Can You Paint a Fiberglass Shower?

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The bathroom is one of the most vital parts of your home, so it should look as good as the rest of your home. Many people use fiberglass for bathroom material but worry about ways to give it a durable finish. 

The process can be time-consuming, but it provides a new look for the entire surface. Several methods exist, and you can paint a fiberglass shower surround allowing your shower space to have the perfect aesthetic.

Fiberglass showerHow to Paint a Fiberglass Shower

  • Get the Right Paint

The first step to painting fiberglass bathtubs and walls is to get the best paint and tools. Knowing the things to get and avoid is vital, especially if you are handling the project yourself. 

Choosing the best colorant is essential because it must have the suitable properties for a fiberglass shower stall. It should be waterproof to avoid quick peeling or washing off from the walls. Suitable types include epoxy paints, acrylic latex paint, enamel paint, and the right spray paint.

  • Obtain the Necessary Materials

To paint your bathroom fiberglass tub, you also need other materials like grit sandpaper, wire brush, epoxy paint roller, tack cloth, and masking tape. Each one serves a specific purpose so ensure you have them. Furthermore, you will need a primer to prepare the surface of the shower wall before painting.

Epoxy paint is one of the best for your bathroom fiberglass shower surround, allowing a glossy, waterproof finish. However, you must also have a tub and tile refinishing kit which provides a double coat. This process is vital and cost-effective because it prevents your walls from needing frequent retouching.

  • Clean the Fiberglass Shower Surround

Fiberglass shower stalls have a peculiar texture, so you must prepare them well before applying epoxy paint or any other type. Start cleansing with a soft, non-abrasive sponge, warm water, and mild cleaner, not the regular dish soap some people use. Make sure you use rubber gloves to protect your hands throughout the process.

After that, you must allow the fiberglass shower surround to dry properly to avoid humidity. The moisture and coolness make applying epoxy paint difficult and prevent an adequate curing and drying process. Some experts recommend increasing the temperature on your home thermostat if the weather is humid.

  • Prepare the Surfaces for Painting

You must also ensure the bathroom is well aerated so the paint fumes do not concentrate. Open as many doors and windows as possible. Then remove all the shower fittings and accessories of the fiberglass shower stall to avoid them getting stained. 

Line the other surfaces with newspaper, using tape to hold the edges.

Another essential thing to prepare for painting your fiberglass tub or a shower stall is the surface. Shine it with grit sandpaper to make it dull and smooth, and wipe down with a tack cloth. That helps the coating properly adhere to it. 

Then you can apply an oil-based primer like waterproof enamel paint in two coats.

  • Use Appropriate Finishing Methods

Fiberglass shower

Painting a fiberglass shower stall or fiberglass bathtub presents a great solution for waterproof shower walls. To achieve that, you must use the appropriate finishing methods for the coat to properly adhere to the material. The first step is to ensure you have the right paint and primer before you begin.

Painting experts even recommend having a topcoat based on your paint type. It is crucial to allow the two coats of primer to dry completely before applying fiberglass tub paint. In this process, the first coat must dry before laying the second coat on the shower walls, and they should be even.

  • Allow Adequate Drying Time

The length for drying and curing the primer depends on the type, so read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. The period is usually similar for either a fiberglass shower surround or an antique clawfoot tub. Applying before it is ready produces a sticky paint fiberglass surface, making the shower walls shabby.

The painting should also follow the same process as priming your fiberglass tubs or stalls. Apply the first coat evenly and ensure complete drying before adding a second coat if necessary. It is at this point you can use the topcoat if your paint type requires it. 

Take maximum care when removing the tapes and coverings to avoid chipping.

  • Refinish Your Fiberglass Shower Stall

Not going for a generic ceramic tile decor shows you desire something unique, and a fiberglass tub or stall provides that. You can easily refinish the surface when it becomes dingy and tired-looking. Hence, the importance of covering with epoxy paint or other favored types.

The acrylic latex paint and acrylic epoxy paint are perfect for a fiberglass bathtub. Thus, you can apply them to get excellent refinishing results and give your bathroom a fresh look. Experts assure us that you can achieve maximum results, unlike other materials you must replace.

  • Use the Best Techniques

Using the waterproof enamel paint to paint fiberglass bathtubs is excellent for a perfect double finish, making it as good as new. Other benefits include increasing the strength of the bath surround, which adds years to its lifespan. Thus, you can enjoy your fixtures for more extended periods.

Fiberglass shower stall replacement can also be expensive, so this process saves you money. The primary material you need is the fiberglass tub and tile refinishing kit, and you can change the paint color. However, it is best to hire an experienced professional to prevent damage.

  • Hire an Experienced or Professional Painter

Painting the fiberglass shower stall or fiberglass tubs yourself is cost-effective. However, hiring an experienced bathtub refinishing company ensures you get the best results. 

Besides picking out the best paint, they have an arsenal of professional techniques and the expertise to get the job done. The procedures can be hectic for someone without experience, so hiring a professional ensures quality.


Applying shower paint to your fiberglass tub or bathroom walls is a great way to finish it. However, it would be best if you prepared appropriately. 

Therefore, get quality semi-gloss paint like the epoxy paint and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications to ensure excellent results.

Allow the paint to dry on fiberglass tubs and other fiberglass surfaces to prevent staining the shower enclosure. This provides a glossy finish with an even coat when using appropriate fiberglass paint. Ultimately, it helps to hire a professional for even and lasting results.