliances have been rated as the best blower fans in the market currently, we will review them to help you understand the features that give them their superior performance. We hope the after reading this review, you will be well informed to choose your blower fan.

Lasko 4900 vs 4905 – Size

Lasko 4900 and 4905 are small in size, measuring 22.2” and 14.75” respectively. These blower fans can fit between or behind other appliances in a workshop or garage. Moving them around is also not cumbersome.

Lasko 4900 vs 4905 – Power

The two blower fans require only 120 volts of power to work. Some road truckers report that they successfully power any of them on their truck inverters. Both have two inbuilt power outlets where you can easily plug in your other appliances such as your phone charger. Another important feature to protect you from any power outages is the circuit breaker that keeps you from experiencing any power mishaps.


Lasko 4900 vs 4905 – Performance 

Movement of air is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), which measures the volume that passes a stationary point in one minute. The Lasko 4900 and 4905 blower fans move air in three adjustable fan speeds. At low speed these blowers attain 250 (CFM), 300 CFM at medium and 350 CFM at high fan speed. Tests on these blower fans showed that when working on high fan speed, they blow air up to a height of 40 ft.

In the words of most users, even at low fan speed, these blowers move massive volumes of air.  Home users wanting to cool the rooms were happy with the efficiency of both blowers when operated at low speed.  The fan speed can be adjusted with a button attached to the blowers.

The two machines have a pivot tilting mechanism of up to 3150 angles. This is great as it gives the user the option of directing air to their preferred direction, either where they want to ventilate, dry, exhaust or cool.

Lasko 4900 vs 4905 – Design

The sturdy plastic casing of the Lasko 4900 and Lasko 4905 blowers serve two purposes. It protects the sensitive interior parts from damage from wet spillages, dust, and unnecessary manipulation. It also makes it easy to clean these blower fans.

The blower fans do not have filters and they, therefore, do not suck in dust and other solid particles like fur and hair. Clogging that is associated with filters is therefore not an issue, making cleaning and maintaining them much easier.  Since they use a turbine system, there are no sharp blades that can hinder cleaning of the interior parts.

To access the inside parts, all you need to do is unscrew some bolts at the base of these blower fans, slide the casing and clean your appliance. And when you finish cleaning it is easy to reassemble the blowers.

Note that failing to clean and maintain your blower fan regularly will compromise its efficiency. Most users who failed to do this later complained that their Lasko 4900 and 4905 blowers lost their strength after a while.

Four wide, well-spaced rubber feet at the base of these machines give them stability when placed on any surface. If you need to place your Lasko 4900 or Lasko 4905 blower in a busy working area like a workshop, you need not worry about it tipping over. The feet are stable enough to withstand such conditions.

These Lasko 4900 and 4905 blower fans have a power cable that can extend to a distance of 10 feet. This is an advantage since you can position it a distance away from your power socket and move it around your room or area as you wish.

The easy-grip, the built-in handle on these blower fans is made of strong chrome material to enable you to move your appliance without worrying about the handle breaking.

As mentioned earlier the color of the two blower fans is among their few distinguishing features.

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Lasko 4900 vs 4905 – Noise Output

As is common with all fans, these blowers produce a whirring sound. Some users compared the sound to that of a car A/C.  Some users were happy that even when standing next to the Lasko 4900 or Lasko 4905 blower fan, they could hear clearly everything that was going on around them. Anyone speaking to them did not need to talk in a raised voice.

The noise increases slightly as the fan speed is adjusted upwards such that at high speed, the blower has a higher noise output.

Another excited group of users is the light sleepers. Some of them had been deprived of sleep by sleeping in hot rooms and when they tried other fans, the noise worsened for them an already bad situation. However, after starting to use either the Lasko 4900 or Lasko 4905 blower fans, the rooms were significantly cooled and the noise emanating from the fan did not interfere with their sleep.

Some users said that their blowers produced a wobbling noise when they first unboxed and started using it. To stop the noise, they discovered some loose screws on the blowers which they tightened and the noise ceased. The only other time the Lasko 4900 and Lasko 4905 blower fans are said to produce some unusual noise is when they are not well cleaned and maintained.

Lasko 4900 vs 4905 – Durability

The strong plastic casing and chrome handles give these appliances longevity. They are hard to break even when heavy items are used in workshops and garages drop on them. There are users who reported having had their Lasko 4900 and Lasko 4905 blowers for up to nine years, proving that these blower fans are durable.

Lasko 4900 vs 4905 – Manual Clarity

Lasko 4900 and Lasko 4905 are assembled at the point of sale. They are ready for use as soon as they are unboxed. Nevertheless, they also come with a user manual that clearly guides users on aspects such as switching the blower fan speeds and cleaning.


Lasko 4900 vs 4905 – Warranty

The manufacturers of Lasko 4900 and Lasko 4905 give a limited warranty of up to 12 months for the appliances. They also give an unlimited warranty on parts for a maximum of 2 years.



The Lasko 4900 and Lasko 4905 are the most popular blower fans in the market at the moment. Although they are made by the same manufacturer, and that the Lasko 4905 is the newer model, the only difference you will notice is their appearance and cost.

Both of them perform excellently and have a high rating from their users. Because of their small size, they can fit into small spaces in between other machines in a workshop or garage. They have a long power cord that makes it easy to place it far from your electric socket.

The Lasko 4900 and 4905 are cased in strong plastic for durability, protecting the inner parts and making them easy to clean. The head can be tilted to point the direction you want to blow air to and you can adjust the fan speed depending on the volume of air you want to blow or how fast you want to ventilate, dry or cool your room or surface.

These appliances make minimal noise, only as much as is common with any fan. Even when they are on, you can still hear the ambient sounds around you. You can also sleep as the blower fans continue to run since the noise is unlikely to interfere with your sleep.

In case you want to use the Lasko 4900 or Lasko 4905 in a busy workshop or on a raised surface, do not worry about kicking over these machines. They are fitted with rubber legs that are strong and wide enough to give them sufficient balance to withstand occasional pushes without tipping over.

To clean or replace the inner parts, unbolt the screws at the bottom, slide the casing to access the inside of the blower fans.  You should not find it hard to reassemble the parts when you finish. The handle is strong enough and since the Lasko4900 and 4905 are light machines, you can move them effortlessly.

They are sold as preassembled units. Their user manual is clear and you get a warranty of up to a year. With this, you should now find it easy to select an appropriate blower fan.